satya portrait

Now is the time. You have the power.

It may not always feel that way, but all the love, light and energy of the universe is streaming inside you. Truly. Now is the time to let this Universal Life Force shine your heart awake — to embody your highest power and claim the life you have imagined. When you hear the call and Commit to lift yourself each day, we rise with you. We rise to meet you.

Please keep standing strong for what really matters, and I’ll be here to help you stabilize along the way. (I’ve seen the future, and it’s bright! ;))

All the Love,




Meet Me in the Timelessness of the Eternal Heart?

When you realize that you don’t need anything, then you’re free to have whatever you want. – Ian Watson How do you experience and understand the Absolute Essence of your being, of your very heart? In early spring of this year, my friend Rafael Stoneman — an absolutely remarkable and remarkably real human being — […]


Time Does Not Exist

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~ Albert Einstein I was reflecting on my goals, and how to get from point A (here and now) to point B (where I want to be). Then it occurred to me: The truth is, point B is also here now. How can that be…? […]


Fierce Wisdom: A Community of World Changers, Emerging Leaders and Freedom Fighters…

There are few things more fun or “social” than interacting, shaping, and evolving with a community of like-minded souls working towards common goals; in this case, the upliftment, self-realization, and personal empowerment of the people of the world…. The great force and benefit of the community is in its sheer mechanics: the contribution of so […]

Dancing Guy: It’s Not the Leader that Starts the Movement (video)

Watch a movement happen – start to finish – in under 3 minutes. Incredible. When we choose to no longer fear what others think about us, we choose freedom. ~ (Me) Said it before, I’ll say it again: Time does not exist. Here’s proof yet again… When we really consider what it takes to make […]