Aligning with Fierce Presence: A SoulFire Circle

Since the start of 2014 I’ve been deliberately exploring the energy of Fierce Presence, cultivating a deeper relationship with what I perceived to be a direct manifestation of Universal Energy Flow. through the tunnelIn the first ever SoulFire Circle, Aligning with Fierce Presence, I'm experimenting with a new model I’ve been guided to develop in my work moving forward. It combines personal guidance and attention with small group energetics and individual accountability; drawing on the Oxford Method of personal mentorship and individualized instruction I came to know and love as an undergrad at Sarah Lawrence College, New York, many years ago.

Fierce Presence is a way of being and walking in the world with real integrity and personal power. Through the practice of aligning daily with Fierce Presence, your life and work becomes magical – infused with Soul Fire, strength and infinite promise.

In this 30-day SoulFire Circle we’re exploring Fierce Presence as a daily practice, with the intention of awakening to the beauty, magic and power of our true nature. After learning this practice of alignment you will experience an immediate and noticeable improvement in your outlook and creative flow. After integrating this practice for several weeks, you’re likely to experience significant energetic openings that will enhance your experience of life and work for a long time to come.

Aligning with Fierce Presence – SoulFire Circle Details:

  • Runs for one month, starting Tuesday, May 13th, 2014.
  • Includes one group session online (Sunday, May 18th ~ 90 minutes).
  • Includes one private SoulFire Session with Satya (60 minutes ~ Skype or phone).
  • Optional accountability partner(s) to help you stay on track for the month.
  • Downloadable audio recordings of private and group sessions.

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