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Off to Mexico, and Into the Great Unknown

It’s early morning here in Los Angeles, and I’ve just finished packing for Mexico. I’ve been reflecting on events of the past few weeks in my life, and what I would like to share with you now on the eve of another journey into the great unknown. It’s the start of a new chapter, in a new year, and like many of us, I’ve just barely recovered from the holiday rush…

The last two months in the US have been a blur of life and love and work… earnestly striving, not always hitting the mark, but yeah — shooting a heck of a lot.

Not until this past hour or so have I begun to feel ready for the jump. Ready to commit to this next phase. (Now I’m chomping at the bit like a horse, or one of them old windup monsters spitting sparks from his nose…finally feeling the drive to push out into the world and into another mythic journey.) Continue Reading →

Awaken Your Genius Experiment: Part 1 ~ Overcoming the Alienation of My Genius

Edith Cavell Patriotism

Walking through London today I found this quote on a magnificent statue of Edith Cavell under the heading, ‘Humanity’ — seemed fitting on this anniversary of September 11th. It also spoke to me on overcoming the Dilemma of Alienation in the battle with our inner genius… 

Awaken Your Genius Experiment: Part 1

A couple weeks ago I was invited by Carolyn Elliott to join a small handful of people doing a test run of her upcoming book, and share the results of my process with her Facebook group, the Dreamer’s Tantra. I love Carolyn’s work, and was immediately drawn into her luscious orbit when I read her sparklingly-brilliant piece on Rebelle Society: 7 traits of magical people. Here is my first entry… 

I’m a very busy person, with a lot of projects in the air, as most of you too I imagine — so I was initially resistant to take on this challenge, as I always choose to go as deep as possible into everything I do. The challenge unfolded in my heart, though, and I could not deny it’s call as I really love Carolyn and her work, and there is no one else alive I know who speaks quite so directly to my soul as Carolyn does at this time! My true Soul Calling and the work I’m doing right now is helping dreamers awaken their Soul Fire and successfully launch their creative work from that Source energy — so this Awaken Your Genius work is extremely resonant!

SO, I decided to create a live experiment to bring you all along, and call it the ‘Awaken Your Genius Experiment’. In the spirit of Carolyn’s request, I’ll be going through the whole book week by week, and sharing my process through my blog, and the Dreamer’s Tantra Group. Carolyn’s book is available for pre-order now, and will be shipping in less than a week, so I DEFINITELY encourage you to get a copy now, because there is probably no other book available now that can speak so directly to the unique challenges we face as super-creative, intuitive, intelligent, genius dreamers: Awaken Your Genius: A Seven-Step Path to Freeing Your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams

Here’s the first thing I wanted to share from the book: (this explains why you may have suffered through a lot) 

“Genius is a generative energy that manifests creations that are original, alive, and individual—soulful. It’s the essence of your creative unconscious. Everyone has genius because everyone has a soul. Dreamers are people who are particularly awake and sensitive to the power within them, and this awareness makes their genius spirit active and potent—so much so that their ability to vividly and powerfully create from their own original essence is their distinguishing feature. But this spirit is also something that often gets them into a lot of trouble and pain. Why? Because the mad world we live in and its established institutions really are not big fans of true originality (it’s a major threat to the status quo). So having a powerful genius can cause suffering by getting you into much more conflict with the powers- that-be than regular folks endure. [….]

“Love (and I don’t mean lust or infatuation—I mean clear, open, divine love or metta) is the only high that’s real—that has no negative side effects, that creates long-lasting, positive evolution. Because geniuses can’t count on getting love from outside sources, they need to learn to cultivate love energy from within. That’s a piece of what this book teaches you to do.”

My personal reaction to this was: FUCK YEAH. This has been 100% my experience, and the pain has driven me near to insanity in my past. My spiritual path is what saved me when I hit rock bottom ten years ago in New York City. My dedication to find and live the Truth of Who I AM — that is the great power what pulled me out of the abyss. The challenge with being super creative, super intuitive and super connected to my Self and my inner genius, is that it can be VERY difficult to actually choose the course of my Soul Fire, stay on course, and follow through to completion. In my last post this complex dilemma came to me as the paradoxical quagmire of our own brilliance… The Soul-Fire Code: How I Unlocked the Great Mystery, Unleashed My Spirit’s Calling and Learned to Bring the Rain :)

I have also felt very much in my life that I was an outsider — I cultivated that difference with pride, and at times it cause me a lot of suffering also, as it created such a big separation between me and the world — the lone wolf syndrome.

