Off to Mexico, and Into the Great Unknown

It's early morning here in Los Angeles, and I've just finished packing for Mexico. I've been reflecting on events of the past few weeks in my life, and what I would like to share with you now on the eve of another journey into the great unknown. It's the start of a new chapter, in a new year, and like many of us, I've just barely recovered from the holiday rush... The last two months in the US have been a blur of life and love and work... earnestly striving, not always hitting the mark, but yeah -- shooting a heck of a lot.

Not until this past hour or so have I begun to feel ready for the jump. Ready to commit to this next phase. (Now I'm chomping at the bit like a horse, or one of them old windup monsters spitting sparks from his nose...finally feeling the drive to push out into the world and into another mythic journey.)

From what I understand, the place where I'm going to live is beautiful, an old lost beach town with a nice mix of small town local culture and some international/expat amenities. But I really don't know. You never know until you get there. I have a room with a view booked for one month. If I love it, I'll probably stay longer. I wouldn't mind putting down some roots, even if they don't have time to grow down all that far...

This kind of living is a little unnerving. It's never easy. A constant practice of surrendering into trust and the unknown, and a whimsical universe. And the truth is, we never know.

And of course the best preparation for anything life might throw at you is to be Ok with not knowing, facing every moment with a dose of shoshin, and a dash of humor.   

I crave more productive streaks of genius and inspiration, and daily visits to the ocean. The expansion of my Self to inhabit the limitless possibility of a life on fire. That place where my Soul and my walk merge into aligned, and the notes sing true.... When I feel myself tugged by the universe toward some unseen destiny, when I'm close to the water and surrounded by beauty, when I allow myself the freedom to just Be -- these are the times when my best work can be set free. When I can be truly free as me as can be. 

So, yes, that...

I made it through the fire walk and a ritual passage this week -- a week of trials and growth to prepare me for stepping into this new chapter. (After hours of preparation, reaching high through Spirit, I glided across those burning hot coals -- all soft, warm and lovely feeling -- and thought to myself, whoa that was easy!).

I feel a lot younger now, more fresh in mind and perspective. There's so much that needs to be updated and upgraded around my life still, and the expression of my Soul. And there's so much room to grow still, so thank Goodness for that...!

So much yet to give, and so much yet to experience... I bow my head in prayer and gratitude, lift my eyes to the stars, to the vast unseen mystery that gently holds this space of being...gently blows at my back and beckons me forwards. Meeting my step where I walk, and my landing when I jump.   Into the great unknown with a smile, a whoosh, and a trail of stardust... 

Satya Colombo

Hey ho ye firewalkers, rainmakers, skywalkers and life lovers!

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It's a good day to Live.