If your heart aches from a divided world, your soul craves more fulfilling connection, you are tired of crawling under the weight of a lifetime’s responsibility…

Your time to rise up strong and claim your destiny is here.



The Sacred Community-Based Healing + Soul Magic Incubator

There comes a time in life when you have to make a choice:

Either claim your destiny and follow your soul’s true path, or keep playing small on the sidelines as you let life happen to you.

It’s one of those ‘take the red pill or the blue pill’ moments. And if you are at all like me, you are definitely not a blue pill kinda person…

The trouble is, life has a way of creeping up on you. Responsibilities pile up, traumatic events and losses mount, and somehow you find yourself locked on a track that’s hard to jump off.

So you get in the habit of ignoring your true soul callings, and shoving down your needs—along with your feelings. And I know you are all too familiar with the results of that…

More stress on top of stress leading to anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure…all factors which contribute over time to cancer and other serious illness.

Your body, mind and spirit can only take so much pressure!

It’s time to take your healing—and your destiny—into your hands.

There's just one thing that’s been holding you back: 

The deep soul support, inspiration, and guidance of a strong sacred container. 

A container that creates a sustainable pathway to manage the intense emotional energies and past traumatic imprints of your life. To live out your true soul callings, and claim your destiny.

I understand. I know how hard it is to go it alone as a sensitive soul in this strangely beautiful and sometimes cruel world. I also know how crucial it is to create the container to hold you while you heal, and learn the tools to thrive in your true soul power.

That’s why I created SOUL VOYAGERS...


4 Soul Voyager Keys to Unleash Your Magic:

THE Sacred Container

As soon as you enter the program you notice a shift in your energetic field and accompanying outlook. The sacred Soul Voyagers container provides an infusion of universal energy and life-force boost to support your mental, emotional, and physical health.


Each month you receive a powerful new spiritual practice upgrade and direct healing in our Live Guided Soul Voyage Masterclass. These interactive online trainings provide a vast soul shift, with the practical guidance to stay strong in your center and thriving on your path.


Each masterclass builds on the prior month to create a robust curriculum you will actually master. Each month you receive support to integrate the current teachings and practices in your life — vital for those needing a little extra motivation and accountability.


A sweet group of remarkable people who are committed to live their truth and support each other with an open heart and mind. “Soul family” friendships to last a lifetime — the deep relief of receiving the support you need from a community of people you can trust.

Together these four pillars feed into something far greater — the Unstoppable Magic of you…lit up, healed, and anchored in your true Soul Power.


Imagine what you will achieve with this level of deep-rooted Soul Sovereignty:

  • You make waves and part the proverbial seas in the world with your body, mind and soul integrated into a cohesive and highly functioning system.

  • You rest deeply at night, knowing you are fulfilling your true destiny.

  • You wake up refreshed and excited to take on your day with ease and joy.

  • You know how to regulate your nervous system so you can drop from “fight or flight” to a natural state of ease in moments.

  • You are able to instantly clear out the energetic funk that others pass to you while honoring your boundaries as the sensitive, caring human that you are.

  • You create the income and wealth that allows you to empower yourself, your community, and the world at large.

  • Your work is rooted in your heart and soul power — streaming forth effortlessly from there.

  • You lock in a state of being that supports you to consistently reach your daily goals, week after week.

  • You attain sovereignty over your emotions and mental health to bounce back easily from blows that come your way.

  • You significantly enhance the lives of the people you love and care about, as your impact in the world continues to level UP every day.

  • And so much more….

What will YOU create? We are so excited to find out…!

Soul Voyagers is unlike any transformational program in the world. 10+ years leading popular community programs, teaching, healing, and private mentoring to help good people like you fulfill your true soul callings have led to this: A proven, magical approach to thrive in your life and soul’s work.




  • Learn full cord-cutting, energy clearing, and body scanning techniques that dramatically improve your well-being while connecting you deep with your Self.

  • Master the art of Self-Healing to boost your vital life force, health, and happiness.

  • Stop carrying other peoples energy in lieu of your own unprocessed emotions so you can drop the burden, ease your mind, and calm your nervous system.


  • Dissolve stress and emotional overload, improve your sleep, and anchor solidly into your soul-level intuitive compass — using your breath only!

  • Master 4 core Breathwork practices for physical, emotional and energetic healing.

  • Boost your mental acuity and productive output as you release stuck energies + heal traumatic stress imprints that keep you playing small.


