Where Soul Meets Skin

Soul Skin Mansion Just beneath the surface, there at the edge, where soul meets skin.

A magic chemistry happens. An alchemy of human and divine, melding to create a singular experience of being.

When I watch and witness.

When I experience the spirit reaching through my fingertips.

When I am present and still within the storm...

This soul loves to go big and shoot high -- always striving to soar with the eagles. Then sometimes the limitations of the human form tend to bring it down, creating a sense of suffocated spirit. But where the state of being is too far up in the sky, the humanness suffers.

Thus the tug of war begins -- the battle between soul and skin.

The human aspect of who I am wants to be acknowledged and cared for -- to know it is safe and well fed. The timeless pure consciousness wants to be free to roam far and wide with no limitations. 

Coming down unto Earth... a sweet and gentle beauty in the very small and delicate aspect of this being.

So much latitude to connect with the essence of humanity, so much spaciousness where this body, this very skin, touches the world. Maybe I can rest in there...

The shudders at that touch,

they resonate deep into the core of the self.

This very being.

I'm thinking to myself, as this alchemical process of human and divine reveals its Self... Soul and Skin -- are they really so far apart? It feels a bit like the soft silent space of presence, where the fluff of a warm duck's belly meets the water's edge. 

I'm not sure if these words convey any real sense of what I'm getting at, but I can say this...

Our very real and tender humanness -- that beingness itself -- is the very bridge to connecting with the divine. The pathway to experiencing that soul fire in our lives, and spreading it through the world, it's right here...that singular edge where soul meets skin.

Soul Skin.

Gently now,


Here on the third floor of a historic building in the very heart of the old city of Cuenca, Equador, I've found a strangely beautiful refuge in the center of a quiet storm. A rare sense of spaciousness and sanctuary abounds, with high ceilings, old wood floors, gauzy curtains and cushy surfaces. I will be here for a while now to settle and ground in to this great life, and prepare for the next Fire of Love journey