Capturing Epic Source Flow (Now and Forever)

I'm about to share something so magically epic, I hope you're paying close attention cause this one item may be worth more to your happiness and success than the next 100 blogs you read. You're probably familiar with the concept of the flow state. In this state we create masterpieces, our hearts sing through our work, we generate so much positive energy around us we become irresistibly magnetic.

Most of us have experienced the flow state at some point thru our art, our work or whatever our creative expression (maybe in a particularly hot make-out session). But you probably have no idea what's blocking you from living in a state of epic flow for the majority of your waking life.

We love these experiences. 19 of you tweeted all about them (below), but when it comes down to our work we seem to forget all that and put our noses down to the grindstone. That just don't feel good. I did it for years. USELESS.


Most of the content you'll read online from pro-bloggers, lifestyle design, personal-development types/other well-meaning but mislead people is completely devoid of the most fundamental understanding of our human nature. They may be successful in teaching you how to manipulate your readers to do what you want through psychological tricks, or how to simplify your life, or how to accomplish your goals more effectively, but is that really what you want?

I'm guessing from what I know of my way above average readers and friends I associate with, the answer

What you want is to live a truly epic life. You want to go up in flames, you want to teach, and share, and love and run free in the mountains with your lover and your wolf-dog and no cares in the world. You want to be free to do what you want to do.

The problem is, it's "just not realistic," or first you need to get your "1,000 true fans," or your website redesign, or the money you need, or whatever other nonsense excuse you can come up with.


Here's the simple truth: The epic flow state is accessible to you now and every day and 100% of the rest of your waking life. But first you have to unravel the patterns and energetic imprints and negative energies surrounding you from a lifetime of being held down by our backwards socio-cultural disaster of a "civilized society."

You don't have to burn everything you own, run away to a zen monastery in Bhutan and blog about your tantric sexcapades with hot nuns. You DO have to do some mindful energy clearing work to get yourself in halfway decent shape.

Yoga practice is amazing for this. I'm currently doing an intense flow-style practice at my favorite studio 5 times a week, and it's freakin' mind blowing. You have to find a teacher and studio you dig and just get in there about 3 times a week or more. There's also Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Breathwork, Pilates, any number of integrative movement practices combining mindful physical activity with energy flow. I'm not letting you off the hook on this one! Even long regular hikes in nature can have the right effect when done with vigorous mindfulness.

You'll also want to learn some basic practices for energetic shielding. Most people don't understand the first thing about their energetic fields, and what happens in their regular interactions online, in work and in "real life."

In my Epic Flow email series I'm detailing advanced shamanic, tantric and "non-dual" philosophy practices for eliminating dark energies from your energetic field, and capturing the gloriously epic source flow state. These are practices I've learned over 10+ years of studying with highly advanced and established masters. Part 1 is available now by subscribing here. The others will follow. (I can't just post this online and I will be charging for this advanced stuff soon, but you can get it for free now.)

Why are we hearing so little about this...?

Most people just don't know. If your energy isn't clear, your work stagnates, and you end working 10 times harder to get crap results. That's the bottom line. At the risk of sounding like one of the aforementioned pro-blogger tools, I'm going to venture on a limb and predict we'll be seeing a lot more about this now. No doubt it will be offered in $1,997 courses, seminars, webinars and whatever, you name it...

Well I said it here first... Epic Flow.

When I asked on Twitter "What makes you come alive...what brings you epic inspiration...what shortcuts connect you to your source flow?" I was moved -- many of you responded with deeply resonant answers. Some of these are below as pointers and reminders.

This is the life you want to be living. Why are you wasting time on half-assed blog posts, and energy sucking people? Start by eliminating the excess crap that doesn't serve you anymore, clearing and guarding your energy, and stay in tune with your breath and your body.

Here's what some of you had to say:

When you rise yourself up, you rise us all up. This is the secret to our human evolution, and our survival as a human species. Time is running out. Please don't waste your precious time and energy any more. Our future depends on it.

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