  • Remove old energies and belief systems that hold you back from expressing your soul + learn how to rewrite your programming so you can show up and SHINE.

  • Establish a solid daily practice of anchoring in your divine presence with your daily routine for consistent progress on your sacred Soul Work, every week.

  • Get my shortlist of the very best current business and productivity tools for creative design, project management, book writing, website and store-builders to make magic of your work.


  • Learn to stop unconsciously processing collective trauma, fear and anxiety for others, and take the power to heal into your own hands.

  • Crack your Emotion Code to center the mind and soothe your nervous system.

  • Bio-hacking basics: Improve your emotional well-being, mental health and function through small shifts to your diet and simple daily practice habits.


  • Anchor into your divine connection with the 5 elements, nature, and your guides and angels, so that your projects are infused with clarity and ease— just like your days.

  • Rise up fierce as you stay connected to your source, through the fire of your soul.

  • Keep going strong in your center all day long when you’ve fully rocked your daily practice routine, and now you own your energy and boundaries.


  • Learn how to work with family energy dynamics to maintain your personal power and not get swept up in old patterns and ancestral wounds.

  • Master the principles of effective Energetic Boundaries I have developed over many years to deflect negative energies and psychic attacks.

  • Power vs Force – align with Spirit to do the heavy lifting so you don't have to force your will and exhaust personal energy reserves (essential skill for leaders, teachers and healers).

I have had more better days strung together than in the past 4 years since starting the daily practice. I think I am really affecting my programming and making a bend in the auto-response mechanism of my neurologic system. Basically I feel and think Good!



Soul Voyagers Includes:

  • Soul Voyage Masterclass with Guided Healing Journey and Q & A (90 mins) each month.

  • Cosmic Playbook to help ground the information and practices taught in class each month.

  • Weekly inspiration and support, including mini-missions, challenges and readings to help you stay on track with your goals and practice.  

  • Opportunity to pair up with accountability partners to help you stay on track if you wish.

  • Soul Voyagers exclusive online content bank at the Shala Soul School with guided healing journeys and playbooks.

  • Soul Voyagers private Facebook group for optional sharing and accountability support. 

  • Untold magic via the Sacred Container. :)


$497/6 months (regular price: $697)


$87/month (Regular price: $127/mo)

OUR MAIDEN VOYAGE LAUNCHED SUNDAY JUNE 30th! APPLY NOW to receive the Recording + Cosmic Playbook of our first live Healing Masterclass, and join our magic crew for a limited time only!

SOUL VOYAGERS will not be offered again at this incredible value. Don’t miss the opportunity to join now and lock in the price for up to 12 months or two full 6-month cycles should you wish to continue for the next round.

– Space is extremely limited to ensure you receive the attention you need to thrive –

Soul Voyagers Plus — Soul Mentorship Level Includes:

For those who are ready to take their self-healing and soul work to the next level. Includes all the above, plus:

  • One Private Mentorship session each month via Zoom video or phone (45 minutes).

  • Distance Healing Boosters to support your specific goals and intentions each week.

  • Access to my private “Remind” messaging system for on-call support.


$897/6 months (regular price: $1,297)


$165/month (Regular price: $227/Mo)

(Less than 1/3 the cost of private Sacred Wild Mentorship - For beta launch only!)

OUR MAIDEN VOYAGE LAUNCHED SUNDAY JUNE 30th! APPLY NOW to receive the Recording + Cosmic Playbook of our first live Healing Masterclass, and join our magic crew for a limited time only!

SOUL VOYAGERS will not be offered again at this incredible value. Don’t miss the opportunity to join now and lock in the price for up to 12 months or two full 6-month cycles should you wish to continue for the next round.

– Space is extremely limited to ensure you receive the attention you need to thrive –

Soul Voyager Maiden Journey: Bonus Content

Because I am committed to your success — all our Soul Voyagers have access to the following life-changing classes:



Learn a powerful system of energy work, healing and Empath empowerment that actually works.

Includes: Masterclass Video + Audio mp3; Empath Power Playbook; and a 10-minute Guided Breathwork Healing Meditation



A very special workshop and guided shamanic healing journey to help you connect and call in your guides every day for strength, love and protection.


