Healing, Consulting and Energetic Support

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Breathwork Healing:

The core healing practice I use is Breathwork Meditation. Over more than 20 years of spiritual practice it’s the most effective modality I have found to clear emotional blocks, release stuck energy, heal trauma and get aligned with your Spirit. I have taught this practice for more than five years, having completed David Elliott’s Healer Training program and continuous education since 2011.

Intuitive Consulting:

Private sessions always incorporate intuitive counsel, channeled through clairvoyant sight and hearing, and shared with keen discernment for your highest good. Receive the clarity and support you need to step into your highest power and move forward with confidence.

Energetic Support:

Metaphysical investigations, house-blessing ceremonies, boundary marking, distance energy healing and energetic support. I never intrude on the energy field of my clients, but rather open the channels enabling Spirit to flow through me in such a way that your energy field is catalyzed to heal and strengthen itself. Inquire for rates and availability.

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It’s Elemental
The primary practice I teach is a simple yet powerful form of active breathing meditation, an ancient pranayama yoga technique that helps you cut through the noise and connect in with who and what you really are. Elemental Breathwork™ is a full-spectrum healing practice I’ve developed that integrates Universal Life Force and the five elements, crystal grids, spirit guides, animal wisdom and sacred geometry.

How it works
Whether in groups or private sessions I hold an absolutely safe and strong yet gentle container for each person to experience the catharsis of connecting in with your spirit. As your energy meridians are activated through the practice and old stuck emotional energy is released, your mind quiets down and your spirit receives the much-needed space to fully inhabit your body.

What’s the outcome
I’ve been utilizing this practice since 2010 because it works: You get a direct line of connection to your spirit and energy field, and you can feel the results immediately. It’s at once deeply healing, cleansing, grounding, strengthening, energizing and illuminating. Best of all if you’re like me and find yourself easily bored by repetition and monotony, you’ll be happy to find the experience is never the same twice.

Client love…

Rhina “You’ve given me a gentle yet practical structure to self-healing and reclaiming latent parts of my essential self. I was able to release limiting beliefs from my childhood that inhibited my purpose, health, relationships, and self-expression. I now feel aligned and confident to commit full force. Through the methods you taught me, I was able to experience the difference between thinking to actualize desires vs. allowing my desires to unfold. So much easier, no more chasing it around the block. I’m thrilled to say yes to sweet surrender. I’m less stressed and totally falling in love with uncertainty. I’m trusting in myself and the process more than ever.” — Rhina Ju, Curious Cat PR

Heidi HowesI honestly have never met a stranger who saw me so clearly and easily. Time stopped and flowed simultaneously like it does when your baby is born into the world, or your grandfather dies holding your hand…. Years of therapy and many good talks with good friends could not open my eyes to the simple truths you gently placed on the table like a bowl of sliced mango.” ~ Heidi Howes, HeidiHowes.com

Christine“The best thing about my session, was the validation. You turned me to my own wisdom. I am in an intense dialog with the self now, and wondering what beautiful unique teachings that will bubble forth during this process. I can’t believe that you delivered EXACTLY what I asked for… you shined the light where I couldn’t shine it myself. Some lens is being polished, and a light refracted. When it bursts forth it’s going to be brilliant!” — Christine Chrisman, ChristineChrisman.com

Something broke through — it was literally a breakthrough totally, a complete change in perception, so I was able to look at my life differently, and it broke through another level of awareness. It was like breaking a cell, like breaking out of an invisible prison…. The feeling of empowerment has made me realize I can do things that were previously self limiting. The feeling now is like colors are brighter, things are more real, more present, and there’s a sense of calm confidence. I’m living in a way that’s more real!” — P.B., Los Angeles

marga“I see you as a catalyst for transformation. When a big vision lies dormant in someone, the best thing they could do for themselves is work with you to catalyze their own individual transformation, so they can in turn catalyze others with their vision…. This dam has been broken and there’s so much of the new coming through — it’s just amazing. You have a gift for getting at the core of what’s blocking energy. 

I found that the changes in my understanding as a result of working with you positioned me to make significantly more money, more easily, in my practice. My investment paid off!! I’ve already recommended you to several friends running heart-fueled, passion-based, change-making businesses.” — Marga Laube, Newworldstory.com

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