Because You Feel So Strongly

Because You Feel - Buenos Aires, Argentina Alternate title: The Advantages of Giving a Sh*t With All Your Soul [Buenos Aires] 

Every human feels something, but some of us are different-- we feel a LOT. We feel strongly.

Because you feel so strongly, it makes things a bit more complicated. (Sometimes a sh*t ton more complicated.) Taking decisive action is a lot harder when you feel for yourself AND everyone else who'll be affected by your and into the future. So much more information to take into account on multiple dimensions.

Sometimes this feels like a curse. The struggle and challenge of getting things done becomes a heavy weight on its own!

Actually, this curse of feeling is the greatest blessing we could ask for. It's a gift of conscience and refined sensitivity -- a divine expression of the human condition. It balances out the robotic, maniacal tendency towards greed and profit and progress in modern society.

It has other advantages in practical terms too:

The more you feel, the greater depths you can plumb, and the stronger your work can become. 

It's a function of Resonance, and I believe it is a fundamental law of nature.


Recently out of curiosity, and an overwhelming feeling of TOO MUCHNESS in my life, I walked into a pharmacy in Uruguay and asked if they had anything to help. I'm really not into prescription meds as a rule, but I needed something strong. They offered me a 20-pack of Diazepam (aka Valium) combined with a muscle relaxer.

The result was incredibly disappointing: The whole foundation that I live from was gone -- empty. In its place I felt the horrible vacant emptiness of not giving a damn. It was the strangest feeling I could remember, and one of the worst feelings I've ever had. I couldn't wait for it to go away.

I had a big realization from that experience. I came to realize just how precious and valuable this depth of feeling really is. I don't ever want to feel that sense of emptiness and not caring -- it's completely counter to everything I am, and what I stand for!

This depth of feeling in my soul is my bedrock.

Because I feel so strongly, my depth of understanding is so much greater. My capacity to create is stronger. The work that I AM able to do means so much more.

Not everyone has it, and maybe their lives are easier for it, but I wouldn't trade this depth for anything.  Embracing everything I feel and experience, and turning it into the great love. That's my way.

Because you feel so strongly, you have a superhuman power.

Because you feel so strongly, everything you do has greater meaning and depth.

Because you feel so strongly, you are a great artist, a great lover, a creator with power and depth and soul.

Because you feel so strongly, you are alive. Really alive.

Don't forsake that, and please don't dowse it with drugs and meds if possible.* Fuel it with the fire of your soul, lean into it and come alive with the power and magic of who you really are.

You are alive.


Satya Colombo

*Note: Medications like these may or may not be helpful or necessary for you, and I cannot speak to your particular condition! Please see the disclaimer at the footer of this website, and consult your doctor or licensed medical professional for personal medical advice.