About Satya (Bio)

Satya Colombo is my real birth name. Satya is Sanskrit for absolute truth, and Colombo is an Italian name meaning keeper of the doves. My parents are Argentinean, of mostly mixed European descent. As long as I can remember I’ve been in love with the quest for adventure, Flow, and the truth of who I am.

In a little cave 10,000 ft. above sea level, Cumbemayo, Peru.

In a little cave 10,000 ft. above sea level – Cumbemayo, Peru

In the past few years this quest has continued to deepen through my training as a certified breathwork healer, my work in consulting change-makers and conscious businesses in elevating their great life’s work, and my experience creating spaces for self-realization and personal transformation online and in the world.

I’ve also learned so much through writing my first book, Flow: The Five Elements Way of Fierce Wisdom, Strength & Beauty, publishing more than 100 articles, and learning to play and even teach the ukulele (which I adore!)

Early explorations…

I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles and escaped to New York for the thrill of the journey at age 17. Graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, where I got into all sorts of trouble and studied mostly Social Science, International Affairs, Film and Multimedia.

In my early professional life I interned at the Council on Foreign Relations, fought for political asylum for Central American civil war refugees, and was a Legal Assistant on high-profile antitrust and litigation suits at Skadden Arps in Times Square, the biggest law firm in the country.

I dropped out of the corporate world early on to pursue my dream of changing the world through independent media production, and took a good tailspin through 9/11 and the aftermath in New York City. Somewhere through that nightmare I came to realize my approach to social transformation was perhaps a bit shortsighted, and decided to leave everything behind on the quest for true enlightenment….

Happiness comes to him who gives happiness to others

On the quest in India – Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh


About halfway through my year-long quest through India for the secret to eternal bliss, I landed in a silent Vipassana retreat, where I finally came to realize the Absolute Truth of my existence (an experience which can be described as completely, ecstatically, mind-meltingly beyond words).

Not one to sit in my happy cave while the world falls apart, I took the challenge of bringing that great realization into a life of purpose-driven meaning, action and adventure.

Satya Ukulele

Playing my beloved Ukulele – Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

Years later, finally beginning to enjoy the fruits…

After more than a decade of intense self inquiry, trial by fire, journeying to the ends of the earth, working dozens of jobs, meditating for thousands of hours and studying with enlightened masters, shamans and healers, it feels like I’ve only recently begun to reap the rewards of my efforts in experiencing what it means to really enjoy life!

I’m now blessed to live a location independent lifestyle, travel the world, and work from wherever I am. The people I work with are a diverse, remarkable and spirit-driven community of amazing beings pushing forward the boundaries of our evolution and helping create a better world for us all.

iEnvision Interactive MediaMuch of my work centers around my site, Fierce Wisdom for a Beautiful Life, and the exclusive community project I created to explore the quest for self-actualization, creative flow, and living a beautiful life, The Fire of Love Experience.

I also own my own interactive media, web design and consulting agency since 2008 — iEnvision Media — and we work exclusively with conscious businesses, luminaries, and world-changing organizations.

I love yoga, meditation, healing, learning, laughing, writing, exploring, connecting with Spirit, the elements, the ocean, earth and animals, cooking good food, sipping good whisky, making good music, sharing all these things with good friends, and helping others deepen their experience of life!

At night in the land of Shakespeare - Ashland, Oregon

At night in the land of Shakespeare – Ashland, Oregon | Photo by Ezra Marcos

Above all what excites me most is the quest for embodying the Absolute Truth of who I am, sharing the findings of this journey, and helping shape the transformation of society.

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Note: If you would like to share your appreciation for my work, the best thing you can do is– something good for yourself! Come back here and visit often, participate in one of my special events (online and in the “real world”), sign up to receive my free Soul-Fire Flow email course and join the community, utilize some of the resources I’ve created and shared here, and share my work with your friends any time someone pops in your head who might really appreciate it!

Every single thing that’s led us to this point in our lives has been for a reason. Now we have this amazing opportunity to take it all and make something even greater out of it….

Ain’t it grand? :)