What I’ve found through my healer training process over the last three years is that the practice of really building a relationship with all of who I am, and CULTIVATING DEEP LOVE AND RESPECT for this embodiment of Divine Grace on earth (as well as Spirit, the Universal Energy and the Earth Mother), has been the single greatest source of personal strength, power, love and joy in my life. Through this relationship, my creative self-expression has flourished, and my ability to successfully follow and practice my Soul Calling has grown by leaps and bounds. In the process I’ve also had a lot of healing with my relationship with communities and the tribe, and this is so key for showing up with clarity and strength in the world.

So now, I’d love to hear any reactions to my share from you, and curious to know:

Have you also felt this sense of alienation in your life — like no-one understands you and maybe never will — and what have you found to help get you out of it, and connect with yourself and the other beautiful dreamers in your world?

Share your experience and thoughts with me on Facebook, or in the Dreamer’s Tantra.

~ Love

Satya Colombo


Note: The Soul-Fire Code Masterclass is now open for registration — ’til this Sunday Sept 29th at 6pm Pacific Time — there are two options for joining: 

A. Register for the Soul-Fire Code Masterclass: For the Magical Misfits, Rainmakers, Dreamers, Movers and Shakers!

Program Fee: $38. Flexible Pricing means: Sliding scale of $15 – $75, with a $38 suggested fee (modify your amount on the checkout page). Whatever you choose I will love and respect you, and I’m grateful for your participation!

B. Register for the Soul-Fire Code + One Private Soul-Fire Session with Satya

This option is for magic makers who would like a private session with me to accompany your work in this program. My Soul shines in the one to one setting — helping you learn how to heal yourself, remove blocks to creative Self-expression, stand upright in your Truth, and become your own Sustainable Growth Advisor!

Everyone who registers by the deadline will receive access to the guidebook + class recording and all materials and the private Rainmakers group! Full details + my side of the story here…
~ xo

Still have questions? Read this if you haven’t yet, it explains a lot more: The Soul-Fire Code: How I Unlocked the Great Mystery, Unleashed My Spirit’s Calling and Learned to Bring the Rain

The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing WHY

Stockholm afternoon workspace

Here I am, writing at my little mobile office in the lush courtyard of an apartment building in Stockholm. It’s a lovely, mild and sunny day as I sit in the center of this town filled with beautiful people, elegant architecture, hilly parks and endless shops, cafes and restaurants. I’ve come to appreciate the long stretching daylight hours and very short nights, among other things, in this northern European city.

Something about this place has captured my imagination — and my heart — over the last couple weeks…something that I believe is essential to my understanding and progress. It’s a mystery I can’t quite yet place; one that I hope to unravel over time through this inquiry, and this writing.

I love the Stockholm style — its muted elegance with occasional splashes of dramatic light and color, gracefully combining rustic and modern styles with ease. It exudes a clean and restrained elegance — not unlike the Swedes themselves — a sense of natural warmth, confidence and style, without needing to try too hard.

The city itself is built on a group of 14 islands; an archipelago surrounded mostly by water and interconnected through bridges, roads, trains, boats, and perhaps some invisible golden thread weaving through the city and reaching back to ancient times long past. The archipelago stretches out many miles from the center, with thousands of lush, windswept and variously inhabited islands leading out to the Baltic Sea.  Continue Reading →

Who Are You? A Primer On Defining What You Stand For

The Soul-Fire Series documents my experience in South America testing out the Fire of Love process in my own life and work. Tomorrow, I head to Galapagos to hunker down and prepare for the next Fire of Love program!

keys to the kingdom

Keys to the Castle

There’s a fire in your soul, and a heart that’s bursting with creative potential. One of the best ways to unleash this flow in the world is to get clear on who you are, what you stand for, and what your super powers are. Once you’ve got those in place it’s so much easier to choose your priorities and make it rain!

