EMPATH POWER MASTERCLASS: Sacred Boundaries, Energetic Tools and the Power to Own Your Path

Empath Tools Masterclass

In this Live Masterclass you will learn a powerful system of energy work, healing and Empath empowerment that actually works.

Designed for the true Empaths and Highly Sensitive Rebel Souls—this is not your typical "empath problems" content...

They say "Keep your energy clear! Learn how to say NO. You need stronger boundaries! Self-care...Self Love...what you need is to get more SELFish!" 

All those things can be helpful. They may even be all that some people need! It's not enough for those of us who are really sensitive, though, and that's just frustrating when you're stuck trying to peel yourself off the ground day after day....

When you're on your knees because the energy is just too much...you FEEL so much more than any human should rightfully be subjected to, and you don't understand why...??!

You know it's not all yours, but you just can't get rid of that awful feeling of nausea in the pit of your stomach...the cloudiness in your mind and sadness in your soul.... It kills your confidence and stifles your joy, and that makes it SO MUCH HARDER to step out into the light with your soul's true expression. 

It's ironic because the exact sensitivity that makes you amazing at what you do —and the person your closest friends and family always seek out for counsel and support—is the same one that can make it so difficult to get to the work that YOU are meant to do.

These are the tools I wish I had. And they are the tools that are going to help you do what you have to do with ease and grace. They will help you feel into what you have to feel into, without losing yourself in the process. Not a shield...an integration system.


What you'll receive in EMPATH POWER:

For those who like a list – *raises hand* – here is some of what you will learn. All within a framework of Universal Laws of Energy flow that is incredibly powerful and transformative when you learn to apply it in your life.

-Advanced Grounding – Anchor your spirit in your body and body to the earth so you can root down and reach higher.

-Power vs Force – Align directly with Spirit to do the heavy lifting so you don't have to force your will or exhaust your personal energy reserves. (Essential knowledge for all teachers, leaders and healers.)

-Sharpen the Sword of Intuition – How to know for sure when you are being corded or experiencing interference and differentiate between your own energy and others.

-Two Minutes to Freedom – Reboot your entire system with this 2- minute clearing technique, and remove the haze and confusion that keeps you from being rightly seen and heard.

-Applied Kinesiology and Pendulum Work — The correct protocol for pendulum testing to get reliable answers to almost any question and track the source of energetic or emotional interference affecting you.

-Entity Release – How to release energetic entities and parasitic thought forms from your entire lifetime...for good.

-Be Your Own Superhero – Take your power back when you are under energetic attack or just feeling completely bowled over by resistance, depression, or malaise.

-Harness the Fire of Your Soul – Burn through any energies of self-doubt or resistance and immediately uplevel in personal power and capability.

-Get Out of the Wish-Wash Cycle and Into Decisive Action – Shift your full embodiment into inspired + productive ACTION and snap out of the endless fear-driven cycle of analysis paralysis.

-Breathwork Healing and Emotional Release – This simple yet powerful life-changing breathwork practice releases the stuck emotions and energetic blocks that keep you playing small.

-Energetic Boundaries that Actually Work — Learn the appropriate response to negative energy, psychic and energetic attacks, and put an end to the cycle of violence. (The next-level boundary system that's taken me more than ten years of daily practice to develop and finesse.)

EMPATH POWER: Sacred Boundaries, Energetic Tools and the Power to Own Your Path

DATE: Sunday, May 27th 2018

TIME: 1-3pm Pacific Time

LOCATION: Online (connect from your own space anywhere in the world).

BRING: Your open mind and big heart in a quiet, private space. Optional: a divination pendulum to practice with (any crystal, metal, wooden or combo pendulum found at metaphysical/crystal shops or online).


  • Empath Power Playbook with written exercises to help better assimilate the work and develop the power to own your true path.
  • Streaming Video + audio recording download of the masterclass so you can listen back again and not miss anything.
  • Healing Breathwork guided audio mini-session you can use to get unstuck, clear your emotions and raise your vibration whenever you need.