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In front of the glorious Erechtheion Temple, Acropolis, Athens.

Dear fellow Soul Rebel on the path,

As you know, we are both gorgeously human and infinitely divine. It’s time to get real and unite these two supposedly conflicting sides with Soulful intelligence. It’s time to really come alive to the ineffable Truth of Who We Are and make more of our beautiful magic in the world. (It can be fun!!)
Life is short — let’s make a better world together. And make every step count.

I’m glad you made it! May you be happy, peaceful and blessed, and may you bring oodles of amazing s**t to life. ;)


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(For Creative Soul Rebels, dreamers and rainmakers)

Satya Colombo

Amy Palko: Practical Magic and Connecting with the Goddess {Soul Rebel Series}

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At play in the fields... Kotor, Montenegro

It’s Never Too Late.

  It’s never too late to live the life you have imagined. The greatest work has always been created at the edge of impossible. The greatest artists have all found their voice “well past their prime.” The great spiraling galaxies of existence are your playground. Have some fun with it! Start where you are and […]

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The Edge Flow Project Is Live! (Changing the World From Inside Out)

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