Sweet and Vicious: Margaret Nichols on Accelerating Human Evolution

magsMags Nichols is overflowing with juicy flow. I was pulled in by her sassy approach to the deeper side of things, but mostly by the way she dances through the quickening transformation we're all experiencing right now. Follow her on the Twitter: @magsnichols


Tell us about the transformation you sense happening in yourself and the world right now? You have a very specific approach, which I love...

We are undergoing a very real collective awakening, which manifests individually on a physiological level.  Our structures are falling and we are transitioning into (ha, you must love this, your namesake!) Satya Yuga-- the golden age.  We can call it evolving, enlightenment, awakening-- it is a transition to being able to fully experience life using all of our senses.

This is happening for the first time in everyday people.  We don't have to go to sit in a cave in India.  I have met dozens of suburban moms, grandpas, random peeps our age-- totally normal, "mundane" people-- fully awakened.  Fully actualized.  Things that the great teachers and sages have been writing about for centuries are now happening to all of us.

We each have our own way to awaken -- for some this will be a divine experience, into a "God-realization."  But this will happen to atheists as well; a belief or practice in all things "holy" is not necessary; however we see the world is the way in which it will unfold for us.

How do you push the edges in that?

There are no edges to push.  It is a shedding, a letting go.  The "enlightened" state already exists.  We just don't see it, know it.

We will still be ourselves.  Life as a process happens spontaneously, automatically.

This little body we call "mags" is programmed to be passionate, loud, colorful, urban, practical, sassy... personality aspects do not fall away, there is just a misidentification with them.  So I will be ballsy, continue to be ballsy, honest to a fault, provocative (funny... um, sometimes.)  

This is my nature, it always has been-- that will not change.  I will still like chocolate, boys, riding my bike, but the actual process is letting it all go.  And then in turn, life begins to happen naturally, organically, it no longer comes from ego.  This can't be pushed-- it's a natural process; it'd be like forcing a flower to open, just not gonna happen.

For me, there were years of cocooning, even periods of this now, whether it be for a day or a couple of hours. This is helpful, everyone deals with it differently.  But things are speeding up, so the time that it took you or I or anyone else to get to where he or she is, others will traverse forward in quantum leaps in minutes, hours, days, as time accelerates.

What are some of the signs?

Personally, there are a lot of physical, what some people call "ascension symptoms."  They have been extremely pronounced in the last few months, so I have wanted to help facilitate that...  

Lots of vibration in different parts of my body-- literally different chakras pounding to the point that if I put a piece of paper on that part of the body it would vibrate.  I have never been interested in reiki, prone to sentiment with energy, etc.  I am not interested in being anywhere else, other dimensions,  other realities, I want to be here, so when I felt these shifts happening to me, and I know I don't have a proclivity toward the "precious" I realized, holy crimeny, this is real.  

I've done green juices for breakfast for maybe a year and a half, obviously tons of yoga, meditation, like-minded company, an ongoing media fast, regular cleanses, no alcohol for the last couple of months, animal products have fallen away naturally over time.   

When we get to these states of Oneness with all that is, when the world moves so close to us that it is us, the idea to consume an animal is as preposterous as slicing our pinkie finger off and eating it for lunch.  When we have this kind of *real* relationship with seeing the world as part of us, not as a concept, but as an understanding, everything will naturally set itself toward the highest good.  We don't have to be good.  Good happens to us.

The only thing we can do is work on ourselves.  Once we individually awaken, this affects all around us.  One fully awakened person affects the consciousness of 100,000 people.  I don't need to push edges.  It just happens.

What's the goal do you reckon? Can you describe it?

The goal is the awakening of humanity.  The birth of a new paradigm of existence.  That sounds so grand, because, well, it is.  

I can't possibly describe it because it's not something we've seen before!... we can guess at it, and many people do... but as I stated before, once we have this experiential proof for ourselves, of our connection, our oneness, how could war be possible?  How could anything that harms any other living creature, or dishonors our own highest self be brought into the picture?  It won't be, because we'll be operating from a new place.

