The Journey Continues in South America

Venice Beach It was an early January day in Hollywood, and I was waiting in line to enter the Melrose flea market. A guy in a vintage suit and Fedora approached me with an offer I couldn't refuse...

"Do you have any new year's resolutions this year? Any old resolutions you'd like to let go of? We've got a special deal going on right now -- trade in any old resolution for a new one. No money down, nothing to lose..."

He handed me a marker and paper. I paused and reflected to myself...

hmmm...what's a good resolution I'm still working on? Stop mistrusting my destiny!

I wrote it out in all caps and handed it too him.

"That's a good one!" He responded with a smile.

His partner nodded in agreement, searching for a new one to give me...

"Does this sound like you?"

He handed me a stiff white sheet printed with the words, Stop procrastinating. I'll do it another day. -JB

"Yeah, that's a good one!" I agreed.

Mission accomplished, we all shook hands with a smile and wished each other a happy new year....


In one week I'm moving to South America. I don't know exactly how long I'll be there, but the rough idea for now is about five months -- starting in Peru, and continuing in Bolivia and Argentina. After that? Undecided as of yet...

What I'm doing:

Continuing my search for a better way of life! A life of freedom and abundance and flow, where the energy of the place feeds my soul, and my heart is free from the shackles of modern society. A place where I can feel strengthened and supported in doing my best work, and being of service -- where I can hopefully slow down a little, and spend more time in appreciation of this one beautiful life.

Here are some questions people have been asking me + a couple I've been asking myself...

1. Why South America?

It's where my spirit has been calling me to go for the new year since some time this summer in Costa Rica.

2. How do you support yourself while living abroad?

I don't live on savings or investments. I run a small and growing conscious website design and consulting business from abroad, and create spaces for transformation and healing through private sessions and the Fire of Love Community (the next cycle will be opening in the spring in Peru!). I'm also revising Flow for 2013. My amazing support guru and project wrangler Chris B. holds down the fort from his homebase in Montana (I'm considering officially nicknaming him 'The Rock').

3. Will you keep writing about your adventures?

Yes of course! Most every week, a new post, most usually Tuesday or Wednesdays. This commitment helps keep me sane and grounded.

4. Are you nervous?

Yes! There are many concerns, such as: Developing world problems, the absence of family/support system, relying on the technology and internet resources available to me. I have to take extra time and space to breathe and meditate a lot to ground myself, and build up my strength and trust that my work and the universe will support me!

5. It sounds crazy! I like my quiet life here at home.

Yes, I crave the peaceful feeling of quiet and home too. I haven't had that feeling for longer than a month or two at a time for a long time. One of my dreams is to find a place that fulfills what I'm searching for, and making a home there. Until then, home is where my heart is (and where I lay my head). Luckily, Ginger is with me.

6. How can I support you in your work?

Well, today I decided to put up a donate/support page on my site. I resisted that since starting this site, but right now it seems like a good idea, so why not? I aim to live in full abundance and flow, and exchange love in all forms with the universe. Personal recommendations for my site and email community and referrals for web design and consulting are especially super awesome. I'm really working hard every day to improve myself and my effectiveness so that everything I do is more useful and fun. I hope that when my time comes to part this life I will go knowing I did my very best.

7. Can we meet for lunch before you go?

I would love to meet all my friends in the LA area! In my dreams I have a driver (or magic carpet flyer) who whisks me around to private lunches and teas on pre-appointed days, and all my work is magically done with a waive of the hand. Meanwhile, if you take a look at this Facebook event (for my first ever ukulele workshop on Sunday!), you will see the location of where we end up meeting for lunch, and you can join us. I hope they have enough room!

8. What keeps you going?

My work, my quest, and you. I don't think I will fully rest until I am living the life I truly envision, and I have cultivated a strong and steady way to share the light of my soul with the good people of the world.

I never know how any of this is going to pan out....

I could never be fully prepared for this kind of adventure. I just follow my spirit, and eventually it leads me to the most wonderful places imaginable.

I believe this is because of my commitment to be of service -- to fight for what really matters -- and to cultivate my heart's calling as much as I can. I don't have a big savings, investments or a large income, but I have a big heart and a super creative mind, and a sh*t-ton of life experience to share and build on. I'm not perfect, and I've made my share of mistakes, but above all I love to be of service and I live to make a difference. And after three months in North America, I know that I can do this better from another place.

The other night I burned my new resolution from the Hollywood flea market in the fire, and released any lingering procrastination to the wind.

That feels better. No time left to waste in facing destiny...