Reflections on The Human Condition (From 50 Remarkable People)

In my recent 'ck-1' Fierce Wisdom survey the first question was, "What inspires you most in this life?" (Yes, an ambitious conversation opener.) Amazingly, 50 remarkable people (email insiders) agreed to respond to an additional 20+ questions with deep reflection. What really moved me was the sense of real humanness in the responses -- the shared experience of suffering, hope, honesty and elation -- it was powerful and moving to read. And since the responses were only open to the participants, I resolved to share a selection of these publicly.

So here are some of my favorite responses from a group of truly remarkable people -- each response tugging at a heart-string of recognition; each person a visionary and world changer in his or her own way. The connecting thread I see between us all is an uncommon level of self reflection, true honesty and striving for something greater than what appears at the surface level of our shared existence.

Here goes: What is your greatest inspiration in life?

I am not sure where it comes from ultimately..but it feels to me to be from an inner source.. and manifests in a desire/determination/need to be 'authentic'-- to communicate/express.. unfold, if you will, what is imperative and essential to me, in as organic, honest, and unfettered a way as possible.

When I hear trees and rocks singing with the mushrooms, moss and plants around them, dancing in the wind with me as we make medicine and easy flow in those around us, I am inspired to be more open, aware and extraordinary.

People who speak of their lives with truth, trust, and compassion in their hearts. People who can do so without losing awareness of the listener. Your writing hits this sweet spot.

I think for me it is life itself. Specifically, how each little piece (seemingly a world in itself) comes together to form a whole. How from seemingly nothing, we have form, shape, substance, color, etc - this thing we call reality, this thing we call life. Though I don't truly hold that these things are from nothing.

there is inspiration everywhere, huge unimaginable inspiration in the universe and great scientific discovery and things that move the world. and there is tiny infinitesimal inspiration in things like the shadow of leaves on the wall in the wind, in an idea, in things that have been lost and left behind, and in the scarred hands of someone who has seen life. these are where truth and beauty are found.

and i look at the world and i see such need. such injustice. such suffering. and i think that there must be a way to bring the things that are true and beautiful into the places of need.

Love. Being touched and moved by others inspires me.

What do you reckon are your biggest personal obstacles or challenges in the areas of self exploration and creative expression

I need to have quiet to hear myself...I don't have quiet thoughts, quiet kids, or a quiet life. I need to learn how to find quiet in the midst of chaos. :)

Having a 9-5 job already and not much time for anything more. I really need to dedicate myself and time to my projects. Then there is refining my projects or ideas; there are many! I need good feedback and a good problem-solver solution-maker.

Fear that the creative inspiration will somehow dry up.

Sometimes I have trouble feeling whether it is my "mind" (and its story) or my intuition that is speaking. There have been many times that I have chosen to not trust my intuition, that "knowing", and I began to lose faith in it & forget what its voice felt like. Time & time again, however, I have been shown that it was always true.

concerned how others in my immediate family perceive me

Pricing my work, and standing in my value.

I know my self very well and am open to more challenge is finding others to relate with who are as open and willing to explore and Know as I relate beyond 'safe surface' to transparent and bold expressions...

What is your biggest personal obstacle or challenge in your work and/or business?

Marketing I think in my business, how to get the word out in an authentic way, a way that's more like gifting when I'm in Black Rock City ['Burning Man'], and less like marketing...

matter of fact a lot less like marketing and just being myself more and more.

Creating a clearly outlined vision and working towards it.

Biggest personal obstacle is perfectionism and thinking that no one else knows how to do it right. Letting go and letting people do things their way.

I do not know How to get started What I must know to start Even what my ideas are What my goals are How to refine my ideas What to do next

What challenges might be holding you back from really enjoying your life and living in the fullness of it?

Good question! My answer would be = ME. I am my worst critic, I am harder on myself than anyone else. I'm never good enough, smart enough, or whatever.

Any barrier to flow in my life is fear any challenge that exists for me is one of recognizing the depth of my own power as I incorporate that fear into my not allow fear to distract me from my goal or to redirect my steps and to not deny it or wish it away (because for me fear can be a motivating transformational tool) but acknowledge it and create with it and through it.

I have many people who admire my work, but not enough people BUY my services! Lack of funds is a challenge for the lifestyle I crave.

Being a bit of a perfectionist I tend to not be happy or satisfied with much or am always thinking of ways to improve upon whatever it is. Or, having that logical engineering side of me, makes me always think about 5 steps ahead so I'm rarely fully engaged in the present moment. ....

Not loving myself authentically holds me back too because it makes me feel unhappy, but happiness comes from the inside. If only I could feel that. I know it on an intellectual level, but I want to get to a feeling level with it all. I am working on this. I guess those things would hold me back wouldn't they.

Money is not yet flowing freely. I am working to identify why I am holding this from happening. Please, however, do not focus on this-- so many people I did admire went down a cheesy marketing marketing selling marketing, oh, did I say marketing road? Unsubscribe with tears. So sad. You see through that. If you stop seeing through it, I am going to call you on it. There is something special about you.

The big one at the moment is consumer debt which means I need my current job and salary

At the moment one of my greatest challenges is dancing the fine line between 'letting come' (by living from the heart and trusting that the universe will provide) and 'making shit happen'. Other ongoing challenges are critical voices in my mind / lack of clarity about where I'm heading for work.

I haven't been able to tap into my creativity in the way I'd like. I've been playing by the rules for far too long and haven't figured how to really reach fully into who I'm destined to be.

my 8-5 job. Did you know its not 9-5? it's actually 8-5, or at least you are expected to be there at 8am and 5pm. It's awful spending your entire day doing something you could give a rats ass about.


To overcome the challenges of the human condition requires a willingness to see them first for what they are. What a remarkable group of people willing to face their fears -- I'm honored to be a part of it.

Here's a parting thought: What's one small step you can take to move towards overcoming a challenge to your creative expression? It takes only one step at a time to climb the highest mountain.

Read for more on the ck-1 project.


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