The Fierce Wisdom Soul Flow Letters and FLOW KIT (Soul-Fire, Strength and Flow)


The Soul Flow Letters are a short series of emails to help you work with your energy on a deeper level and connect with the Universal Elements, so you can experience more FLOW in your life. (Based on my book, Flow: The Five Elements Way of Fierce Wisdom, Strength & Beauty.)

The FLOW KIT includes special curated content and exclusive resources from The Fire of Love Experience — a private community-centered project where we explore the edges of mindfulness, creative flow, and successfully launching your Soul Work into the world.

The Soul Flow Letters & FLOW KIT are available only to my Fierce Wisdom email subscribers community. 

The FLOW KIT contains exclusive resources and curated content in the areas of:

  • Spiritual Practice
  • Creative Alchemy
  • Inspired Entrepreneurship

Including the exclusive special resources listed over on the sidebar… :)

These practices are the true foundation for a life of true personal power and freedom — made especially for Mindful Rebels and Rainmakers. Sign up above to get access to the Soul Flow Letters and FLOW KIT free — I look forward to hearing from you!

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What’s this Soul Flow all about?

Soul Flow is the secret behind the success of the world’s greatest athletes, writers, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs…the spark that drives the greatest inventions, breakthroughs and world-changing events (and pretty much everything good and beautiful in this life). Learning to strengthen and clear your energy through connecting deeply with yourself, and the Universal Elements, is the key to unlocking real Soul Fire and Flow.

The Five Master Universal Elements are connected with the core aspects of human existence:

  • Earth: Nourishment and the Physical Body
  • Air: Intelligence and the Mind
  • Fire: Energy and the Life Force
  • Water: Emotions and the Heart Center
  • Spirit: The Essence and the Great Mystery

Developing a better relationship with your self, your energy and the Universal Elements, you can experience more joy, Soul Fire and Flow in your life and creative work. So, that’s what it’s all about! 

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