Last Chance to Join the Fire of Love Project and Why it Matters

The inaugural Fire of Love Experience lifts off Monday. The final deadline to join has been set for this Sunday at 2PM Pacific, and there are still a good few spots available to apply and pay what you can and feel to join this group! train leaving station

Why it matters:

You know the feeling of being alone in the world and not having the support and resources you need to actually create your vision? Or the overwhelm of getting sucked into all the little dramas of everyday life, struggling to keep your head above water and not making enough progress in finding and reaching your goals...?

These are problems I've struggled with for many years. For most people the problem is real:

You don't have the support you need, because you don't like asking for help, and you're probably not fully buying your self worth and life mission. You're essentially resisting yourself, and looking to your relationships and the world outside to find your value.

What ends up happening is your inner light is dampened, all this stuff's piled up in there -- overwhelm at the hardships of life, past disappointments and trauma around expressing your truth, sadness around the loss of those you love, fear of losing what ground you do have, pain around getting hit over the head when you needed help in the past, more fear in different forms, and on and on....

One of the great lessons I've learned from working with David Elliott in the healer training is:

"How you show up to anything is how you show up to everything."

Watch the way you engage in your life, and you'll see the patterns repeating themselves in all your relationships and experiences.

This is magnified with groups bigtime -- all your vulnerabilities and resistances come to the surface when you're showing up to engage with a community, right? This is such a great gift if you approach it mindfully. So much room for growth and transformation.

The work I did with David changed my life -- it allowed me to finally feel comfortable in relating with groups, to see where the vulnerabilities were and feel like I was actually supported in my work and expressing the truth of my heart.

To feel loved by a group of people and unafraid to be myself!! Whoa!

I didn't even realize what was holding me back before that, and I still work with this a lot -- I have a bit of the lone rebel complex and I love the fantasy of "me against the world" -- but that's not really real.

Think about it:

If you can heal your relationship with yourself, and with communities in general, then what's there to stop you from really showing up in your life and stepping into your true power in the world?

We're coming together to do this work -- to do some good healing and clearing work, to reprogram how we relate to the community and the world, and to come alive again in our lives so we can find and create our great work!

Coming alive in your heart and spirit requires healing, letting go of past baggage and belief systems, stepping into the unknown and getting the support you need to make real progress. Then you get to witness your growth and keep getting stronger!

To "be the change we wish to see..." is the first step towards a better world. To know the truth of who we are -- to come alive in our hearts and re-learn how we relate to the world from that place -- that is the foundation for all true lasting change in our lives and in the world.

So there you have it. This is the work we're doing, and why it REALLY matters. Does this make sense yet finally? (If you zoned out and started skimming to here it's probably really true for you, and you need to go back and read again -- ha! :))

It's not always easy, but it's SO MUCH FUN. Doing this work and living this way is the most fun I've had and the best I've felt in my life.

If you're still on the fence -- it's time to get off and either email and ask me what you need to know, or jump in and apply already:

If you still need more info on what this group is about, there's plenty here at the site.

I extended the deadline to 2PM Sunday so you could have a little more time and space to get your application in. I'll be sleeping in and going to the beach for a swim. When I come back, I'll review the remaining applications and send out the final registration links and emails Sunday afternoon and early evening.

Everyone who is in by the end of Sunday will receive the instructions by email for lift-off Monday!

One last note:

I've been grounding into the project and one thing I'm really happy with is the quality of people who are joining us for this first group. Intelligent, spirit-driven, real and ready to change the world from within themselves. We're gonna be groovin' together and supporting each other through the next few months, so it's great to know we'll be in good company.

Just wanted to let you know that this is a really safe and sacred space that we are creating, and the people you will be working together with are a remarkable group of individuals.

Love, Satya

The goal of the Fire of Love Experience & Community is to create a supportive, safe, empowering environment for all our members to find and live their greatest lives. This includes doing creative projects, taking on simple life-changing missions, supporting each others work, sharing feedback and contributing to a community of passionate heart-centered people.

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