Heal Your Soul :: Awaken Your Flow :: Do the Work That Matters

satya-colombo_acropolis-erechtheon_athens-550-WYou’re not looking to be fixed or improved — probably just a little guidance and inspiration along the path will suit you fine. So here’s one question for you:

What is the song your Spirit cries to be sung?

It’s all about listening to the call of your Soul and aligning with your imagination to create the opportunities you seek. Keep moving forward, chin up and feet on the ground, learn to work better with your own energy, and do the work that matters.

From what I can see over here you’re doing a pretty damn fine job—keep it up! :)




Susannah Conway’s April Love 2015 Challenge

Starting Wednesday, April 1st! I’m thrilled to see what happens with dear Susannah’s April Love Photo Challenge + honored to be a part of it. Would you look at all these gorgeous and passion-filled women! (and then there’s little ol’ me…! ;)). Ha—I was feeling a bit intimidated with the heat on to perform, but […]

Sunset with Joy and the little sea bird — Ventura Beach, California

For the Love of Mercury (and making your art!)

  At the time of writing we’re about midway through the current Mercury Retrograde period, but I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while! I decided to push it out today in celebration of my “Mercury Love-In” Sale (30% off private sessions and the Soul-Fire Code). Hope it helps! Enjoy. :) The Mercury Retrograde […]


The Freefall…

  I’m grateful to have loved another so deeply that I never hit ground in the freefall. Maybe a few wanton branches along the way, but nothing I couldn’t handle. That kind of love is rare… And even though I’m back on earth now, I can still feel the love cushioning my feet. Like some kind […]