satya portrait

Now is the time. You have the power.

It may not always feel that way, but all the love, light and energy of the universe is streaming inside you. Truly. Now is the time to let this Universal Life Force shine your heart awake — to embody your highest power and claim the life you have imagined. When you hear the call and Commit to lift yourself each day, we rise with you. We rise to meet you.

Please keep standing strong for what really matters, and I’ll be here to help you stabilize along the way. (I’ve seen the future, and it’s bright! ;))

All the Love,



The 9 Core Principles of Fierce Wisdom

1. Know Thyself. Clarity is the number one principle of fierce wisdom. Without clarity, you have nothing. With clarity, you have the ability to decide exactly what is needed to solve just about any problem. With sustained clarity, you can determine the right course of action for nearly any situation. True clarity means the ability […]

First Post

First post on Fierce Wisdom. Was a little torn on whether to go with or — went with the latter, and forwards here… for now! Excited to see how this project unfolds, but it just feels right. Installed and customized the WordPress theme from WooThemes today (that developer membership comes in handy). […]