There’s a fire inside your soul, waiting to be unleashed.

When you are connected to the source of all that is, you are unstoppable...

A force of nature, helping the people you love, making an impact in the world, and doing what you love. 

But as a highly sensitive, creative AND passionate human, it can be so hard to stay on track with your Soul’s mission — especially with all the crazy these days!

Life is stressful enough already, but this adds even more pressure on top of it. And all this emotional stress puts a huge strain on our minds and bodies.

We are walking pressure cookers waiting to implode so we turn to whatever is nearest to ease the pain. From prescription drugs and alcohol to conflict and codependent relationships — whatever pushes aside the discomfort and helps us carry on.

But that doesn't solve the source of the problem! All this unhealed trauma and stress causes huge illness and conflict in ourselves and our world.

I want to change all this now. For you and all of us.

And I know that together we can...

Introducing Sacred Wild Healing & Mentorship

• Release stress and anxiety, calm your nerves and center into your true strength every day because you have built an arsenal of healing tools and practices that fit your life—and your style.

Keep going strong in your Center ALL DAY LONG when you’ve fully rocked your morning practice routine, and now you own your energy and boundaries.

• Find the daily inspiration—and motivation—to FINALLY complete what you’ve been putting off. You know what nourishes your soul!

• Get the personal accountability support to ensure you not only get it done, but also have the answers and inspiration you need to stay on track.

Learn to finally MASTER your energy with shamanic energy tools and practices that keep you shining bright through whatever/whoever comes your way.

• Root deep into your practices of cleansing, protection, grounding and illumination to ensure your resilience and stamina for the long haul.

• Revive your passion for life, and move from COPING to THRIVING as you release a lifetime of energetic blocks that kept your true soul expression tied in knots.

Experience the full range of magic that is your birthright when you heal and release trauma and stuck emotions, and integrate long lost soul fragments.

• Then put your magic on cruise control so you don’t have to work as hard at all of it when you develop the HABITS that make it all so much easier with less struggle.

• And more….all with the ultimate goal of strengthening and empowering you to be fully expressed, nourished and living in alignment with your soul’s callings. Now.


How does it work?

Sacred Wild Mentorship allows us to work closely and dive straight into the energies and beliefs that need shifting, so you can process these and continue making ground in your goals.

That means you spend less time on the emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows and more time rooted and productive in your core strength.

It also means you will have daily PRIVATE access to me during office hours in which we can communicate 1:1 and answer any questions that you have. I will champion you every step of the way — rooting you on and sending inspiration to keep you going strong in your progress throughout our time together.

You’ll receive:

• Two private Light Healing and Intuitive Counsel sessions

• Regular weekly Masterclasses incorporating Breathwork, Guided Meditation, and Shamanic Energy Work training (some will be open to outside participants)


• Direct access to message me for any questions, issues or support you may need along the way.

• Inspirational reminders and check-ins on a regular basis to help you integrate the teachings.

• Facebook group to connect with other participants.

• One year Access to the Shala Soul School online where all sessions and course materials are held.

• Limited to 12 participants to ensure you receive the personal attention to succeed.

Sacred Wild Healing & Mentorship is a six-week intensive — the ideal amount of time to integrate deep healing and establish the habits for lasting transformation without overcharging your batteries. Afterwards you will have the option to continue on 1:1 to grow your projects even further as you wish.


Click here to get on the community list and receive first priority access.

BONUS access to these amazing resources with your registration:

BREATHWORK + HEALING WITH YOUR HIGH-SELF TEAM — A very special workshop — live-recorded on the September 9th New Moon — to help you connect and call in your guides every day for strength, love and protection. ($33 Value)

EMPATH POWER — The indispensable Masterclass, Playbook + Guided Audio Breathwork session for my Highly Sensitive Soul Family. ($38 Value)

THE SOUL-FIRE CODE — My best-selling self directed UN-COURSE to ignite the Fire of the Soul and help you unleash your greatest work in the world. ($250 Value)

sacred wild healing group

sacred wild healing group

Heal Your Soul & Awaken Your Wild, Sacred Truth

I’ve been on a mission for 20 years to find the secrets to happiness, healing and enlightenment, and translate them into a system of accessible life-changing practices.

While I can't say that I've found the secret to eternal life (yet), I have learned a few things about living in alignment with my soul, and walking my Earth path with purpose, integrity and joy...

If things aren’t clicking in your life or something just feels "off," it's usually because you have landed on a stray path and have not been following the callings of your Spirit.

