satya portrait

Now is the time. You have the power.

It may not always feel that way, but all the love, light and energy of the universe is streaming inside you. Truly. Now is the time to let this Universal Life Force shine your heart awake — to embody your highest power and claim the life you have imagined. When you hear the call and Commit to lift yourself each day, we rise with you. We rise to meet you.

Please keep standing strong for what really matters, and I’ll be here to help you stabilize along the way. (I’ve seen the future, and it’s bright! ;))

All the Love,




SANGHA: The Gathering

On Saturday, May 27th at 1PM Pacific I’m hosting the first global gathering of SANGHA — an experiment to explore the possibilities of sacred community online for the healing and transformation of self and society. This is a vision long-time coming and I hope to build stronger community among my fellow empaths, healers, creators, visionaries and heart-based entrepreneurs. I don’t know […]

sacred mind

Sacred Mind :: Sacred Breath – Virtual Healing Group

Sunday, May 28th at 1pm Pacific Time Small Mind thinking vs High Self being. How to stay rooted in your Soul Power so you can walk in beauty and spread love and light every day? Hint: It’s in the breath! Everything is connected—from what you think of in the morning as you greet each day to how you […]

Soul Oracle Readings

New: Soul Oracle Readings

I’m excited about the rebirth and expansion of my Intuitive Counsel with your Spirit Guides and Animals to: Soul Oracle Readings. These readings are especially helpful for healers, empaths, artists, innovators and spirit-driven entrepreneurs who are at a crossroads or needing a boost in your productive capacity. If you feel that you could use some […]


Sacred Spirit :: Sacred Fire – Virtual Healing Group

Sunday, May 7th at 1pm Pacific Time Harnessing the passion, purpose and sacred power of who you really are. This is one of my favorites as many of you know I’ve been working with SOUL FIRE and the “Fire of Love” for many years. It’s some hot and spicy energy! One of the challenges most artists, healers […]