Why Do Anything? (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Freedom every moment When I was a kid I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books. Remember those? I'd often read through them in one sitting, going back to the previous section if I chose a path I didn't like, and jumping to the next adventure when I chose a path I loved....

These days, every day feels like a "choose your own adventure" story (except for I can't go back when the story goes south!) But I don't need to go back, because every moment I have the power of choice. As long I can jar my mind enough to shift my outlook into the present moment, I can pretty much change the entire reality of my experience in a flash.

I'm talking fundamental meteoric shifts in the reality of my circumstances with something akin to flipping a switch.

That's what I've found, and it's powerful medicine when you can master this deceptively simple practice.

There is so much I could share at any given moment. So much richness, so much beauty, so much I could say about the brilliant moments of recognition, the sparkling moments of clarity, and those questioning moments of struggle... and sometimes the sheer expansiveness of the limitless possibility makes it overwhelming to choose!

There's always those sporadic moments of questioning which direction to take -- I think they're essential to the experience -- and then comes the choice to actually choose. And...to take the right and the responsibility to choose. To flip that switch into the sweet presence of this vast and infinite moment of choice-filled Pure Awareness.

So why do we doubt ourselves and our direction when we know in our hearts what's really True? 

Just a process of life, I guess, and the natural law of Free Will. When the question comes it simply means it's time to center into the fire of my Soul, and take action.

Take action.

My good friend Joy Holland was reflecting recently on the courage of Malala Yousafzai -- the brave Pakistani teen who refuses to step down from her campaign for women's rights even after being shot for speaking out -- she was telling me about an experience she had while reading her book. She was struck with the realization of what a privilege it is to be able to share whatever she wants, to have the right to choose what she's doing with our lives, and how could she ever question her resolve in light of that great privilege!

Joy is a great inspiration to me, and her truth hits home. This privilege and responsibility is why I chose today to step forward, to step right up and into the Fire, and write this piece, regardless of whatever else is demanding my attention. This is where my Soulfire leads me -- showing up here and sharing what's on my mind with you.

It's a choice. A choice to not waste time worrying about whether my work fits into some kind of framework, or whether I'm doing enough outreach, or whether I'm doing the right thing. I know I'm doing my best when I embrace the power to choose my reality and walk through the Fire of Love every moment. (My goodness what a gift and a freedom in that privilege!!)

That's why on Wednesday December 11th I'm opening the doors in a pre-launch of the new 2014 Fire of Love Experience.

It's a choice that makes me shiver, and makes my heart beat fast...and I love it. I love to know I'm pushing myself to stretch deeper into the greatest choice I can make at this moment, to step up and take on the biggest challenge of my life: To be the man I wish to be, and live the life I've envisioned for myself. A life that's bursting with choice, magic and Soul fire. A life that truly matters.

No matter how crazy, how challenging, how unpredictable it might be at times, it's my life. I made it, I love it, and I wouldn't trade it with anyone else's.

And on January 4th, I'm flying out to a new part of the world, stepping into a new adventure, embracing the fundamental search of my life...the quest for a life of true freedom, endless adventure and true paradise. 

I'm excited, and I feel honored to have you along with me for the journey.

And I ask you to consider: 

What is it you Really want right now?  Are you letting your mind complicate the options?  Perhaps the most important: What’s the choice to be made right now, the big choice that you know to be true with every cell in your being — the choice you’re choosing to take ACTION on today? 

(And are you willing to take the risk to ask yourself these big questions? ‘Cause flipping that switch into the true presence of this moment — and taking action on these — WILL change your life.)

Choose your own adventure. Every moment.

Always (with the big questions!),

with Love and Soul...

Satya Colombo

Accept—then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole life.” - Eckhart Tolle

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....Annnnd Action!

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