On the Quest for Affluence and Creative Flow ~ My Most Essential Practice

I'm back at the blog after three weeks of Silence here! Today I'm sharing about something very dear to my soul. If I've accomplished anything good in the past couple years, and you've benefited from it in any way, this is why... Sunset Ocean View Costa Rica


A couple years ago my life was forever changed when I met a man named David Elliott at a breathwork healing circle in Ashland, Oregon. He was touring for his newly released book, Healing.

I've done so many spiritual practices in my life I was hardly interested in a new one, but my good friend and healer Michael Baker was traveling 600 miles to attend this event, and urged me to make the jump to meet David in person too! I knew I had to be there, even if the cost of the event felt a bit steep at the time.

Well, I made it to the circle that night and my life was forever changed. I was inexplicably drawn to work with this master healer and attended David's Healer Training courses Level 1--4, finally receiving the Breathwork Healer certification a year later with his support.

This week I was able to host a group call with David for the Fire of Love Community. It was an eye-opening reminder of the power of this work, and how far I've come since starting on the Healer Training journey. I hope this post helps explain a bit more how and why it matters...


In my lifelong quest for freedom, success and creative flow, I've been driven by the desire for a deeper experience of Affluence -- to be able to afford and experience the finer things in life, like a cart full of good quality groceries, the ability to make my own rules for my life and work, or the freedom to fly to Costa Rica.

Yes, it's true you can experience true freedom with no money -- many of the happiest people I've met were poor laborers and street children in India -- but I'm speaking from my own experience. When you're constantly worried about money and survival, it's harder of course to feel really good and get into the flow of your greatest creative work.

Oxford defines affluence quite narrowly:

noun the state of having a great deal of money; wealth:  a sign of our growing affluence

I define affluence as a state of abundance and overflowing 'enough-ness.' I think it's closer to our natural state, which is to give and receive love and energy generously and without reserve.

I love the feeling of affluence, it's such a great feeling and a relief:

  • To be able to have a little extra money to donate towards causes and charities I admire, and help make the world a better place.
  • To be able to share my love and knowledge, without reserve and without fear.
  • To really enjoy life for the great beauty and gift that it is.

Much of my adult life has been marked by the opposite of this: Fear and worry about the finances, and a closed protective shield around my heart. Years of fighting hard against the system, living on the edges, and refusing to compromise when it came down to living my truth all amounted to a lot of pain and struggle. To not know how you're going to pay the rent, pay your bills and put food on the table is among the most painful and uncomfortable experiences there is.

To get to a state of affluence is a beautiful thing, and it definitely supports creative flow and a sense of freedom in your life, but it's a hard practice to engage without a core foundation of feeling good in your self, and feeling good about yourself.

And in my experience there is no greater practice for that than this:

Healing yourself.

I'm sure I will be speaking more on this subject in the future, but for now I wanted to plant the seed -- to share the primary thing that's responsible for my happiness, creative flow and a newfound sense of affluence in my life, for which I am grateful. I've only been able to experience this by pushing through the resistance to fully showing up for my life's work, and giving my heart and soul fully into my creative flow.

There is no way this could be possible without the energy healing work I've done.

Healing is key. Let me be clear, though: This practice of self healing is not for everyone.

Learning to heal my energy -- to remove self-limiting blocks and negative thought forms and clear my energetic field -- there is absolutely nothing I've experienced more powerful than this for building a stronger foundation to do my highest calling, and experience the affluence of a positive exchange of energy, money and universal flow. Most people are not interested in this type of practice, though, and that's OK. It's really designed for conscious, spiritually mature people who are driven to live their greatest lives and contribute to a better society.

The practice I use is great for this, but it's not the only one available, of course. It's simply the most effective and easy one I've found:

Pranayama Breathwork Meditation.

This simple practice that's been used for thousands of years is so ridiculously easy you'll be shocked to experience how powerful it is. There are many variations to Pranayama yoga breathing, but the essential technique David teaches could not be more simple:

Lay down on your back, close your eyes and breath deeply through your mouth for a while. (There's two stages in the inhale -- once into the stomach and once more into the chest before you exhale through the mouth.)

The way it works, it gets the energy moving through your body and helps your mind settle down. It stimulates the energy meridians in your body, and helps you release stagnant energy in different parts of your energy field. Most people feel the effects of the breathing viscerally in their body and energy within minutes.

One benefit of an 'active meditation' practice is it really helps you let go of the mental activity since you have something to focus on.

You've got to feel good if you want to live good, and you've got to feel good about yourself too.

Good energy flow in your body, mind and spirit is the most important ingredient for that. Healing yourself and working with your energy is how you get there.

Especially when combined with a regular physical exercise practice, and a creative practice of self-expression, this healing is so powerful it's impossible to convey in words.  It really must be experienced to be understood.

You know that your creative and professional potential is unlimited. Give yourself the chance to really begin experiencing more of that and living with a greater sense of freedom, affluence and creative flow. There's nothing better!

HealingI'm currently doing a 30-day breathwork challenge to remove all negative energy and self-limiting thought forms from my energetic field. I'm using David Elliott's latest guided breathwork mp3: Entity Energy Release Meditation. So far so good! I'll keep you posted here and Facebook on my progress.

You can download a free guided meditation as well as the full pdf of David's book, Healing, by joining David's community here (there is no charge for this). Once you've registered, just click on the Library link for the downloads.


I don't usually do this, but I'm opening comments on this post in case anyone has any comments or questions about the healing practice, or would like to share your own experience. This work is very important to me!

What is your experience with energy healing, energy work, active meditation practice, or other practices for living a life of freedom and affluence? Feel free to share those in the comments here.

And please share this post with your friends -- thanks for your support!