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13 Unusually Brilliant Quotes on Overcoming Fear + One Undeniable Reason WHY {Quotable Wisdom}

I was inspired by the work I’m doing now to search out 13 of the world’s most unusually brilliant quotes on overcoming fear. The main criteria is they could NOT be worn out feel-good quotes that make you want to gag. Unique, loveable, sharable, quotable, hard-hitting inspiration bullets to help kill your fear — these are among the best I’ve read….

Lioness looking over the plains -- maasai mara
{via Nick Brandt}

Why it matters…

This is the time to catch the fire of your spirit and let it carry you through creating your life’s great work. This is the time to go for broke, put it all out there once and for all, put 100% of yourself into doing the work that has been calling to come through you. If not now, then when…?

2013 is just around the corner. This is our time — time to capture our destinies — time to let it happen.


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Riding Butterflies: 25 Insights on the Art of Extraordinary Creativity {Quotable Wisdom}

“Ride the Butterflies” by Marty Whitmore, commissioned for Jonathan Fields’ “Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance”


Creating extraordinary work takes great sweat and tears and inspiration. Sometimes it just takes letting go and going deeper — deeper into the heart of your spirit; what your spirit cries out for, your inner muse calls you to create.

Creating extraordinary art demands overcoming the resistance — learning, as Jonathan Fields wrote in his new book, “to harness and ride rather than hunt and kill the butterflies that live in the gut of every person who strives to create something extraordinary from nothing.”

Harnessing this flow is at the heart of all great work — and truly extraordinary creative expression has the very real power to change the world.

Here are 25 insights from exceptional creators on the art of great work…

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