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Now is the time. You have the power.

It may not always feel that way, but all the love, light and energy of the universe is streaming inside you. Truly. Now is the time to let this Universal Life Force shine your heart awake — to embody your highest power and claim the life you have imagined. When you hear the call and Commit to lift yourself each day, we rise with you. We rise to meet you.

Please keep standing strong for what really matters, and I’ll be here to help you stabilize along the way. (I’ve seen the future, and it’s bright! ;))

All the Love,




The Power of Sharing From the Heart vs the Sadness of Existence

The trouble I find with so much writing and teaching on personal development is it’s more words and ideas than substance. More teaching than showing. More selling than serving. Worst of all is when it perpetuates more pain and confusion than truth or healing. And this is true for so much of what we create as passionate, caring, committed […]


The Sacred Breath — A Virtual Healing Journey

In this 4-part virtual workshop series we are venturing into a full energy healing, soul cleanse and personal transformation journey to align with our true strength. We work with the Breath because it is the most effective medium to deliver us into a direct embodiment of who we really are. When that relationship is in balance we can experience a steady flow of the Universal Life Force sustaining and […]


Healing Aggression With Love and Flow

I was waiting to make a left turn into the local coffee shop parking lot and blocking the way, so someone behind me started honking aggressively. I could have probably gone faster and cut off oncoming traffic, but I value life too much for that. I’m also a fiery fighter at heart—I don’t take s**t from anyone—so […]

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Truth, Love & Beauty – Virtual Breathwork Circle

Note: This event is priced at a sliding scale to make the breathwork more accessible. $25 is the suggested rate. Please use the button below to choose your payment amount. :)   Sunday, February 19th 11AM-1PM Pacific: In this very special global healing and meditation circle we will align with the powers of Love, Truth and Beauty to stand […]