THE SOUL-FIRE CODE: ($250 Value)

My best-selling self directed UN-COURSE to ignite the Fire of the Soul and help you unleash your greatest work in the world. Includes: Live Masterclass Audio and Guidebook; Soul-Fire Mapping and The Art of Structured Flow system; and 3 exclusive companion interviews + worksheets.

If you want to strengthen your practice and learn all about breathwork, healing, forgiveness, and boundaries, I highly recommend working with Satya! I finally found my place in life. I finally have a sense of belonging, and I wish that kind of peace for everyone.


I’m Satya Colombo — Healer, Teacher and Soul Alchemist


My mission is to help you awaken your true soul essence, and fulfill your divine calling in this life.

For more than a decade I have been dedicated to fulfilling this mission as a certified Breathwork teacher, intuitive healer, writer, and alchemist. Through my private practice, teaching and community programs such as Sacred Wild Healing, The Soul-Fire Code, and The Fire of Love Experience, I have supported thousands of people in stepping into their highest truth. SOUL VOYAGERS is the next chapter—the culmination of many years developing my unique approach—and I hope you will not pass up the opportunity if this is your time!!

The name Satya is Sanskrit for truth, which I received from my parents through their lineage as Transcendental Meditation teachers. Currently based in Los Angeles, I love to travel and work remotely from inspiring locations around the world. I am committed to providing the tools and practices to empower each of us to be our own healers, and open the channels of Universal Love.

Satya is a gifted healer who holds space with integrity, honesty, and unconditional love so that we each may dive into our own fire and come up more whole, connected, and aware of our innate perfection!


How does the Soul Voyagers system work?

When your intentions are supported with consistent action in alignment with the sacred container, that is where the magic happens. As long as you show up in your life for the work, it will work for you! The 6-month program cycle allows for you to fully integrate the teachings so that your journey is positively life-changing.

What is the time and energy commitment?

You will get out what you put in, and much more — the container is designed so that only the highest universal energy is allowed through to each member. The time commitment is entirely up to you! It can range from 1-2 hours per week to a couple hours a day, depending on your weekly needs and commitment level.

This is so much value; why is it so inexpensive?

I am committed to this work; it is my passion and mission, and I want you to be able to thrive! The low pricing for the Inaugural Maiden Voyage is admittedly way below market value, but I hope that you will be truly engaged and help shape the program so we can all create amazing things together.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Having led many successful healing groups and community programs over the years, I know that your own commitment is crucial in this work. If you fully commit to the work, then I have full confidence that Soul Voyagers will exceed your hopes and expectations. If there are any issues at any time, bring it up to me and you can count on my support to make it right. I always go out of my way to deliver for you, and am also 100% committed to your success.    

How do we access the live sessions and program content?

Monthly live sessions are hosted online via Zoom video conferencing — it’s super simple to use and you can connect via computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Connect from the comfort of your own space, wherever you are in the world. Weekly support and inspiration is shared via email and the Facebook group. Content is stored in the online classroom.

What’s the schedule and will the Live Masterclasses be recorded?

The Maiden Voyage kicks off with our first live session Sunday, June 30th! Subsequent sessions will be on the last Sunday of the month, starting between 1-3pm Pacific Time. You will not want to miss it! But in case you cannot make it, all live sessions are recorded and organized by topic in the Soul Voyagers online classroom hosted by Teachable.

What kind of Breathwork do you teach?

I teach several modalities, but the primary one is a simple yet profound ancient Pranayama practice done laying down to an uplifting cosmic soundtrack. It is deeply rejuvenating as years of heavy weight and emotional baggage are released and transmuted into pure love. There is nothing like being filled up with the direct sparkling essence of your spirit — the energy you experience is real and lasting.


“I cannot fully express the healing and openings that have sprung from working with Satya. In the first session, I felt truly held in a beautiful, safe, white light of healing throughout. I could feel him working on blocks in my body and tears immediately followed; necessary tears. 

Since starting the daily Quantum Healing practice following our session, I have experienced far less anxiety and more clarity as I start my day. I am able to connect easily with the energetic areas in my body that need attention, and incorporating the mantras he gave me have helped me feel more aligned and in my power. Also, I have to say: the synchronicity of what arises in my daily life in alignment with my intentions has just been remarkably lining up ever since!

If you are looking for a way to deepen your self healing practice, to find more rest, to delve deeper into your creativity, or to simply carve out a little time for yourself, I cannot more highly recommend working with Satya. You will be truly blessed by his presence and guidance in your life!" 

