The Winter Solstice of 2012 ~ a time to remember

Center of the milky way  

The 2012 winter solstice holds a special significance as a marking point for these great times of change we're living in. Ancient Mayan astronomers set the 21st of December, 2012, as the day in which their calendar would reset to Year Zero, predicting with accuracy the galactic alignment of the sun and earth with the actual center of our galaxy in this era.*

Prophecies from the ancients have pointed to this time as the end of a massive cycle, the closing of the old world and the start of a new age -- the end of the great Kali Yuga, the start of the Age of Aquarius, the end of time as we know it....

There have been so many conflicting theories around the significance of this alignment -- from apocalyptic catastrophe, to the resetting of our cosmic clock and the ushering in of a new age. Whether you believe that time is resetting along with the Mayan Long Count calendar, and a new cosmic energy is streaming to our planet through a cosmic portal, or you see it from a more metaphorical perspective, there is something very real and significant about this time.

I believe this point in time represents a marker -- a concisely gathered point in time when millions will be sending out, receiving, and holding the intention for a more awakened, conscious, love-filled planet, and a future filled with great beauty. 

Every day, as billions of humans living on this planet wake up and go about their days, a small percentage of these folks are gradually waking up to a higher awareness of who we really are, and how we can help improve the world through our thoughts and actions. It's a percentage that continues to grow, as tens of millions of people reflect daily on how to live a more awakened, conscious life, and influence the planet for good.

On this day our collectively focused intention for a giant leap in our spiritual evolution will have real, cognizable effects for those of us who are tuned in, and even those who are unaware. It is the concentrated pinpointed effect in time and space of something that's already happening -- that is, more and more of us are waking up to glimpse the truth of who we really are and somehow accelerating in our individual and collective spiritual evolution.

For those of us who are keyed in to this transformation, it's a day we will not forget.

So, how to approach this day, and what to do...?

I spoke with David Elliott -- my teacher in the breathwork healing practice -- and asked what practices or approaches he recommends:

"Anything that connects you externally to the earth, and the moon, that will also ground you internally -- it doesn't have to be something big, it can be something personal and quiet. If you look at what the Mayans were talking about, the connection to the universe and the constellations is through the mother earth. It's all stardust -- so, simple, easy, you know, it's not that that complicated. People will have a tendency to complicate 12-21. It's got energy built up, because people have been focusing on it, but it probably won't be vastly different from every other day."

I appreciate David's simple and direct approach: Spend some time reflecting on your connection with the earth, the moon and the cosmos, and find a way to connect with these in the physical form also. Connect with yourself and with humanity, and get clear on your intentions.

Many people will be gathering in homes and sacred spaces, or spending time alone, and others will be at work and attending the various duties of their lives. Any place in the world can be a glorious temple of the spirit. What matters most is not where you will be, but where your intention is.

In conclusion...

This is a time of great change, and a date in history -- both symbolically and actually -- in which the collective awareness of millions is focused on the evolution of humanity, and the transformation of our world towards the light and the good.

Yes, there is darkness, death and destruction in the world, but the world is also awakening, and it's up to us to lead the way in embodying our highest vision for ourselves and the world.

Whatever happens on the 21st, spend some time connecting with your highest intentions for yourself, for your loved ones and for the planet. Open yourself to cultivating and spreading deep roots of love and generosity into the planet, and experience that connection with humanity, with those of us who are intending for a better world for each of us. For peace of heart and mind for ourselves, and for those of us who are suffering greatly in the world.

Once the 21st-22nd of December passes, continue to spend time as you can each day aligning with yourself inside -- catching that alignment of your soul fire, and letting it carry you through darkness, fear and doubt into the light and strength of your highest vision.

I drew a card from the 2013 Oracle for this blog. As I was shuffling to draw this card, one of them literally popped out of the deck, and when I reshuffled and fanned them all out to pick THE one, there was one card calling, pulsing for me to choose it. I laughed when I turned it over and saw it was the same one again: 


"The heaven we seek is within, and the way there is Truth."




p.s. David will be working with his new meditation, "Healing With Mother Earth As Your Guide" from New Mexico on the 21st, starting at 7pm MST, and you can join him and connect energetically then. He will be donating the proceeds from this MP3 to the Creative Healing Arts Center, a wonderful project which I was honored to work with him on developing the website for the past year.


*At the heart of this alignment is the great Black Hole known as Sagittarius A, a place which the ancients referred to as the Dark Womb, or the Black Serpent, from which new stars are continually being born and old ones destroyed.