THE SOUL FIRE SESSIONS: Awakening Your Creative Magic & Soul Fire FLOW

the soulfire sessions
This page contains explains the process of working with me in Private Healing and Consulting Sessions. Learn more about my professional work and brand development here.   

“Just a quick note here to share with you the initial results of our session — I am amazed! It’s like my voice was in a cage and you helped set it free.”
~ Amy Martin,

I LOVED receiving this impromptu feedback, and I hear this often from the magical rebels who work with me…

Soul Fire,
Spirit Flow,
The Ineffable Spaciousness of True Freedom.

I believe this gift of helping people find their Clarity, Flow and Inner Soul Fire is one part hustle (years of spiritual practice, studying with the masters and working with dozens of clients), and many parts sheer Grace.

I’m grateful for the gifts I was born with, and those that developed over time. Wonderful gifts like intuitive clairaudient hearing, clairsentient feeling and clairvoyant sight, creative vision, independent thinking, clear communication and good taste (if I may say so myself!). I’m also a born rebel, creative misfit, life lover, fire walker and magic maker — an Introverted Expressionist with a flair for adventure and a passion for style.

In the bigger picture, though, I owe my success, style and gifts to the Universe, Great Spirit and the Great Mystery — ancestors to us all.

Soon after our session together, the wonderful Amy Martin began performing in shows for the first time in years, and eventually started her own successful practice as a singing teacher. (Last I heard, she was praising the virtue of goats and pigs on her new community farm homestead, and making plans for her own singing school!)

I wouldn’t dare take all the credit for Amy’s success — she’s doing the hard work in showing up every day, and letting her Spirit shine through — but it’s client stories like these that give me the greatest joy…

To help awaken and witness the transformative power of Soul Fire in Action.

It’s one of the things I live for, and what drives my work…

How much better would it feel to have more clarity, more magic, more Flow, and a real foundation for sustainable growth…?

The SOULFIRE SESSIONS are a potent magic blend of Spirit-driven consulting, professional guidance, energy clearing and Soul Fire awakening.

Together we uncover some of your greatest natural gifts, remove creative blocks, help you learn to heal and clear your energy, and get clear direction for bringing your beautiful magic to the world with style and ease. (Most importantly, we do this all within a container that’s designed especially for you, and sustainable for your long-term growth.)

Because of my approach and personal style, I tend to work well with…

  • Magical misfits, dreamers, rebels, rainmakers, movers and shakers who have uncommon intelligence, talent and intuition — people who are driven to live a life of meaning, freedom and fulfillment.
  • Creatively brilliant, successful people going through transitions in their life and work, who need some clear guidance and support to help refine their approach and release their Soul’s calling in the world.
  • Folks who are stepping into new ventures, and those who are already leaders and wish to step into greater alignment with their personal strength and power.
  • Those who enjoy social environments, but LOVE their alone time in reflection, reading a good book, or working on their next Big Thing.

What you can expect in our session: 

  • Greater alignment with your Soul’s calling and what you are actually creating in the world.
  • Direct guidance for building a foundation of sustainable growth for your world-changing venture, business or organization.
  • Tools and practices you can use immediately to help clear your energy, get grounded and make important decisions.
  • The clarity and direction to step forward boldly in your life and work, with strength and ease.
  • A clear pathway for sustained momentum, increased exposure and greater opportunity for personal and financial growth.
  • Warm hearted and open-minded guidance for the really big transitions and even bigger questions.
  • More magic, more clarity, more dancing and more bringing on the RAIN of Love!
  • And a downloadable MP3 recording of our session (of course!).

Some of what I bring to this work:

  • Certified by renowned healer, David Elliott (Healer Training Levels 1–4).
  • Intuitive clairaudient hearing, clairsentient knowing and clairvoyant sight (I receive direct guidance from your High Self and Spirit Helpers, and share that as appropriate).
  • Five years working in the trenches with change-makers and conscious businesses to increase revenue and build world-changing movements online.
  • Eight years experience writing and sharing my personal journey online with a large audience.
  • More than ten years of intense spiritual journeying, practice and studying with self-realized masters.


Sessions are 60–75 minutes. I am generally booked a couple weeks in advance, and take on no more than two new clients per week. 

If you’re ready for a stratospheric boost in your professional magic: SOULFIRE BRAND IMMERSIONS.

