Amy Palko: Practical Magic and Connecting with the Goddess {Soul Rebel Series}

This is the third in a series of interviews with Creative Soul Rebels—in particular those who are transforming society through the calling of their Spirit. I'm doing this primarily to get a better sense of how these remarkable friends and colleagues bring their magic to the world, but also as a form of "continuing education" for my own healing and brand consulting + development work.)  Amy Palko's Practical Goddess-Infused Magic:

In this 15-minute interview you'll learn...

  • Practical and straightforward guidance on connecting with the Goddess(es) in your daily life to support your life goals and work — nuts and bolts of Amy's approach, and how to cultivate a closer relationship with the goddesses and spirit guides that would like to work with you.
  • The delightful story of Amy's journey in learning to work with her own goddess guides.
  • Amy's approach to Practical Magic, based on her own experience of fusing masculine structure and form with feminine flow to express what she's here to deliver through her business. Finding the balance between these two different aspects.
  • How she went from wanting to be a published author to creating her own publishing house, Red Thread Voices — "where the wild woman's howl is given free rein to be articulated in the world."
  • And the first release from Red Thread Voices—FROM REVOLUTIONARY LIPS—why she did it, and why it matters!

Enjoy! :)

About Amy:

Dr Amy Palko is well loved for her rich wisdom and goddess guidance (and her gorgeously creative selfies!). Although her business is relatively young, Amy’s Practical Magic Business Circles fill up quickly, and her Goddess Guidance offerings and private sessions are in high demand. As she shared with me on a recent dinner in Edinburgh:

“Deliciousness is a way of coming back to embodiment…. You get a lot of people talking about “heart-based business” — that’s nice, but I want the whole thing. I want to be fully embodied in my experience of life! Why should my business be any different?”

Amy's wildly loved My Word Goddess Readings for 2015 are available until January 31st, and she will be opening another Practical Magic Business Circle soon. Sign up for her newsletter to be notified here! 

Satya Colombo