Before you can get those clear, though, it really helps to work on your spiritual practice, clear and heal your energy, and awaken your essence.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing lately — working on energy healing and connecting with the five elements, the Earth Mother, my Spirit Animals and High-Self Guides, the Universal Energy Flow and the Great Mystery that encompasses all of existence.

I’ve also been relentlessly focused on getting clear on who I am, what I stand for, and how I share that with the world.

In this post I talk specifically about my ongoing process of sharpening who I am, and the steps I’ve taken over the last month to clarify this, update my site, and prepare myself for launching the next Fire of Love Experience.
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Reflecting On A Month of Life and Work in South America (The ‘Space-Bubbles of Light’ post)

Space-Bubbles - Cajamarca Road
As I write these words I’m sitting on a bus headed out of Chiclayo, Peru. I joke that it’s the greatest city you’ve never heard of, but there is something remarkable about this little pocket of the world, humming as it is with the lives of a million people. I came here in search of something I’ve been seeking out since arriving in Peru one month ago: A sense of being where I am meant to be, and feeling truly alive – a place where I can thrive in doing my life’s work, and create a sense of peace and centeredness in the midst of a crazy busy life.  Continue Reading →

Softening Into the Mystic (This I Believe)

Into the mystic

“hark, now hear the sailors cry,

smell the sea, and feel the sky

let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…”

~ Van Morrison

This I believe

To live a beautiful life, you must allow yourself to dream…

To be able to find mystery and intrigue in the small and everyday.

To be willing to let go of the banality of your small mind fears.

To find something to live for.

To seek actively the source of who you are, and allow that mystery to evolve and flow.

To follow your creative spirit and allow yourself to create in the world.

….At least, you must attempt these things.
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The Journey Continues in South America

Venice Beach

Last days in a strange land… Los Angeles, Ca. (at Venice Beach)

It was an early January day in Hollywood, and I was waiting in line to enter the Melrose flea market. A guy in a vintage suit and Fedora approached me with an offer I couldn’t refuse…

“Do you have any new year’s resolutions this year? Any old resolutions you’d like to let go of? We’ve got a special deal going on right now — trade in any old resolution for a new one. No money down, nothing to lose…”

He handed me a marker and paper. I paused and reflected to myself…

hmmm…what’s a good resolution I’m still working on?
Stop mistrusting my destiny!

I wrote it out in all caps and handed it too him.

“That’s a good one!” He responded with a smile.

His partner nodded in agreement, searching for a new one to give me…

“Does this sound like you?”

He handed me a stiff white sheet printed with the words, Stop procrastinating. I’ll do it another day. -JB

“Yeah, that’s a good one!” I agreed.

Mission accomplished, we all shook hands with a smile and wished each other a happy new year….

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Resolving to Fight for What Really Matters: (Reflections on North America After 8 Months Abroad)

There was a wave of relief and strange comfort in being back on familiar ground as I arrived at the airport in Miami Thursday. Oh wonder — around me everywhere, people speaking in my native tongue!

Sunset MIA

Fluorescent lights in the sky, MIA: Sunset through the veil of an American airport

Settling into the plane to Los Angeles in Miami, I was struck by a familar sense in this group — almost like being with a big family! Feeling comfort in a group of unknown people with whom I have a foundation of shared cultural experience and nationality. That was an odd experience!

Now I am at my sister’s lovely home in the San Fernando Valley, a suburban refuge, and a province of Los Angeles where I lived from age 5–17. It’s a lovely summer day, and I’m reflecting on my experiences of the last eight months with a new perspective, and newfound respect for the journey.

It’s odd to be in such a restricted environment — surrounded by concrete and clean, wide open roads (no tropical paradise to fall into when the concerns of life crowd my head!). It’s a totally different framework to live in, and I struggle to situate myself in it.

Here, life seems to exert a mundane everyday quality, driven as it seems by ‘First World Problems.’ The greatest comfort is the lovely backyard I sit in now as I type, surrounded by flowers and native plants with the smells of the Southern California desert that I love.