So many of the symptoms we experience like anxiety, depression, boredom, stress, illness and disease are caused by this fundamental disconnect with our true self and our Earth Mission in this life.

The only real solution is to be so plugged in to ourselves that we are fully nourished and informed by our Source. And from there it is so much easier to COMMIT and take ACTION that brings consistent RESULTS.

As long as we can stay plugged in, we are truly unstoppable.

There is a big obstacle to this, though, and that is the series of imprinted belief systems, traumas and energetic blocks that keep us in the realms of the fear-based ego mind.

When we have integrated, released and cleared our energetic fields of this junk, we are free to plug in and experience the full range of our embodiment in this life — the beauty, the sensuality, the wonder and the absolute incomparable magic of it all!

And that is exactly what we are doing in Sacred Wild Healing & Mentorship.

Thank you so much Satya! I found my true mission in life through your guided meditation: Bring Joy to the World. So beautiful, so simple. I’m applying that to my every day life now. It was a wonderful ceremony—such a beautiful and inspiring day! Just perfect. I will definitely recommend you to my friends, you are fantastic. :) Thank you again. <3 —Ana M., International Producer, Los Angeles, CA

Your Guide:


I’ve been teaching this material in different forms to hundreds of remarkable humans in sold-out classes and workshops for many years.

The results have been astounding for so many of my clients and students who have completely shifted careers or pivoted into what they were truly called for, becoming highly sought out, widely recognized and well-paid consultants, business owners, and heart-based leaders.

Since leaving the corporate world to pursue my soul calling, I’ve spent nearly two decades traveling, teaching, studying with masters, and developing my own approach to living a life of happiness, meaning, and integrity.

Now I’m focused on supporting my fellow empaths, creators, and highly sensitive souls navigate contemporary realities so we can all have greater ease in manifesting our highest visions!

For this I’ve found the Breath and the Heart to be the most direct pathways, and have been certified as a breathwork teacher and healer since 2011. Other favorite tools include shamanic energy healing, sacred mantra, power crystals, and Earth medicine, including my own line of essential oils.

A few of my other personal passions include: angels, guides and ancestors, animals in the wild, cities by the sea, making music, writing and all forms of creative magic that conveys the Essence of the Infinite.

Feedback From Clients and Course Participants:

I was in that place where I felt smashed between anger and depression.  Life was not manifesting how I had planned it, and I screamed my displeasure to the Universe.... Within a week after your workshop I found a job that is the perfect job for me at exactly this time.  Financial blocks in my life began to dissolve, as well as blocks in my interpersonal relationships.  The bitterness that was collecting inside immediately burned to ash and blew away in the winds of change.  Things in my life are still transforming with such speed and clarity that I know the fire that he helped me spark is still burning bright!"

—Robin Witt, Clinical Social Worker, Portland, Or.

I honestly have never met a stranger who saw me so clearly and easily. Time stopped and flowed simultaneously like it does when your baby is born into the world, or your grandfather dies holding your hand.... Years of therapy and many good talks with good friends could not open my eyes to the simple truths you gently placed on the table like a bowl of sliced mango."

—Heidi Howes, Life Coach and Shamanic Practitioner, Columbus, Oh.

You are a gifted healer who holds space with integrity, honesty, and unconditional love so that we each may dive into our own fire and come up more whole, connected, and aware of our innate perfection!"  —Carrie Hensley, Master Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher, Az.

The energy of the members and the speakers is that of compassion, openness, reflective, and highly creative. The program has really helped me find my voice and gain clarity with my creative flow and the direction of my work." —Chris Badgett, Internet Entrepreneur and CEO, LifterLMS, Co.

You've given me a gentle yet practical structure to self-healing and reclaiming latent parts of my essential self. I was able to release limiting beliefs from my childhood that inhibited my purpose, health, relationships, and self-expression. I now feel aligned and confident to commit full force. Through the methods you taught me, I was able to experience the difference between thinking to actualize desires vs. allowing my desires to unfold.So much easier, no more chasing it around the block. I'm thrilled to say yes to sweet surrender. I'm less stressed and totally falling in love with uncertainty. I'm trusting in myself and the process more than ever.

—Rina Rose, Brand Stylist and Designer, Philadelphia, Pa.

When I first read about the Fire of Love community, I felt a flicker of recognition in my heart. Without over-analyzing this, as I'm prone to do, I applied and soon found myself in an amazing vibrant circle of like-souls.

