Distilled from more than a year of live testing and refining the "Fire of Love" process, this *un-course* is made for super sharp, Spirit-driven creative rebels and entrepreneurs to help you tap into your Soul-Fire Flow and successfully launch your epic projects into the world...


One challenge of being super creative, intuitive and intelligent is we can get so easily stuck in what I call the "paradoxical quagmire of our own brilliance." 

Does this sound at all familiar...?

So many possibilities, so much potential, and so much greatness I can create!! Which step feels right to take next? Oh I got it! Oh...maybe I should do this instead!? Oh, wait, what was I doing again...? This is so much cooler and cutting edge, and it's way more fun! Damn, wait — she’s already doing it, and so much better, I’m an idiot.... I better scrap that and start over again.

Whenever there is excess negative energy, fear and resistance in you, the mind creates haziness, doubts and confusion. (Intuitive creative rebels are NOT immune to this -- we're even more vulnerable due to our enhanced sensitivity and extrasensory perception.)

But if you're committed to helping build a better world, you've got to do whatever it takes to get through the obstacles and resistance, and get your work out there.

There's nothing more important or potentially world-changing than awakening your Soul Fire, following your Spirit's Calling, and offering your Soul Work to the world!

Burning Through Obstacles and Resistance

On my own journey I’ve hit almost every obstacle and challenge you can imagine. Do any of these resonate?:

  • Nearly every time it seems you're ALMOST there, some major emergency or obstacle rears it's ugly head and all your energy/attention is diverted to "dealing with reality."

  • You’ve got a bunch of friends and fans who love you and your work, but when it comes to promoting the important stuff — especially stuff that can bring you income — suddenly Elvis has left the building and you’re on an empty dance floor with just a handful of your closest friends. "That's alright baby...Uh huhh"

  • You don’t have a project management system that works for you to support your progress, because you find the logic-driven systems for getting sh*t done positively soul sucking. (This is totally normal among magical creative rebels and spirit-driven entrepreneurs by the way).

  • You like Facebook for the deeper connections and inspiration, but you refuse to go the route of airy-fairy positive psychology memes and manipulative ads that seem to drive the success of so many ventures there! Ugh.

  • You don’t have a super rational or logic-driven mind, but you ARE super smart, experienced, creative and deeply vested in your life and work (you just hit a wall sometimes when the demands of life don't coincide with the vision and intention in your mind).

I understand completely -- it's all OK, and you can still bring amazing magic to your life with full integrity.

Goddess Diana

Goddess Diana

No matter how many obstacles I've come up against in my life, I've still been able to listen to my Spirit's calling, launch my Soul work, explore the world and Thrive. (One of my favorite personal mottos is, it's all f*cking perfect. :)) 

How have I been able to get through all the obstacles, resistance and BS, and still keep thriving no matter what?

It's the process of Soul-Fire AWAKENING, CREATION & ENGAGEMENT that makes it all possible, and that's what I share in this program.

No matter what your background or how many times you've slammed face first into the concrete, you have the opportunity to pick yourself up, reach higher, awaken your Soul Fire, and let it help you create incredible magic in the world! It all starts with finding and awakening the Fire of your Soul, and committing to show up and follow through with the vision you've been granted.

When you do this work to open yourself to the Grace, and you stick to your guns, the blessings just keep raining down and life keeps getting more amazing...

Preview a sample of the Soul-Fire Companion Guidebook

The 3 Master Keys of the Soul-Fire Code:

After more than two years of searching, testing and refining this process, I finally found that most of the work came down to one of three distinct areas...


1) Awakening/Purification: This is the foundation work. Awakening, cleansing and recharging, feeding ourselves on all levels, clearing our energetic fields, getting to spaciousness, getting to the real ground of our essence and allowing that to fill us up with the true Grace, power and light of our high self.

