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Reflecting On A Month of Life and Work in South America (The ‘Space-Bubbles of Light’ post)

Space-Bubbles - Cajamarca Road
As I write these words I’m sitting on a bus headed out of Chiclayo, Peru. I joke that it’s the greatest city you’ve never heard of, but there is something remarkable about this little pocket of the world, humming as it is with the lives of a million people. I came here in search of something I’ve been seeking out since arriving in Peru one month ago: A sense of being where I am meant to be, and feeling truly alive — a place where I can thrive in doing my life’s work, and create a sense of peace and centeredness in the midst of a crazy busy life.  Continue Reading →

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The Winter Solstice of 2012 ~ a time to remember

Center of the milky way

The center of our galaxy, by Jerry Lodriguss (more info)


The 2012 winter solstice holds a special significance as a marking point for these great times of change we’re living in. Ancient Mayan astronomers set the 21st of December, 2012, as the day in which their calendar would reset to Year Zero, predicting with accuracy the galactic alignment of the sun and earth with the actual center of our galaxy in this era.*

Prophecies from the ancients have pointed to this time as the end of a massive cycle, the closing of the old world and the start of a new age — the end of the great Kali Yuga, the start of the Age of Aquarius, the end of time as we know it….

There have been so many conflicting theories around the significance of this alignment — from apocalyptic catastrophe, to the resetting of our cosmic clock and the ushering in of a new age. Whether you believe that time is resetting along with the Mayan Long Count calendar, and a new cosmic energy is streaming to our planet through a cosmic portal, or you see it from a more metaphorical perspective, there is something very real and significant about this time.

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A Birthday Love + Holiday Flow Package for You

It’s my birthday! I like to give gifts on my birthday, so I put together this special little 3-piece care package for you today… pay what you can, pay what you feel — whatever you want, it’s for real!

Knowing that you’ve received the love of my heart through my work is your gift to me. I love the feeling of an inbox full of those little notifications from e-junkie. They make me happy! And I have a couple more surprises below too…

A Fierce Wisdom Birthday – Holiday Flow Package!

Birthday FLOW Package 2012

1. Flow: The Five Elements Way of Fierce Wisdom, Strength & Beauty Continue Reading →

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Dive Into the Sea of Love to Transform Your World :: Calling In the Magic

fairy magic


We complain endlessly about taxes and the politicians and the economy — oh, the economy! — we get mad and panic, throw in the towel (or kick and scream and try to do something about it). Regardless, in truth our societies are built upon systems of governance, finance and inequity based on innately flawed values, and ancient, crusty belief systems.

That’s why we have to work on liberating ourselves and our own minds from the crutches of these backwards old belief systems and forge paths of our own making — paths of light based on our highest values — either outside of or within the system. Or at the fringes.

Why does it matter? Continue Reading →

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Managing Gmail Overwhelm : A Mini Guide for the Creative and Intuitive Ones

This may be the world’s simplest way to manage your email, but it took me six years of using Gmail to figure out!

It’s so easy to follow I’ve dubbed it the ‘World’s Simplest Gmail Management System.’ It’s especially designed for creative and intuitive people who get a lot of emails, get overwhelmed, and occasionally miss responding to the most important ones…


The basic system is outlined below, and I’ve also created a 10-page downloadable mini-guide with several pages of tips for further improving and optimizing your email experience through simple processes and Gmail extensions. Continue Reading →

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For the Change Makers: An Enlightened Guide to WordPress Websites

Enlightened WordPress GuideIn the life and world I’m designing there is no more need to separate who I am from the work I create. I can easily roam from esoteric Zen Buddhist allegories to diatribes on the emptiness of modern culture in North America, and not worry about how it might affect my business.

The unifying thread through it all is self-realization, and the more I give of who I truly am, the greater my opportunities to make a difference and exchange this wonderful energy with the universe. 

This is what I live for….  

The Guidebook

Here it is — available publicly for download for the first time:

WordPress Basics: An Enlightened Manual for Updating and Maintaining Your Website. Continue Reading →

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The Ape Man Chronicles Part 1: Unveiling the Heart of Darkness

HanumanA long time ago, Apeman was happy to swing in the trees with Apelady, eat bananas, and have a rompus time all ‘round til the end of his days.

Then, something changed — he got tired of swinging and wanted more! His creative appetite was no longer met by his ape man life. So he migrated off the trees and started building cave dwellings and homes for his ape family.

He began to craft tools and implements for hunting, while the ape ladies gathered together and did ape-lady things. Soon they had fires for cooking, rudimentary clothing, painting, crafting and group activities, and the ape peoples’ lives were happy and bountiful. For the most part.

But Apeman still was not satisfied — he wanted more…

He learned to farm and grow crops, and soon civilizations of cultured ape people were popping up everywhere. Every step the ape man made further away from the life of the trees, he missed them even more. And yet his thirst for more pleasure, satisfaction and power drove him to create and innovate relentlessly.

The Evolution of Apeman and the Heart of Darkness Continue Reading →

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39 Luminaries Transforming Society: Creative Alchemy, Social Evolution + Mindful Influence

chePreface: A few months ago I published the precursor to this with a small handful of folks in it — my intention was to continue deepening it over time to create a living resource, and so I am. I don’t consider it an exhaustive end-all list, but more a small and growing — incomplete — resource.

It’s highly filtered — people I’ve come in contact with who’re driven by a force of greatness, and also maintain a certain luminous resonance in their life and work. *Charmed* you could say. At the time in which a person’s greatest work begins to carry itself, a certain lightness emanates — it’s a noticeable buoyancy that can lift you up too.

Some will be featured in the forthcoming Edge Flow Project — if you resonate with this group I’m guessing you’ll love that project too, though it pushes a different edge.


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Amor Vincit Omnia: LOVE Conquers All (The Fierce Wisdom Manifesto)


Benjamin West (1738-1820) – Omnia Vincit Amor, or The Triumph of Love in the Three Elements, 1809 – Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Image credit. Description. Hi-res Download.


In honor of the Flow Book launch (yay!) and at the risk of overdoing the whole “manifesto” thang…I’m publishing a little mini Fierce Wisdom manifesto – right here on this ‘ere page.

This is a fun little piece I initially drafted a couple months ago, and it popped out at me, like — hey, post this, suckah! — when I’s combing through for a different piece. I thought it was kinda awesome, even thought it’s flawed as hell, so I dusted it off and cleaned it up a bit. You’re going to either LOVE IT or totally HATE IT (though I’m honestly somewhere in between the two myself…)

It’s missing a few key pieces, so I’m thinking you might add some in. But I really don’t mind either way. This is fun… :)


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