Satya's weekly missions sparked some of the best writing I'd done in ages, and oh so gently helped me to start uncovering some of those truths I'd been hiding from myself. Our Special Guest Meetings were exceptional, and I learned such an awful lot from each of them. I've chosen to stay on for the second round - I think that probably says it all.

—Amy Palko, Writer and Goddess Guide, Edinburgh, Scotland

Dear Satya, I loved your energy and passion in the masterclass! What I'm noticing these days and after the session is that I feel more energized and feel a stronger calling to share the love and my voice... to step up and make a difference... to get up in the morning and DO the work as you said... Thank you!

—Barbara Szorad, Life Coach, Copenhagen, Denmark

When I joined the Fire of Love group this was all a chance for me to get to work on myself and my writing. When I started working I realized how much of Myself I had been missing for so many years. I write and I am alive. I missed this feeling. How healing it was to return to something I love! I recall that once I was a young girl that peddled her bike and was dreamy and wrote poems in her sleep. You returned me to a place I had lost. Thank you for that. You have also helped me to love myself again.

In Key West we say “Oh, that guy, he is Good People.” That’s you, that’s the people in the group--“good people.” This means you are people that can be trusted and kept close. People you can rely on. Cousins, brothers from other mothers so to speak....

It was comforting to be connected to other people doing the same work. I could email or call these fellow travelers if I needed or wanted to. They received me with gracefulness and kindness and we shared ourselves with each other. I look forward to more of that!

—Janna Montgomery, Writer and Health Care Professional, Key West, Fla.

You provide a really valuable service in getting all of us with big dreams out there living our glorious dharma. I see you as a catalyst for transformation. When a big vision lies dormant in someone, the best thing they could do for themselves is work with you to catalyze their own individual transformation, so they can in turn catalyze others with their vision. I found that the changes in my understanding as a result of working with you positioned me to make significantly more money, more easily, in my practice. My investment paid off!! I've already recommended you to several friends running heart-fueled, passion-based, change-making businesses.

—Marga Laube, Story Designer and Transformative Media Producer, Ashland, Or.


What’s the time and energy commitment? Five or six weekend workshops lasting 1.5 - 2 hours (these are recorded but I request you attend at least three live). Establishing a daily practice requires about 20 minutes a day in my experience — this can be split into two or more segments. We will have two hour-long private sessions via Zoom. In addition there will be some optional weekly “assignments” and inspirational check-ins to help you integrate the teachings to your liking.

What's the schedule?   We start officially on Equinox Saturday 9/22, but the week one is a warmup and our first online gathering is Sunday September 30th! Classes are Sundays from 1-2:30pm or 2-4pm Pacific time. They are recorded in case you cannot attend live.

Where do we meet and how do I connect? Wherever you are! With a laptop, smartphone or tablet - via Zoom. It’s extremely simple to connect and stable + easy to use. I will be hosting the groups from a couple different locations. My experience leading virtual groups from around the world for many years ensures the experience is powerful and close to real life as it gets — we even have fun some times! ;)

Tell me about Breathwork? The Breathwork I teach is a simple yet profound Pranayama breathing practice done laying down, guided lovingly and set to an inspiring and lush soundtrack. You'll be surprised at how deeply rejuvenating this ancient meditation is, as your entire body is filled with the direct sparkling essence of who you really are. Years of heavy weight and emotional baggage are released and transmuted into pure joy. The energy and personal power you experience is real. And lasting.

Does it really work? I’ve been using this practice for many years and it has been a savior for me and my clients! When you do it you will feel the difference after just a few minutes. That’s always the ultimate test in my view! This proven practice helps you:

- Dissolve stress, anxiety and overwhelm. - Clear your mind and calm your emotions. - Experience deeper sleep, reduced pain, and overall improved health and vitality. - Release stuck energies and beliefs that keep you playing small. - Revitalize your connection with your spirit, self and Universal Life Force.

Why 40 days? This is a mythical number that has great power — for whatever reason, it is the optimal time to establish a new habit, as well as to experience the biggest shifts in a consistent daily spiritual practice. Our 40 days start on September 30th.

Is this for me? This program is for those who are fully committed to leveling up in your life at this time and excited to go all in for that. The material is especially suited for Empaths, Creators, and those who are stepping into their true strength as Leaders. If you are unsure, just message me and I’m happy to chat with you.

Strong On Your Path.

Aligned With Your Soul.

Plugged In,


Unstoppably You.


Click here to get on the community list and receive first priority access.

Questions? I am here. Contact me to have a chat and see if this is right for you at this time: | 323-540–4456

~~~ Unleash the Fire ~~~