2) Creation/Flow: This is all about bringing the Soul Fire stronger into your life and work, and creating Systems that actually work (for YOU). We keep calling forth the fire and doing the work, and when we hit a wall, we come back to center and stoke the flames of our Soul Fire. The creation step brings the magic to life inside us and helps burn through obstacles.

3) Commitment/Engagement: This stage is all about giving and sharing our work from the center of the Soul Fire and Bringing the Rain! In this phase we often slam up hard against our doubts, resistance and negative energy. We have to step into our beauty, and walk with our personal power through the darkness, and let the Soul Fire burn bright! This always circles back to the purification and preparation — the foundation work.

Your commitment to do your part and show up, allow yourself to deepen, and continue the cycle of awakening, flow and engagement is what makes it all work.

You have everything you need to start now: A vast reservoir of creative Soul Fire, an ingenious mind, and a huge Spirit committed to make lasting change. What else do you need?

Maybe just a little push, and a shower of stardust, inspiration and guidance for dealing with some of the fundamental challenges of your busy life, your personality style, and your energetic field.

Once you bring this process fully into your life, the power it has to bring magic to your life is incredible.

Feedback from the Soul-Fire Walkers

More than 100 Magical Rainmakers have participated in the Soul-Fire Code and the live Fire of Love Experience. Here's what some have shared about their experience:

I have participated in, and facilitated, several online courses; Soul-Fire Code is one of the few that is overflowing with abundant, rich material. The insight and wisdom in even one call is far more than enough to inspire and enliven; the entire package has the potential to move you in all ways, if you do the work and allow it to. Because I trust Satya as a guide, I made the choice to process all of the material--which resulted in a journey through depth and range of heart-space that included a break-down of barriers I didn't even know existed as new methods of creative expression that resonated with my heart-truth began to arise. It was a potent, powerful experience and that energy is with me still, infusing my connections and creations now." ~ Joy Holland,

I was in that place where I felt smashed between anger and depression.  Life was not manifesting how I had planned it, and I screamed my displeasure to the Universe.... Within a week after the [Soul-Fire Code] workshop I found a job that is the perfect job for me at exactly this time.  Financial blocks in my life began to dissolve, as well as blocks in my interpersonal relationships.  The bitterness that was collecting inside immediately burned to ash and blew away in the winds of change.  Things in my life are still transforming with such speed and clarity that I know the fire that he helped me spark is still burning bright!" ~ Robin Witt, Clinical Health Counselor, Portland, Oregon

Dear Satya, I loved your energy and passion in the masterclass! What I'm noticing these days and after the call is that I feel more energized and feel a stronger calling to share the love and my voice... to step up and make a difference... to get up in the morning and DO the work as you said... Thank you!" ~ Barbara Szorad,

Why do I do this work?


After more than a decade of intense self inquiry, trial by fire, working dozens of jobs from Wall Street to Hollywood, journeying to the ends of the earth, meditating for thousands of hours and studying with enlightened masters, shamans and healers, I FINALLY started to actually enjoy life when I let go of pretty much everything else but feeding the Fire of my Soul!

That's what drove me to launch the first Fire of Love Experience live from Costa Rica in 2012 with a group of amazing Pioneer Fire Walkers. Since then I've been teaching, honing and refining the Fire of Love process while on my journeys through Latin America and Europe (and California!). This program is the core essence of that project, and it's aimed at really supporting us in not only connecting with our Soul Fire and our ground, but taking the steps needed to launch our Soul work successfully in the world.

It's been an amazing journey so far, and we're just getting started! The projects I’ve launched over the past few years, and those I’ve helped a remarkable group of Fire Walkers bring to the world, have netted millions of dollars in revenue and built strong world-changing movements. The greatest reward comes in helping others -- and myself -- achieve the freedom and fulfillment of bringing our Soul's calling to life, and succeeding in our projects!

I continue teaching, writing, making music, deepening and pushing the edges in my life and work, as I travel the world in search of my own paradise (and spend as much time near the ocean as possible). This is what feeds my soul, and that's why I do this work!

What comes with the Soul-Fire Code?

