Satya Montana de Oro

and a Splash of Magic…

For the Rebel Soul.

You don’t need to be fixed or improved. Just keep listening to the call of your Spirit, use your humor and imagination, and mix some LOVE in there! One foot in front of the other. Enjoy!!





The Endless Wisdom of the Emerald Heart (…For Life’s Big Questions)

There’s a tendency to look outside ourselves for guidance on the biggest questions of our lives. The absolute “fierce wisdom” truth, of course, is whatever you’re looking for can be drawn from the vast well of your own Self. Since the entire universe is inside you already, why not just stretch into that infinite expanse […]

The Dance

Finding Your Own Rhythm at the Center of the Cosmic Dance (5 Lessons x 5 Years :: 2)

As I sit here writing in a lovely cave-like office in the sky I remember with fondness a time in my life when I was still so far away from living my dream. A time when the creative stretch was all there was to keep me from more-or-less eating myself alive. It’s a kind of […]

time does not exist

5 Lessons Learned Through Five Years Blogging at Fierce Wisdom (Part 1)

On May 28th, 2010,  I shared my very first post here. Five years, 144 posts, 25 countries, countless failed projects, some really incredible victories and many thousands of visitors later, I feel like… I don’t know. Different. Changed…growned up some. I’ve learned and grown so much through this process of creative self-expression and lifting myself […]

lion selfie

100 Days of Selfies – for #the100dayproject

  So I read this piece the other day and it got me thinking… hmm maybe I should be taking more selfies after all. Been shooting them with my sisters since I was a kid on those funky ol’ compact film cameras. That was before we called them selfies, and it was a lot of […]