Sharing Your Story With Soul — Online and In the World (Crystal Street: Soul Rebel Series)

Crystal in India This is the second in a new series of interviews with remarkable Creative Soul Rebels on how they bring their magic to the world. 

The Soul Rebel Interview Series peers deep into the lives and workings of a remarkable group of colleagues transforming society through the calling of their Spirit. Focused and concise, they are made to accompany the full-length private interviews we're doing for the Fire of Love Project. (And a great source of "continuing education" and inspiration for my own Spirit-driven healing and business consulting work.

Today I'm excited to feature my dear friend and colleague, Crystal Street a remarkably grounded, inspiring and talented human on the subject of telling your story online and sharing your message with True Soul.... Here we go!      

crystal-streetCrystal Street is a documentary photographer, web developer and consultant whose company helps businesses communicate their digital story. She’s travelled the world documenting issues of cultural preservation of displaced populations. In her own words:

“We need to communicate— as a human to a human. You were not put on this planet to communicate with robots, algorithms and people you haven’t seen since high school. You were put on this planet to share your gifts with the world– using whatever communication tools are at your disposal for the time period you were born in. The world needs to hear your voice and see your gifts— now.”

Crystal's background is in visual communications -- telling stories with photography, audio and video. Starting around 2008, a lot of larger companies were looking for that bridge to to tell their stories. Taking that message and put it into a visual narrative so they could describe what they're doing. So that’s how it got started.

In the current incarnation of her professional life, Crystal works with small business to help them visualize their mission and their audience, and how they connect with that audience by telling their story. A lot of the work consists of listening to people talk about their work, and figuring out how to reflect it back to a larger community with a narrative arc that’s compelling and brings people in.

Many times she finds there’s one small piece of the story that can be used to connect with others once it’s shared online and brought into a space of community dialogue. That small piece can grow into something bigger and more valuable as the community grows with the storyteller. And the process just keeps growing over time.

The Interview:

What you'll learn:

How Crystal made the leap from documentary media storyteller and working with businesses to tell their story.

How she gets her clients to their WHY, helping them tease out and come to terms with those parts of their story that will connect with their audience.

How to find the balance between blathering about what matters to you, and what people are actually interested in. (Love Crystal’s response on this — so simple and pure!)

How to build a cohesive narrative around your story. (Meg Worden’s approach to sharing her story about her prison experience, touching on the full spectrum of the human emotional experience).

Why it’s important to know yourself and be true to yourself as a bridge to your audience.

Why building an authentic online presence with Real Soul really matters!

Breaking the sterile, copycat molds and formulas online.

How telling your story at a basic ground level is the starting point to being part of something bigger and making a real impact in the world.

Crystal Street: Digital Storytelling Consultant, Web Developer, Producer and Photographer.

Thank you Crystal!! :)


Satya Colombo