An Epic Voyage of Awakening, Flow & Rediscovering the Magic of Your Soul’s Calling {Official Announcement | Edge Notes}

The big day is coming…


On TUESDAY, MAY 7th– An exclusive group of beautiful new Soul-Fire Walkers will lift off together on an epic journey of ECSTATIC, AWAKENED, CREATIVE FLOW. . . 

An Epic Voyage of Awakening, Flow & Rediscovering the Magic of Your Soul’s Calling
This amazing group is coming together now to set our life’s on fire, do the great work that wants to come out of this fire — whatever that may be! — and live DAMN BEAUTIFUL LIVES. 

This project is for a very particular group of people (you should know pretty quick if you are one of those). We are taking flight to ignite our lives with passion, truth and FLOW — and create our life’s greatest work from the FIRE OF OUR HEARTS.


Here’s some updates on the project, with some fun links for you to click on… :)

This week I actually opened the doors to the public — more like cracked them open just a bit ;)

I was so happy to get confirmations this week from these super awesome Special Guests — all of whom I LOVE and ADORE with all my heart:

Sarah J. Bray – (Read this)

Jen Louden - Savor & Serve

Cigdem Kobu - Creative Solopreneur

Tara Sophia Mohr - Wise Living | Playing Big 

You never know how these big projects are going to turn out! I love pulling all-nighters, and putting everything into what I believe in. It makes me feel alive. There’s no guarantee of success, but it feels good knowing that I’m doing something that matters, and listening to the call of my spirit.

I’m not into big noisy launches, and marketing brouha — I’m an INFP (Myers-Briggs) and HSP like a lot of you — so I just keep my nose down, and try and be realistic about what actually makes sense given my limitations, and my actual capabilities. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to support this group!

Are you supporting yourself these days? If you were to listen closely to your soul’s whisper right now — what would it share with you about the reality it’s aching to create and unfurl into?

Give yourself a little extra freedom to unwind and unfurl these days. There is a lot of compression in the atmosphere! I’ve been hearing this from different places, and feeling it too…. Freedom to roam in your body, mind and spirit is key to the happiness and peace of your heart (and the Flow). 

I’m really looking forward to taking this weekend off now, here in Galapagos, Island of Isabella.

Sending love and wishes of bountiful harvests, quiet reflection, and new adventures online and in the world!

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All the info is here: An Epic Voyage of Awakening, Flow & Rediscovering the Magic of Your Soul’s Calling


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