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flow-cover-new350A few times per month I like to send out a personal newsletter to my email subscribers. (I tend to open up a bit more in the emails, as I enjoy the intimacy of the medium...)

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What’s it all about…?

Soul Flow is the secret behind the success of the world’s greatest athletes, writers, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs…the spark that drives the greatest inventions, breakthroughs and world-changing events (and pretty much everything good and beautiful in this life).

The Five Master Elements are connected with the core elements of human existence:

  • Earth: Nourishment and the Physical Body
  • Air: Intelligence and the Mind
  • Fire: Energy and the Life Force
  • Water: Emotions and the Heart Center
  • Spirit: The Essence and the Great Mystery

Through developing a better relationship with the Five Master Elements, your energy, and your Self, you can awaken your Soul fire and experience more joy, ease and flow in your life and work. That’s what the Soulfire Course & Flow Kit is all about!

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