There are more and more crazypants things happening as this unfolds-- I am able to experience and relate with people not through words or any kind of traditional modes of communication.  Kind of like telepathy but so much more that that, you become that person, you experience them, I mean-- how could I possibly predict what a world will look like when we are all living from this space?  And you see from my writing-- I'm not woo.  This is not just happening in hidden shamanic ceremonies in Peru.  This is happening in manhattan apartments; it's going to happen everywhere.

What would you say is the biggest obstacle to awakening, and how to remove it?

The human mind's constant need to become.  To be somewhere else.  We resist our suffering. In this current age, to distract--- media, television, food, sex, drugs.  To stay with what really is, to learn how to confront and experience our discomfort so that it morphs to joy, this is the process.  

What do you tell people who are hurting real bad, and can barely stand to read all this life-changing stuff?

If they are reading this life-changing stuff, they've already started-- they're on 'the path' if we want to call it that.  This will not resonate with someone who's not here yet.  

I've been involved long enough with one set of teachings and community to see people coming out the other side.  In times like these there is great tumult and it is all part of the rebirthing process.  If we could know the Truth that we created this for ourselves for our own awakening, the suffering is an easier pill to swallow.  It's like detox symptoms in a cleanse, you're not going to beat yourself up if you know there is a purpose to the discomfort.

Self- responsibility is paramount.  Forgiveness is key.  Confronting pain and being with it is essential.  This is what clears the energetic pathways in our body-- we literally need to be able to recalibrate so that we can hold our consciousness at a higher level.  We also need to see the structures of our mind before we can move past it.  See our own wiring.  

And I do not mean to say this is easy; it's the hardest thing in the world, no doubt.  The bitch of it is, the closer we get, the more pronounced the pain is; it gets sharper, more concise, rather than an underlying uneasiness, it's a bullet of desperation.  There have been many times that I would have been perfectly fine to have been hit by a car at that moment.  Many I know say the same.  You are pushed until you surrender.

Again, if they are reading this kind of stuff, there is a draw from a level of knowing they cannot pinpoint.  This is the draw of evolution, it is beyond the level of the mind.

What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you?

I was married young and divorced young, the first of anyone I knew at both.  I married the love of my life and had a perfectly constructed world, incredible family, 5-star luxe wedding, hip downtown artist nyc life.  It crumbled.  That brought out the worst in me.  The dream of everything I had ever wanted was annihilated.

There were other traumas, violence, that may have been more after-school-special dramatic, but this, this, propelled my waking up.  This was the catalyst.

What did you take away/do with that experience?

This was my first big awakening-- I plunged into serious spiritual study to find stable ground.  There was no other option.  I let go of everything; I had to start from scratch.  I went from the worst version of myself to finding something real.  This led me to myself, to writing, two years later to India, later to an ever unfolding toward eventual Understanding.

What's the most exciting thing in your life right now?

This awakening.  Watching and experiencing it happen, in myself, my community, the world.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs, 100%.  Preferably little ones who like to snuggle.  Don't get me started on cats.  (sorry, cats)

Where are you headed next?

Ongoing teaching + speaking, in Manhattan and elsewhere. I'm in the process of drafting a book proposal about this waking up.  

What's the best piece of advice you ever got?

A yogi always leaves a room a little better than how she found it.  That reminds me to pick up lint in a corner that I could easily leave there when no one would notice.

What are you looking forward to more than anything this year?

Fully waking up.  Permanently.  Taking everyone I know with me.

Tell us about your secret superpower.

I do something called deeksha, which in sanskrit means: a benediction or gift.  It's also known globally as the oneness blessing.  It is a short, hands-on blessing that takes about 30 seconds and literally rewires the brain, causing a neurobiological shift.  It's like a fast forward button toward enlightenment.  It comes from a spiritual school in Southern India led by two great Masters.  The beautiful teachings essentially coincide with all the main teachings and truths, but packaged together nicely so that we don't have to swim through the Bhagavad Gita or traipse through the Tao, if those texts seem too amorphous.

Deeksha was brought to me in India about 5 years ago when I was there studying yoga, before the school's teachings were as accessible.   There's kind of a global phenomenon that has surrounded it since, and has risen around my experience, so now there are many who dose out the shot of grace.


Margaret Nichols: writer, actress, goddess trainer, existentialist detective, oneness cheerleader, sassy public speaker, woman of manhattan... and she does weddings. http://margaretnichols.com


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