The Edge Flow Project Is Live! (Changing the World From Inside Out)

edge flow cover wide After nearly four years from the time this project began, EDGE FLOW is finally here. (It's been quite a haul!)

"The Edge Flow project brings together dozens of leading thinkers, artists, social scientists, healers, entrepreneurs and change makers to reflect on how personal transformation and creative innovation can help solve the single greatest crisis we now face as a global society. Taken as a whole they give testament to a strong new narrative of positive change emerging around the world:

In pushing the edges of creative exploration, self-knowledge and personal empowerment, we become a stronger force for good—driving innovation and social change in the world. And this simple truth may well be our greatest hope in saving our civilization from extinction."

I'm overjoyed to see this work released into the world, at a time when we need this uplifting message more than ever to counter the dark and destructive forces at play in the world.

The artist’s hand holds a spiritual tool of evolutionary vision, and every creative act empowers every other creative act. We can look at the magic, mythic, rational, integral and transcendental thrust of art history and see the entire arc of the evolutionary consciousness going on when we look back through our history. The painter channels the creative force into the artifact, and this artifact then becomes a battery...ready to zap the viewer into a new way of seeing the world.” —Alex Grey, Cosmic creativity (TEDxMaui)

The EDGE FLOW ebook can be downloaded here. The iBooks version is underway. Here's to creative joy, flow and the positive transformation of society.

Love, Satya