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The Endless Wisdom of the Emerald Heart (For Life’s Big Questions)


There’s a tendency to look outside ourselves for guidance on the biggest questions of our lives. The absolute “fierce wisdom” truth, of course, is whatever you’re looking for can be drawn from the vast well of your own Self. Since the entire universe is inside you already, why not just stretch into that infinite expanse and call forth the love and guidance you seek? What will you find in that limitless expanse?

Perhaps this question is what keeps us from diving deeper to access this infinite power within us. The fear of unleashing our true power. What might happen then…?? Continue Reading →

Amy Palko: Practical Magic and Connecting with the Goddess {Soul Rebel Series}

This is the third in a series of interviews with Creative Soul Rebels—in particular those who are transforming society through the calling of their Spirit. I’m doing this primarily to get a better sense of how these remarkable friends and colleagues bring their magic to the world, but also as a form of “continuing education” for my own healing and brand consulting + development work.) 

Amy Palko’s Practical Goddess-Infused Magic:

In this 15-minute interview you’ll learn…

  • Practical and straightforward guidance on connecting with the Goddess(es) in your daily life to support your life goals and work — nuts and bolts of Amy’s approach, and how to cultivate a closer relationship with the goddesses and spirit guides that would like to work with you.
  • The delightful story of Amy’s journey in learning to work with her own goddess guides.
  • Amy’s approach to Practical Magic, based on her own experience of fusing masculine structure and form with feminine flow to express what she’s here to deliver through her business. Finding the balance between these two different aspects.
  • How she went from wanting to be a published author to creating her own publishing house, Red Thread Voices — “where the wild woman’s howl is given free rein to be articulated in the world.”
  • And the first release from Red Thread Voices—FROM REVOLUTIONARY LIPS—why she did it, and why it matters!

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The Ape Man Chronicles Part 1: Unveiling the Heart of Darkness

HanumanA long time ago, Apeman was happy to swing in the trees with Apelady, eat bananas, and have a rompus time all ‘round til the end of his days.

Then, something changed — he got tired of swinging and wanted more! His creative appetite was no longer met by his ape man life. So he migrated off the trees and started building cave dwellings and homes for his ape family.

He began to craft tools and implements for hunting, while the ape ladies gathered together and did ape-lady things. Soon they had fires for cooking, rudimentary clothing, painting, crafting and group activities, and the ape peoples’ lives were happy and bountiful. For the most part.

But Apeman still was not satisfied — he wanted more…

He learned to farm and grow crops, and soon civilizations of cultured ape people were popping up everywhere. Every step the ape man made further away from the life of the trees, he missed them even more. And yet his thirst for more pleasure, satisfaction and power drove him to create and innovate relentlessly.

The Evolution of Apeman and the Heart of Darkness Continue Reading →

The Quiet Hermit’s Titanium Secret: (What May Be Holding Back Your Greatest Work)

the hermit

Among many urges the past few weeks, I must admit the greatest one has been towards quietness. It’s been a time of introspection and growth for me, but also for many friends.

Not that I haven’t gotten out at all. I’ve had more adventures and changes in my recent life than I could ask for, pushing me out against the barriers of my beliefs — in particular my beliefs about who I am and what I’m capable of.

Like the Lion, and the Fool, I’ve been blessed recently with the mythical Hermit messenger lighting my path. I was surprised when I learned of his invincible titanium superpower — it’s surprisingly hot. ;)

I’ll do my best to share it with you now…

The Quiet Secret of the Hermit’s Invincible Strength

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Fortune Does Not Favor the Meek: Cultivating Lion Heart

Lionesses nick brandtLionesses Readying to Hunt, Masai Mara 2008 — Nick Brandt

In my journeys of the past few months, I’ve become enchanted by the mythical lion — king of the beasts. The strength of this great animal spirit helps me walk my path with clarity and decisiveness.

Here are some insights into cultivating Lion Heart + 12 Steps to help you dive into your destiny.

Capturing the Spirit of Lion

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The Demon, the Monk and the Fool: In My Secret Life

Every person should carry in one pocket a slip of paper reading ‘I am but dust and ashes’ and in the other, a slip of paper reading ‘For me the world was made.’
~ The Talmud


I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but it was somewhere in my early twenties.
I was in New York City and the big old boot o’ life came crushing into my stomach.

I thought I knew what I was doing at the time. I had decided to leave my corporate life behind — cushy well-paid job in the big fancy high-rise at the high power law firm — to try and change the world. I figured with my talent, vision and dreams I’d do just fine. So I jumped…

There was no net (and no parachute). Continue Reading →