Unleash your soul’s true call, and get the relief that you need. Join hands with a true community of good people who “get you” and are dedicated to their soul work, and committed to do this thing together.



The Connection you crave…

The Guidance you need…

The Inspiration to sustain momentum — on your Soul’s true path

For many years I have led online communities and coaching programs to help wild souls and world changers live your purpose and launch your greatest work. But it took the past three years of teaching and leading hundreds of people through Breathwork training and healing groups to be ready for this:

A new kind of transformational program…

  • An incubator for both spiritual healing AND creative excellence — because there is no greater combination.

  • A space in which it’s safe to be ourselves, unwind, and enjoy — because transformation should be fun.

  • A program dedicated to teaching you sustainable practices for self-healing — so you can be your own healer and not rely on anyone else unless you choose.

  • A method for you to release stress and heal from the effects of trauma, so you can recover your energy and vital life force.

  • A proven system to help strengthen and balance your energy reserves, and rest deeper so you wake up sharp and ready to take on the world.

  • Guidance and inspiration to help you get crystal clarity on your true soul callings, plus the accountability and support to actually pursue them until they are complete!

  • The edge to move from daydreaming to action and deeply transform the lives of those you touch at a profound level.

  • Through your work, through your presence, through your impact, you will be significantly impacting the lives of the people you love and care about, and thus the world, for the better… Every single day you so choose.

How does that sound? Like something you have been wanting your whole life?? I know it’s what I have been wanting. The trouble was, no one ever offered it. Because they couldn’t. Because no one has ever made anything quite like this.

Before I invite you to apply and join us, I have to ask you something:

  1. What do YOU want to experience in this life — more than anything?

  2. What do YOU want to create with ‘this one precious life?’

  3. What if you had UNLIMITED resources — what would you do then?

  4. What if you did not have to do it for the money — but for the sheer LOVE and PASSION for it — what then??

Whatever it is you want to do with this one precious life. Whatever it is you are called to create right now. The healing, spiritual practice and creative exploration I teach, combined with the support you receive in Soul Voyagers community will get you there.

This is the magic.

There are two levels of Soul Voyagers Membership:


Premium: for those who are ready to step up to the next level: + $133/month

One Private mini-Healing and Counsel session each month (35 minutes)

Special Energy Boosters every week

Access to my private messaging system for private support - ask me anything

What do you want to create? I bet you know already… I bet you have a bestselling book in you (raises hand). Or like some other people in our group already coming in…

  • You have a non-profit to create.

  • You have a huge passion for art and photography.

  • You have been wanting to start your own creative side hustle making magical products, but did not know where to begin…

  • All you really need is a boost of inspiration and clarity to take your coaching work to the next level.

  • Or MAYBE you just crave the support and space to stretch and push your edges. To get the juices flowing and get inspired again, so you can take the plunge for your dreams!!

  • (Wow can I understand this!!! After having had enough huge letdowns, apparent failures, disappointments, loss and trauma in my life, I know what it’s like to abandon all hope and happiness. And pick yourself up to rise again!)

The problem is peace of mind, vibrant health, the freedom to do what you want, when you want.

Everyone wants to live their truth and do the work of their soul

A space to unwind and let go, connect, heal and grow. With a community of people who get you. Without the pressure of having to study a bunch of material, prove your value, or defend your beliefs.

Just show up as you are and receive the deep soul nourishment to keep you filled up and in your center, with the support to keep you walking strong on your path.

Who is this for? Real people who are leaders, teachers, sensitive wild souls, creatives and aspiring world changers who don’t fall into the mold of the mainstream.

We are committed to living our true callings and helping make a better world, but don’t believe we need to sacrifice our happiness and fun along the way.

We are committed to living our callings, and establishing a daily spiritual practice that doesn’t require hours of sitting in meditation every day.

We meet online, and occasionally even in real life! Find the peace in your center, escape the overwhelm, establish your practice, establish your resilience, and find your inner compass to navigate the stress of modern life and live your true callings.

It’s so easy to pick up our smart phones these days and connect with other people. But as deep as we may connect, we are left feeling emptier than before. The temporary satisfaction and dopamine hit of connection is quickly replaced by the gnawing emptiness of our distance from each other and ourselves.

You have a divine soul mission to fulfill in this life. If you are experiencing unrest, anxiety, or emotional overwhelm, these are symptoms of your destiny calling! Sometimes it’s a whisper, and other times a scream that’s waiting to be set free….