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Satya Europe

Gothenburg, Sweden — Summer of 2014. I travel the world in search of meaning and adventure, and everything I teach is informed by years of hard-earned experience in the trenches.

This space is for Creative Soul Rebels, Dreamers and Rainmakers. You won’t find any fluffy BS or attempts to convert anyone here.

The only conversion I’m interested in supporting is to a life of personal power and FLOW: Awake and alive with the Truth of who you are.

We are human, and we are divine, and my approach is to help us unite these two sides with Soulful intelligence. For an inside view on how it works, sign up for my Fierce Wisdom Newsletter & Flow Kit below! (More info here.)

Happy you made it, and wishing you joy, abundance, peace and all the best in the universe. :)


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World Dream Day: Ignite the Dream Within

I’m a part of the World Dream Day Conference hosted by Ozioma of BurnBright and en*theos. This inspiring virtual conference features 20 of the world’s leading dreamers, visionaries and innovators sharing personal stories and insights on igniting your Spirit and bringing your dreams and goals to life! Ignite the Dream Within — Virtual Conference September 26-30, 2014 Free :: Global :: Online   […]


A Simple Approach to Beating the Blues and Standing In Your Highest Power

  I’ve been a little up and down emotionally these past couple months. Actually, this whole year. It’s been a crazy year and I’ve been pushing the edges in my life and work — a lot. Can you relate? Many of my friends have been experiencing an extremely challenging year, which has just started to let […]

With Love from Dubrovnik

How I Live and Travel the World With Zero Savings (With Love From Dubrovnik)

“Because you are alive, everything is possible.” – Thich Nhat Hanh “How do you fund all these adventures around the world?” I hear this question a lot. People must assume I’m a trust fund baby or something, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve been a nomadic world traveler for two and half years now, […]

30 Days Hvar

Lost and Found :: In the Moment

Just a little slice of heaven from the ferry — Split to Hvar Island, Croatia — cut on my portable looking glass, in the center of this ancient city by the sea. August 12th, Old City, Dubrovnik— Sitting at the terrace of a cafe near the old church of St. Blaise, I recall the moment two days back on the bus ride from Split…lost in the looking […]