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The Ineffable Spaciousness of Soul-Fire Flow: (Activated For Your Awesomeness)

soul flow sea lion galapagos

Soul-Fire Flow: What exactly is it? 

The Fire of your Spirit — and the Universal Energy Flow — awakened and expressed directly through you. 

Let me give you an example: This afternoon in Stockholm, I went to a coffee shop, sat down, opened Scrivener, and started writing. The first thing that came to me was the odd title, “Ineffable Spaciousness” — I had this idea about the spacious quality at the root of the soul-fire flow experience for the past few days, but that’s about it. About three hours later, I came up for air, and I had written this entire piece, edited it, formatted the image, and published the piece. The work was nearly effortless, and it was so much fun — I could not have spent a better afternoon. 

Soul-Fire Flow.

You probably understand this concept innately — it just makes sense to people who are connected, intuitive, creative, spirit-driven. You’ve been there, you’ve felt some of this magically spacious, powerful and life affirming energy in your life. (You may have also read some of my previous work about this, such as in the Soul Fire Series and the Epic Flow email course). But then how do you cultivate this regularly, and actually bring it more actively in your life and work?  

This is a primer on how to recognize, cultivate, understand, and activate the Soul-Fire Flow of your spirit in your life, so you can get on with it, and get to your greatest life and work!

If you don’t have time right now to read all this, just skim through it and get the flow of it — pull one or two key things out for you to reflect on and put to work in your life, and I’m sure it will make a big difference! Put a star next to it in your inbox and remember to come back to it if you’re already part of my Fierce Wisdom Community email list.

// Introducing the Work

When the Fire of your Spirit is awakened, there is this wonderful flow of energy that can be accessed in your life, and in your work. Some kind of magical alchemy takes place where the energy of your spirit merges with the Universal Energy Flow, and this luminous pool of energy begins to overflow into your being on many levels. This is Soul-Fire Flow.

As long as you are clear and unblocked enough in your own self, you can learn to harness this energy flow, and through it create amazing creative work in your life. Imbued with with this energy, your Soul-Fire Flow has the power to change your life, support you in your work, and even change the world.

// How to recognize Soul-Fire Flow — some of the qualities:

The specific experiences will be a bit different for everyone, but there are some essential qualities you may experience when accessing these heightened states of Spirit Flow:  Continue Reading →

Who Are You? A Primer On Defining What You Stand For

The Soul-Fire Series documents my experience in South America testing out the Fire of Love process in my own life and work. Tomorrow, I head to Galapagos to hunker down and prepare for the next Fire of Love program!

keys to the kingdom

Keys to the Castle

There’s a fire in your soul, and a heart that’s bursting with creative potential. One of the best ways to unleash this flow in the world is to get clear on who you are, what you stand for, and what your super powers are. Once you’ve got those in place it’s so much easier to choose your priorities and make it rain!

Before you can get those clear, though, it really helps to work on your spiritual practice, clear and heal your energy, and awaken your essence.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing lately — working on energy healing and connecting with the five elements, the Earth Mother, my Spirit Animals and High-Self Guides, the Universal Energy Flow and the Great Mystery that encompasses all of existence.

I’ve also been relentlessly focused on getting clear on who I am, what I stand for, and how I share that with the world.

In this post I talk specifically about my ongoing process of sharpening who I am, and the steps I’ve taken over the last month to clarify this, update my site, and prepare myself for launching the next Fire of Love Experience.
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A Catalogue of Meaning: Finding the thread in your life experience

Huanchaco Sunset 02-06-13

Sunset from the balcony, Huanchaco, Peru.

All past experiences, all people you have met, are all essential parts of the puzzle. The challenge is to find the thread that integrates these experiences. To make meaning from the great moments of your life.

I’ve often been hard on myself for not sticking to one career track and following it to its end, but now I understand that all my life and work experience has brought me to the life I am in now. From working on Wall Street, to documenting social justice movements, to years of studying spiritual awakening practices with great masters, to building a web design and consulting business that actually works well, all these different threads have united into a tapestry with a very particular flavor. The great opportunity here is to find that thread and define the meaning. Continue Reading →

Original Mind: A Zen practice for greater beauty and flow every day

“In beginner’s mind we have many possibilities, but in expert mind there is not much possibility. So in our practice it is important to resume to our original mind, or inmost mind, which we, ourselves — even we, ourselves do not know what it is. – Zen master Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, Beginner’s Mind lecture, 1965

Beginner's Mind

Beginners mind — original mind — is a daily practice, a way of approaching life. Since adopting this practice I’ve found it helps me experience a more joyful, fulfilling and fluid experience of life…more ease and flow in each moment of the day. The concept is known in Zen Buddhism as shoshin.

Shoshin enables a tangible sense of wonder and a deeper connection to my spirit as I go about daily work and life. This state of mind offers a rich foundation for living in alignment with my spirit, and being more effective in helping others have more fulfillment and ease in their own lives and goals.

Original mind is a practice along these lines: Continue Reading →

Softening Into the Mystic (This I Believe)

Into the mystic

“hark, now hear the sailors cry,

smell the sea, and feel the sky

let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…”

~ Van Morrison

This I believe

To live a beautiful life, you must allow yourself to dream…

To be able to find mystery and intrigue in the small and everyday.

To be willing to let go of the banality of your small mind fears.

To find something to live for.

To seek actively the source of who you are, and allow that mystery to evolve and flow.

To follow your creative spirit and allow yourself to create in the world.

….At least, you must attempt these things.
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