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Fire of Love Experience

In May 2013: A beautiful group of Soul-Fire Walkers will lift off together on the inaugural Fire of Love Experience — an epic journey of ECSTATIC, AWAKENED, CREATIVE FLOW…

The Fire of Love Experience is an exclusive community project with a purpose: To ignite our spirits with passion and excitement, find and create our great life’s work and live a hot-damn beautiful life!

Picture your soul-fire burning hot, heart pounding, your creative work pouring out of you with a wildly un-bridled precision, grace and flow. SOUL – FIRE – FLOW. Joyfully resilient, strengthened, alive. There is maybe no better feeling in the world I have experienced. 


That’s the heart of this project, and why I’ve created it…



hero's journey

The hero’s journey is about choosing your path with wisdom, strength and grace – you don’t have to go anywhere else! In consciously committing to express your true creative spirit through your life and work, pathways open to a life of epic adventure.

In this intimate and fun workshop we’ll embark on a journey to the heart of your spirit to retrieve a secret message only for you, and a pathway for the creative spirit to flourish in your life and work.

This will include a facilitated group breathwork healing session and meditation. Using a simple two-stage guided breathing technique, we’ll breathe through energetic blocks for greater vibrance, inner joy and creative self-expression in your life’s journey.

Bring: Notebook and pen, blanket, yoga mat or blanket to lay on.

Note: Registration is closed for this event. The next workshop will be held virtually. Sign on to the list to be notified.

About Satya

Satya Colombo is a healer, explorer, ukulele aficionado and web consultant. He is certified as a breathwork healer by David Elliott, and is currently venturing into uncharted territories with a community of Soul-Fire Walkers in the Fire of Love Experience.

Author of Flow: The Five Elements Way of Fierce Wisdom, Strength & Beauty, Satya’s online work is shared regularly with thousands around the world.