—Lori Fisher, Los Angeles

“I had become numb to life and was having major anxiety issues. Through Satya’s patience and commitment to my process over time, I was finally able to let go of my resistance to heal. I was able to learn the tools to transform my life. I now know what it is to have boundaries and how to maintain them. I am happy and centered in myself most days, and I feel like a whole person again! I can feel myself strengthened on all levels of my being—body, mind, heart and soul.

If you want to strengthen your practice and learn all about breathwork, healing, forgiveness, and boundaries, I highly recommend working with Satya! I finally found my place in life. I have a successful project that’s just for me. I finally have a sense of belonging, and I wish that kind of peace for everyone!”

—Christy Ingram, California

Satya is a great teacher, and I felt safe and supported in his presence. His guidance was easy to follow, and the insights he shared were spot on. I loved receiving the divine presence and support of my angels and guides in session as well. That has had the unexpected effect of providing the security I needed to release any fears around deepening my practice.  

With Satya’s guidance and support, I was able to bring his powerful healing system into my own daily practice. This has been life-changing and expanded my self healing abilities to another level. I feel empowered and revitalized. I am reclaiming my original self, and doing better then ever before!

— Regina Ferraro, New Mexico

“You've given me a gentle yet practical structure to self-healing and reclaiming latent parts of my essential self. I was able to release limiting beliefs from my childhood that inhibited my purpose, health, relationships, and self-expression. I now feel aligned and confident to commit full force. 

Through the methods you taught me, I was able to experience the difference between thinking to actualize desires vs. allowing my desires to unfold. So much easier, no more chasing it around the block. I'm thrilled to say yes to sweet surrender. I'm less stressed and totally falling in love with uncertainty. I'm trusting in myself and the process more than ever.”

—Rina Rose, Seattle, Washington

I was in that place where I felt smashed between anger and depression.  Life was not manifesting how I had planned it, and I screamed my displeasure to the Universe.... Within a week after your workshop I found a job that is the perfect job for me at exactly this time.  Financial blocks in my life began to dissolve, as well as blocks in my interpersonal relationships.  The bitterness that was collecting inside immediately burned to ash and blew away in the winds of change.  Things in my life are still transforming with such speed and clarity that I know the fire that you helped me spark is still burning bright!"

—Robin Witt, Baja, Mexico

I honestly have never met a stranger who saw me so clearly and easily. Time stopped and flowed simultaneously like it does when your baby is born into the world, or your grandfather dies holding your hand.... Years of therapy and many good talks with good friends could not open my eyes to the simple truths you gently placed on the table like a bowl of sliced mango."

—Heidi Howes, Columbus, Ohio

“I see you as a catalyst for transformation. When a big vision lies dormant in someone, the best thing they could do for themselves is work with you to catalyze their own individual transformation, so they can in turn catalyze others with their vision. I found that the changes in my understanding as a result of working with you positioned me to make significantly more money, more easily, in my practice. My investment paid off!!”

—Marga Laube, Oregon

In Key West we say ‘Oh, that guy, he is Good People.’ That’s you, that’s the people in the group—’good people.’ This means you are people that can be trusted and kept close. People you can rely on. Cousins, brothers from other mothers so to speak....

It was comforting to be connected to other people doing the same work. I could email or call these fellow travelers if I needed or wanted to. They received me with gracefulness and kindness and we shared ourselves with each other. I look forward to more of that!

—Janna Montgomery, Florida

Choose your destiny, or let fate choose yours…

You could keep going without taking this incredible opportunity to be in a sacred community of support for your journey Or you could continue grasping at whatever inspiration and knowledge you find to keep you afloat.  Keep struggling through the emotional overwhelm, knowing you could be living the life you are here for, the life you have envisioned, the life you were MADE FOR…until one day you wake up and realize you’re out of time.

This is not the destiny I wish for you.

Or you could choose:

A deeper level of soul connection in your life that fulfills you completely.

To learn how to heal yourself and integrate spiritual practices in your life that will serve you for the rest of your incredible life.

To awaken your luminous energy and vital life force for and infinite energetic bank to draw on.

To start experiencing the incredible relief and joy of bringing your magic to the world as expressing your soul, and having that hit home in a way you would not believe.

Your Choice.



Choose life.

Choose adventure.

Choose your destiny.

Still have questions? Please see #9 in the application form, and I will personally respond to the best of my ability!

Happy journeying,

~ XO, Satya