Dive deeper into your core essence and natural strengths, build an even stronger foundation for your life’s work, and develop your own special magic for instilling resonance and magnetism in your professional offerings. Learn more about Brand Development…

How this works:

1. Send me an email below — talk to me, do you want a SOULFIRE SESSION or Brand Development? Questions? I’m listening.

2. I will personally reply within 1-2 business days with a response (and if it feels like a good match, you’ll get a link to book your session).

3. You’ll receive your Pre-Session SOULFIRE Worksheet, we’ll schedule our session 2–4 weeks ahead, and together we’ll bring the magic and the RAIN!


The SOULFIRE SESSIONS & BRAND IMMERSIONS are intimate, powerful and unlike any consulting offered in the world. I look forward to getting to know you better and helping boost your Soul power and magic in the world! :)



Words of praise from past and current clients:

Rhina “You’ve given me a gentle yet practical structure to self-healing and reclaiming latent parts of my essential self. I was able to release limiting beliefs from my childhood that inhibited my purpose, health, relationships, and self-expression. I now feel aligned and confident to commit full force. Through the methods you taught me, I was able to experience the difference between thinking to actualize desires vs. allowing my desires to unfold. So much easier, no more chasing it around the block. I’m thrilled to say yes to sweet surrender. I’m less stressed and totally falling in love with uncertainty. I’m trusting in myself and the process more than ever.” — Rhina Ju, Curious Cat PR

amy martinSatya,

Just a quick note here to share with you the initial results of our session — I am amazed! It’s like my voice was in a cage and you helped set it free. I’ve been singing almost nonstop, with so much joy. I’m hitting high notes effortlessly and all this creativity is pouring out…

Thank you thank you. I’ll keep you posted on developments. xo

– Amy Martin,

Heidi feedback

“You helped me bring so many issues I needed to work on to my attention and also assisted me with opening up to more options of how I can work through those obstacles. I have a much stronger focus on working towards my future goals, and I feel really positive and inspired about this new approach! I’ve been at a cross-roads for some time and feel that with your coaching I’m more prepared for the necessary steps towards making that shift.

Your dedication to helping others succeed at their own goals and happiness is a truly wonderful gift, and you’ve given me much inspiration to become more focused, feel more optimistic and especially to see the importance in not wasting precious time!” – Akasha, Executive Assistant, Los Angeles


“The best thing about my session, was the validation. You turned me to my own wisdom. I am in an intense dialog with the self now, and wondering what beautiful unique teachings that will bubble forth during this process. I can’t believe that you delivered EXACTLY what I asked for… you shined the light where I couldn’t shine it myself. Some lens is being polished, and a light refracted. When it bursts forth it’s going to be brilliant!” – Christine Chrisman, Intuitive Counselor,

mari email

“I was concerned about having to tell someone I didn’t know about some big things that were happening in my life that I was embarrassed about – being out of work, and being stuck.  Once you started guiding me I was quickly able to get into the space I needed to be in to feel the emotions underneath, and to understand why I was feeling the way I was…. 

Something broke through — it was literally a breakthrough totally, a complete change in perception, so I was able to look at my life differently, and it broke through another level of awareness. It was like breaking a cell, like breaking out of an invisible prison…. The feeling of empowerment has made me realize I can do things that were previously self limiting. The feeling now is like colors are brighter, things are more real, more present, and there’s a sense of calm confidence. I’m living in a way that’s more real!” – P.B., Los Angeles

ashley“Thanks, Satya! I really appreciate all your help, support + guidance…more than you know! You ROCK!!! You shine the light BRIGHT!” – Ashley Turner,

“You figured out very quickly and accurately what my needs were and gave me a concise, clear, simple and effective way to proceed with my business plan from where I was. No BS, no wasting of time, just results. You listened to what I had to say and during that very short time knew what I needed from our meeting better than I did!” - Elli Kagan, New York

marga“I see you as a catalyst for transformation. When a big vision lies dormant in someone, the best thing they could do for themselves is work with you to catalyze their own individual transformation, so they can in turn catalyze others with their vision…. This dam has been broken and there’s so much of the new coming through — it’s just amazing. You have a gift for getting at the core of what’s blocking energy. 

I found that the changes in my understanding as a result of working with you positioned me to make significantly more money, more easily, in my practice. My investment paid off!! I’ve already recommended you to several friends running heart-fueled, passion-based, change-making businesses.” – Marga Laube, Vedic Astrologer,