Love In Action

We are at once perfectly human and impossibly divine. It is only through the merging of this knowing in the Self that we become free to walk the earth in wholeness and strength…as we were born to be. 

People often ask me what I do for a living, and how I’m able to travel the world living in exotic lands for months at a time. The truth is that I’m dedicated to following the call of my spirit, showing up as my strongest, truest self every day, and serving others by helping them do the same—and that commitment backed by the universe is what sustains me.

About my name: Satya is my real birth name. It’s pronounced SAHT-ee-ah. It’s a Sanscript name from ancient India, and it means something along the lines of Absolute Truth. Colombo is an Italian name meaning dove or “keeper of the doves.”

Training: I’ve been meditating since I was five or six years old, having received my first mantra from my mother who was a TM teacher (Transcendental Meditation), who initiated hundreds of people and founded meditation centers from Buenos Aires to New York to Miami. I received my certification as a Breathwork Healer in 2011 through David Elliott, who I’ve studied extensively with over the years. Since the early 2000’s I have undergone thousands of hours of meditation and mindfulness practice and studied under many great masters and teachers around the world. All that being said, there is no greater training ground than life itself and I’m still learning every day! Grateful for that.

Ethnicity: Argentinean, Italian, German, Jewish and Guaraní (indigenous South American). My family came from Argentina and landed in Miami, Florida where I was born in the late 1970’s.

Hometown: Los Angeles. Moved there when I was five.

Currently: Based in Southern California, though I have been nomadic and lived in 15-20 countries since 2012.

Astrologically: Scorpio sun, Virgo moon, Aquarius rising; fire dragon (all the way).

Personality type: INFP (idealist/healer), I consider myself an introverted expressionist. :)

Favorite place in the world: Galápagos Islands. (Stockholm + Costa Rica = close tie for second).

Favorite climate: (and cuisine) Mediterranean! I’ve traveled through a lot of regions and the mediterranean climate is definitely my overall fave. Don’t miss real winters much, but I do love a good autumn in New York.

Favorite pastimes: Visiting the sea, soaking in the springs, spending time with trees, hanging with the animals, making music and art of all kinds, dancing through the night, dropping deep into the moment.

My approach: Love In Action is my motto. Every moment is an opportunity to go deeper into who you really are and what you want, and bring that knowing more effectively into the world. Do something that matters with what you have been given. Find the joy in your own outlook and experience. Follow that thread. Learn to be present with yourself through every moment and emotion. You are already enlightened, you only need to be present with yourself enough to experience that truth. There are many paths to liberation, but Breathwork Meditation is the most direct and powerful one I know. It clears the mind, releases suck energy from the body, and opens the space for your spirit to enter in. It’s been my saving grace.

On religion vs spirituality: I’m fond of the Dalai Lama’s famous quote — “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” I don’t follow any one religion, but I do believe in a universal source of life, and the manifestation of That is quite apparent to me in all existence. I believe all life is spiritual, and I’ve found that most so-called spiritual people are actually quite ungrounded, lost in their mental and energetic patterns, and not in full control of their faculties. You’re here on earth for a reason, walk the talk and do some real good in the world.

Online presence: This site launched in 2010, but I started writing online a few years before that and have been sending email newsletters since some time early 2000’s. I don’t consider myself a blogger, but I do go through spurts of writing publicly before retreating to engage in other work. I’m not a huge fan of social media in general (privacy and boundaries), but I do enjoy Instagram. The other sites are mostly outposts for my work, or experimental proving grounds. ;) The best way to reach me is via email.

On being in the public eye: I’m not hugely comfortable with the exposure of being a high-profile human or internet celebrity—nor am I looking for that kind of validation—so I spend a lot of time alone, shielded away from the screens, and that’s just fine by me. If you want to connect the very best way is to meet in person at a private session or event. Invite me to lead a circle or workshop in your city, and I may just travel there. Private sessions by skype or phone are great as well.

I believe: that every person was born on earth for a reason, and we each have a purpose for living. Not ONE purpose per se, but yes a reason for being here. A flavor or experience to capture. Some good work to do. Yes, life as a human on earth is rarely easy. I’m not here to make things easier for you. I’m here to help you find what really matters to you and express the calling of your soul. To learn to heal yourself. To help you find your own way of merging the human and infinite aspects of who you are, and maybe bring a little more strength and spring to your walk.

In closing, I’ll share a quote from one of my very first About pages that still resonates after so many years…

Every single thing that’s led us to this point in our lives has been for a reason. Now we have this amazing opportunity to take it all and turn it into something even greater than we ever even imagined…. Ain’t it grand? :)

All the love,


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