These first days are essential, as there’s a different perspective I bring from a different world. A perspective which has yet to become drowned in the conditioning of this life and culture I grew up in. I hope to maintain this clarity of perspective, but it’s going to take a lot of work.

I see the opportunity here to really make a difference in a grounded, tangible way, bringing what I have learned into the realities of the cultural framework in which so many of us live — a framework that seems to be prevalent and spreading through most of the modern world. 

These are some of my first impressions and reflections on North America and this great behemoth of modern culture and values. Through the light of the work we are doing this week in the Fire of Love — re-examining and reflecting on what REALLY matters to us — I found a thread of sanity to hold on to.

Firstly, there’s a vibe of affluence here that’s sorely lacking in the lost tropical paradises I’ve been living in for the last eight months in Central America. So many people here have more money, more power and more freedom. The difference is shockingly noticeable. I’ve enjoyed the newness of experiencing that in a visceral way — I can feel it in my bones and in the people around me.

At the same time, the overwhelming outcome is mindless consumerism in markets dominated by aggressive mediocrity. This also struck me upon arriving at the Miami airport, and making my way through customs and the connecting flight. Junk food, mass processed consumer-driven goods and the commodification of the most precious resources of our world.

People have become blind to what really matters. They have become purveyors and consumers of what is essentially aggressive mediocrity.

In this is an innate sense of poverty — the sense of not ever having enough — the need to fill the vacancy we feel in our spirits. This is the emptiness in blind consumption — not unlike the vague disassociated feeling after watching too much TV — the need to validate yourself and feel anything. It’s this essential emptiness or disconnect with our truth that drives the mindless aggressive consumerism and mediocrity — leading to the destruction of ourselves, our bodies, our children and our world. It’s a mindset of scarcity.

I woke up this morning after processing all this, and came to a new resolve in my self: The calling to fight harder to defend and uphold the values that really matter to me, and the things that really matter for our modern society.

I see the pain of this way of life, and I see the suffering it causes in the people within our cultures, and in the larger world. I see also the negative impact it leaves on life itself, and the earth as well.

So, these are the values that really matter — the principles and the living conditions I’m fighting for:

  1. A clear and present mind rooted in the truth of who we are;
  2. A life that’s dominated by love over the quest for property, prestige and wealth;
  3. A foundation of generosity over greed;
  4. The freedom to live our lives in alignment with the highest values we envision for ourselves and the world;
  5. A life that’s filled with recognition of the abundance of all that we have vs. obsessing over what we don’t have;
  6. The fundamental groundedness in nature — in the beauty and wisdom, the abundance and flow of the earth;
  7. A clean earth, clean environment, and clean water for all humans and all life;
  8. Simplified, minimized consumption — focused on sustainability;
  9. A Life driven by happiness, joy and celebration of the gifts that we have.

The love that we share through these values and principles — the love that we bring to those we love and all the people in the world — it elevates us all up.

In elevating each other, we elevate ourselves, and in elevating ourselves we elevate the greater world too.

Those are the core values, principles and conditions I’m living for, and I feel more than ever the urgency to stand up and into these values for the sake of protecting and nurturing the life and the planet that we love.

What are the values and principles you hold dearest — those that you live for, and those you would give up everything for? Feel free to answer in the comments, or just sit and reflect, and see what comes…

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It Could Have Been Different. . . (a story in pictures)

It could have been different.

I could have stayed in that cozy apartment in the hills of beautiful Ashland, Oregon, spending quiet days working and staring out the window of my living room office, watching the deer go by… (I LOVED that place).


The lovely window of my old Ashland Oregon living room office

I could have listened to the voice in my head that was convinced I would never make it out of the country and be able to live my dream (the business just wouldn’t support it!).

I could have waited until the time was right, and spent years trying to save a bunch of money and pay off my debts so I wouldn’t be stuck in a foreign land without a pot to piss in. (Let’s just say it hasn’t been all gravy all the time.)

I could have waited until I was really ready and all the pieces were in place to release my life’s biggest project to the world (yep, just did that, it’s called THE FIRE OF LOVE EXPERIENCE).

But…I didn’t.

And now I’m here. And so far I’ve made it through hell and high water for the six months I envisioned for this journey, and it feels like I’ve lived more in these six months than all my life.

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