satya portrait

Now is the time. You have the power.

It may not always feel that way, but all the love, light and energy of the universe is streaming inside you. Truly. Now is the time to let this Universal Life Force shine your heart awake — to embody your highest power and claim the life you have imagined. When you hear the call and Commit to lift yourself each day, we rise with you. We rise to meet you.

Please keep standing strong for what really matters, and I’ll be here to help you stabilize along the way. (I’ve seen the future, and it’s bright! ;))

All the Love,




Healing at Lucidity Festival Eudaimonia Healer Sanctuary

I was honored to chosen to be on the official healing team for Lucidity Festival this year, and will be providing private sessions by donation! Breathwork meditation, energy healing, and intuitive counsel with your Spirit Guides and power animals. I will be in the healing sanctuary from 2-6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Come by for a session or […]

Sacred Body

Sacred Body :: Sacred Earth – Virtual Breathwork Group

Sunday, April 16th at 1-3pm Pacific Time What if we could love ourselves and each other the way the earth loves us? Giving endlessly, turning manure into gold, transmuting all energy into new life with unconditional love…. We are each a tiny microcosm of mother earth, with our fiery core and all the elements working together in unison, and yet […]

in love at last

In love, at last…

I wanted nothing more than to fall in love again. To feel the pulsing in my veins for my muse, my love, my life alive with her. I searched the world over she was nowhere to be found. And when I had all but given up, the well had run dry and nothing in my […]

island refuge

Make Yourself a Refuge

Where is your refuge? For empaths, creators, and those who might have a tendency to worry unnecessarily about what other people think—fretting over how your self-expression is received—there is a solution. The best thing I have found is to establish a place of abiding peace, a set point to fall back on and rest inside. […]