Anchoring Into a Life of Freedom (2 mins + 43 secs in the Fire with Danielle LaPorte)

I have a lot to say about this subject. But for now, I'm passing the mic over to Danielle LaPorte: (honestly, she's quite a bit more eloquent than me)

These are some of my favorite juicy bits from my interview with Danielle for Freedom Business Summit. (Actually about 15-20 life-changing anchors you can put into use immediately to set your life and work on fire. Enjoy...)

danielleIf you're at all on the fence about getting Danielle's Fire Starter Sessions, I can tell you from experience you won't be disappointed (as long as you're willing to do the work). Life changing.

NOTE: for a really short time you can get Danielle's "True Strengths + the Metrics of Ease" (part of the fire starter sessions) as part of Karol and Baker's insane 72-hour sale with 23 lifestyle design + freedom business ebooks, guides and planners for the cost of one or two....

[UPDATE -- that sale's over now, but you can still get on the list there for the next one -- and of course, the Fire Starter Sessions are still here to kick you lovingly in the ass...! :) xo]

With Love and Passion,


What are you feeling around your work...your relationships...your "stuff" -- ? What do you want to feel? What energies are you anchored into in your life and work and dreams...?

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