The Craft of Writing & Content Creation for Thought Leaders (Sarah Peck: Soul Rebel Series)

This is one of a new series of interviews with remarkable Creative Soul Rebels on how they bring their magic to the world. 

The Soul Rebel Interview Series peers deep into the lives and workings of a remarkable group of colleagues transforming society through the calling of their Spirit. Focused and concise, they are made to accompany the full-length private interviews we're doing for the Fire of Love Project. (And a great source of "continuing education" and inspiration for my own Spirit-driven healing and business consulting work.

Sarah K. Peck: Introduction

SarahSarah Peck is a storyteller, writer, open-water swimmer, designer-entrepreneur and urban nerd who is on a mission to find and capture insights from everyday, extraordinary living, and share them with others. Her popular courses, including Content Strategy for Thought Leaders and The Writer’s Workshop are the jumping off point for our interview.

“In the world I imagine, people live meaningful, deliberate, sustainable lives, full of serendipity, spontaneity and joy. Join me as I unpack the psychology and stories of who we are and why we do what we do, and dream of what the future world can look like. If we can imagine it, we can make it.”

What you'll learn:

Creating just for the sake of creating - Allowing the Spirit of your creativity to drive your work.

How to get in touch with yourself -- your voice, your spirit, your Soul -- through your writing and creative work.

How to choose what to work on, finding that nugget of inspiration to lead you.

Stop thinking so hard about what you're making -- just get into the act of making, creating a space for a conversation with your Soul.

What to do when you're feeling blocked?

Refining your direction and steering the creative process vs. editing as you go.

Surrendering to the creative process vs sharing your progress and content.

"Sometimes you have to feed your cat, and sometimes you have to feed your Soul."

Stretching Time vs feeling stretched.

Creating the space for what matters, and being very specific about the channel/medium that works best for you, and feels best.

The importance of believing in yourself, your voice, and your calling.



Thank you Sarah!


Satya Colombo