Audio Cover

Audio Cover

Core Program:

  1. Introduction& How to Use This Program (PDF)

  2. The SOUL-FIRE CODE Masterclass Live Audio (Value: $50)

  3. The SOUL-FIRE CODE Magical Mystery Guide (Value: $20)

Supplementary Worksheets and Recordings:

  1. RETURN TO INNOCENCE Worksheet + Audio Recording (Value: $25 - from the Galapagos Islands). Designed to help prepare you for the course ahead, prepare your environment, and get you to a place of open beginner's mindset.

  2. THE ART OF STRUCTURED FLOW & CREATING FROM YOUR CORE Worksheet + Audio Recording (Value: $25 - from Buenos Aires). Learn the “Structured Flow” process for creative rebels and non-linear thinkers -- a system for accessing your spirit’s flow within a fluid container to help you track your progress and Actually launch your amazing projects more easily and effectively.

  3. My exclusive Soul-Fire Mapping Flowsheet(Value: $20 - This is designed specifically for super-creative people like us to help map out the work of our soul’s calling for the next 1-2 months to 2-3 years).


Special Guest Interviews + Companion Flowsheets:

These exclusive Fire of Love Special Guest Interviews are not about filling your head with a bunch of information — they’re really focused case studies filled with actionable practices you can put to use right away in your life and work (50-60 minutes each). The downloadable companion Flowsheets are designed to help us ground the teachings and get straight to the juicy stuff we can put to use now! 



Cigdem Kobu, consultant and advisor for creative, intuitive and heart-centered solopreneurs In this exclusive interview we go deep into the following core areas, with an emphasis on understanding yourself and your unique personality style: (especially for those who lean towards the more introverted "quiet" spectrum)

  • Finding Your “Right Work,” Creating a Sustainable Business Model, and Building Momentum Through Simple Introspection.

  • Creating ease and flow through knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, and learning how to handle stuff you don't want to deal with!

  • Cultivating Energy, Strength and Mindfulness through getting comfortable with who you really are, and drawing on your unique personality style.

  • Breaking through limitations (especially for more introverted personalities).

  • How to shift your approach to “networking” and “relationship building” by building deep connections with people you really resonate with.

Jen Louden

Jen Louden

Jennifer Louden, author, teacher, spokeswoman for finding your center in the craziness and extending that magic out into the world. In this super fun interview we go deep into the following core areas, with an emphasis on finding balance in your Self and your creative work, and building a bridge between the two:

  • Bridging the Essence of Who You Are and the Manifestation of That (2 key practices)

  • How to overcome doubts, resistance and obstacles with Jen’s powerful one sentence Self-Inquiry Secret Weapon!

  • How to get re-inspired about what inspires you, and find clarity on what you really want to make of all this magic inside! (Four steps and one key practice)

  • Taming the Dragon of Product and Productivity… (For Chronic Overachievers)

  • Staying Centered — even when we’re crazy busy, or things start to fall apart. (What you can do right now to slow down and recalibrate for doing amazing stuff – no matter how overwhelming your life may be!)

Thorn Coyle

Thorn Coyle

T. Thorn Coyle, internationally respected teacher of the magical and esoteric arts. In this very special interview we go deep into the following core areas, with an emphasis on building strength and making magic through working with your energy:

  • Healing Through Integration, and Building a Better Relationship With Who We Really Are

  • 7 Powerful Energetic Practices for Defining Your Boundaries, Finding Your Center, Clearing Your Energy, and Breathing Into Strength

  • Activating Your Purpose and Your Superpowers

  • Embracing the Magic of the Sphinx: (To Know, to Will, to Dare, and to Be Silent)

Special prompts to inspire and support you in your process:

You will also receive five short and sweet inspirational prompts from me via email over the next 30 days to help you keep grounded, strengthening and deepening in your Soul-Fire process -- and you can choose when you're ready to start receiving these!

