Want to Change the World? You Have Everything You Need

Fire Girl It's so mundane, this modern world. It's filled with all the hurried qualities of false living:

Superficial values, inauthentic pursuits, miserable people who've stopped hearing their heart's whispers and become blind to the truth of who they really are.

It's dangerous, actually, to interact too much with these people -- the darkness is working within them, and they will suck your life away. (Beware, the function of this energy is to stamp out truth and douse the light. Some people are best left alone.)

Authentic living is the direct opposite. It means living from your heart and soul.

Diving deep into the magic and mystery of your spirit, you begin to undo the paradigm of false truth of the modern world.

The resonance of the great treasures you mine stay with you as you walk out in the world. Suddenly your steps bring magic, light and love.

This is the greatest service you can do for the world -- a great healing for us all.

Walking in Beauty.

It's true that this world is filled with darkness, violence and injustice. It's true that women and children are the biggest victims of violence, poverty and abuse around the world. It's true that we have a responsibility to do what we can to change this, and improve the lives of all our fellow humans.

If you want to truly help the world and make a difference, you don't need anything more than what you have already. You can start right now: Learn to truly recognize the power and beauty of the great love in your heart and soul.

This is not flowery spiritual advice, this is the rock-solid absolute truth.

You are an infinitely powerful being, a firebomb of latent potentiality waiting to be released in the world. If you could realize all this power in one moment, you would literally self-combust -- burst into the hottest flash of burning fire.

It's true, nothing but ash within moments.

Put all of your love into this life. Give all you can. Open your heart to receive all you can. Heal yourself. Kick up your feet. Bring magic and mystery and a curious open mind to the world!

Don't get stuck in the doubts and ego of the darkness -- these are the false truths of the modern world.

There is nothing more transformative and world-changing than showing up in the world with the fire of your soul burning hot and bright, and walking in that beauty. This is the greatest action you can take right now to make a direct and powerful impact in the world.

What this world really needs is for you to show up with a ton of heart and soul. This is our collective mission.

Do whatever it takes to clear away the darkness so you can be the light.

Not that hard -- I know and I trust you can do it!

Love, Satya

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