A treasure chest of Fierce Wisdom, Practical Magic & Special Resources made for you

The Masterclass Audio holds a strong force of awakening -- just listening to this and bringing it into your life is enough to spark a wave of positive transformation and begin dissolving energetic blocks and obstacles.

What else can you expect to come away with?

  • You'll receive a set of powerful spiritual and energetic practices to help heal and clear your energy field, establish clear boundaries, find your center and breathe into strength -- essential for the process of awakening, strengthening and purifying of the Soul Fire process.

  • The Structured Flow and Soul-Fire Mapping processes help get you clear on what you're working on now, what you plan to produce in the next months, and how to actually get them done in your own way.

  • Learn how to understand and work with your unique personality style and approach. Especially valuable for intuitive and empathic creative rebels and those who lean towards the introverted spectrum.

  • Lay the groundwork for a Daily Practice that addresses you on all levels: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical and Energetic. This is Key for moving forward strong and clear every day!

  • Learn to begin recognizing and working with your Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, High-Self Guides, and Universal Energy Flow on a deeper level. One of my favorite and most fun parts!

  • Gather the strength and the understanding to burn through resistance and obstacles, raise your energy and build momentum for your Mythic Journey. Learn what it takes to Bring the Rain in your life and work, and strengthen the legacy of your existence every day you wake up and step into the world.

A Program for the Creative Rebels, Rainmakers and Magical Misfits...

What: A self guided *un-course* to help you tap into your Soul-Fire Magic and successfully launch your epic projects in the world!

When: Start as soon as you order! All course files will be instantly available to you for download.

Where: On the beach, in your car, in your living room, wherever you want! It's all good. :)

Why: 'Cause it matters -- 'cause the world needs you to show up in your power and make your magic!

Program Value: $250. Cost: $75


Who is this for -- will I actually benefit from this?

This is for the dreamers and magic people, the intelligent creatives and Spirit-driven entrepreneurs, the people who want to bring love and light and beauty to the world, and especially the ones who LOVE following your heart, and are easily distracted by all the bright and shiny and beautiful things along the path! Most of all, the people who are ready and willing to overcome their fears and blocks, and drop big beautiful Magic Truth Bombs of Love to set the world on fire.

Will this program help ME?

If you’re you’re stuck in a project, or you're ready to step it up in your life and Bring the Rain, this program will help accelerate your progress a LOT. What I've found is that the deeper I'm surrendered to the Soul-Fire Flow, the less I'm limited by the linear time progression of reaching my goals, and the more I'm open to magical chain-reactions and unexpected synchronicities in my life!

How much time will I need, I’m super busy!

I know, right?! The core audio is 90 minutes, and I recommend setting aside another hour or so to make some notes. The time you choose to take to complete your own Soul-Fire Map and implement the supporting content for your work is entirely up to you -- it could be one or two afternoons, or you could spread it out over the course of a month.

How will I access the materials?

This is an all-digital self-guided course. You will receive the download link for all materials as soon as your order is complete. The six supplementary audio files can be played or downloaded from their private pages at Soundcloud. All files are in standard MP3 and PDF format for use on just about any computer , tablet or mobile device.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

I stand behind all my work. If for any reason you don’t dig this program, or the approach just doesn’t work for you, just send me an email within two weeks of your purchase to let me know where you’re stuck and I’ll send you a personal email response, or happily refund your payment if you prefer!

Why does it matter?

It matters because this is the work that will change the world! This is the work that will lift people up -- your spirit's calling, the fire of your soul -- this is all that really matters in the end!! Imagine if everyone was lit up, fierce on fire, and in the power of their true gifts and soul power?! This world would be the most magical place in the universe!

Still have a question? Contact Satya here.

More on how to use this course:

Edinburgh Castle Hill from Princes St Garden 2013

Edinburgh Castle Hill from Princes St Garden 2013

The SOUL-FIRE CODE is a self-guided program that was first shared with the world in a live Masterclass held on September 29th, 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland, with dozens of participants connected in from around the world. The shared energy field of that class was remarkable, and that recording is what this course is built around!

The core program can be completed in a 1-2 day period, dedicating 90 minutes to the Masterclass audio, and 1-2 hours journaling and observing what arises for you from the audio and companion mini guide.

From there you are free to go deeper with the Art of Structured Flow process, focusing on refining the core essence and purpose of your current creative projects or work, and creating your Soul-Fire Map to help you get clear on where you’re going, and what projects you'd like to launch over the coming months.

The time preparing for a journey is almost as essential as the journey itself, so before you start the main audio program I recommend reviewing the PDF Supplement: Return to Innocence. Listen to the 7-minute audio linked from there, take it all in, and do what it takes to prepare yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically to embark on this journey!

The three Special Guest Interviews and companion Flowsheets are designed to complement the program and help you move forward in your life and work with more ease and Flow. They run 50-60 minutes each, and are built around my special approach -- cultivating less information overload and more action-oriented advise you can put to use now. Each Flowsheet contains gems of wisdom from the interviews, with core questions and takeaways to help you ground the wisdom and put it into action.

How deep you take this work up to you, but I recommend you approach it all with an open beginner’s mind, and prepare to embark on a new journey of awakening and inspiration with all possibilities open to you!

"I was in that place where I felt smashed between anger and depression. Life was not manifesting how I had planned it, and I screamed my displeasure to the Universe. Finally after that cathartic release that comes with cycling through the dark instead of fighting it, I called for help. "Please Universe, send me a guide to lead me to the next level." Suddenly, Satya's post showed up on my FB feed. He was presenting his Soulfire Workshop.

He had been traveling all over the world, fueled by a fire that I wanted in my life. So I took the course. I completed all of the exercises that he wrote out for us. I participated in the soulfire energy field that was created during ritual with individuals from all over the world who were connected through technology, electricity, and soul fire. It was a beautiful experience.

Since then, I feel opened up to my own Soul Fire and connected to the Universal Fire. Within a week after the workshop I found a job that is the perfect job for me at exactly this time. Financial blocks in my life began to dissolve, as well as blocks in my interpersonal relationships. The bitterness that was collecting inside immediately burned to ash and blew away in the winds of change. I thank my spirit guides for answering my cry, and I also thank my old friend Satya, whom I always knew was here on Earth for a very special reason. Things in my life are still transforming with such speed and clarity that I know the fire that he helped me spark is still burning bright!" ~ Robin Witt, Portland, Oregon

You've given me a gentle yet practical structure to self-healing and reclaiming latent parts of my essential self. I was able to release limiting beliefs from my childhood that inhibited my purpose, health, relationships, and self-expression. I now feel aligned and confident to commit full force. Through the methods you taught me, I was able to experience the difference between thinking to actualize desires vs. allowing my desires to unfold.So much easier, no more chasing it around the block. I'm trusting in myself and the process more than ever." ~ Rhina Ju,

You are a gifted healer who holds space with integrity, honesty, and unconditional love so that we each may dive into our own fire and come up more whole, connected, and aware of our innate perfection!"  ~ Carrie Hensley,

When I started working I realized how much of Myself I had been missing for so many years. I write and I am alive. I missed this feeling. How healing it was to return to something I love! I recall that once I was a young girl that peddled her bike and was dreamy and wrote poems in her sleep. You returned me to a place I had lost. Thank you for that. You have also helped me to love myself again." ~ Janna Montgomery, Florida

The energy of the members and the speakers is that of compassion, openness, reflective, and highly creative. The program has really helped me find my voice and gain clarity with my creative flow and the direction of my work." ~ Chris Badgett,

I am amazed! It's like my voice was in a cage and you helped set it free. I've been singing almost nonstop, with so much joy. I'm hitting high notes effortlessly and all this creativity is pouring out.... Thank you thank you. xo" ~ Amy Martin,

Soul-Fire Code iPad

Soul-Fire Code iPad