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How I Live and Travel the World With Zero Savings (With Love From Dubrovnik)

“Because you are alive, everything is possible.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Favorite two pages of my passport

Favorite two pages of my passport

“How do you fund all these adventures around the world?”

I hear this question a lot. People must assume I’m a trust fund baby or something, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve been a nomadic world traveler for two and half years now, and it suits me well — the endless adventure feeds my Soul — but I have to say it’s REALLY hard work too.

In the past two and half years I’ve traveled to more than 15 countries in Latin America and Europe, and lived for at least three weeks in 11 of them. When I find a location that feels right I like to stay for a month or more — I’ve found that’s when the magic and energy of a place really starts to sink in. It also enables me to live affordably and get more work done.

I’ve been searching for my own version of paradise since embarking on this great adventure on February 29th, 2012 (leap year day!). I don’t do boring, but it could have been different. I could have stayed in my cozy mountain getaway in Ashland, Oregon, or dug my heels into one of the many seaside cities near my hometown of Los Angeles.

But then I wouldn’t have been able to live in some of the most breathtaking places in the world — like Lago Atitlan (Guatemala), San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua), Manuel Antonio (Costa Rica), Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Stockholm (Sweden), and Edinburgh (Scotland) — I wouldn’t have met my dreamy Ginger, and I definitely wouldn’t have experienced anything near the life of my dreams. (And isn’t that what it’s all about in the end?!). Continue Reading →

The Journey Continues in South America

Venice Beach

Last days in a strange land… Los Angeles, Ca. (at Venice Beach)

It was an early January day in Hollywood, and I was waiting in line to enter the Melrose flea market. A guy in a vintage suit and Fedora approached me with an offer I couldn’t refuse…

“Do you have any new year’s resolutions this year? Any old resolutions you’d like to let go of? We’ve got a special deal going on right now — trade in any old resolution for a new one. No money down, nothing to lose…”

He handed me a marker and paper. I paused and reflected to myself…

hmmm…what’s a good resolution I’m still working on?
Stop mistrusting my destiny!

I wrote it out in all caps and handed it too him.

“That’s a good one!” He responded with a smile.

His partner nodded in agreement, searching for a new one to give me…

“Does this sound like you?”

He handed me a stiff white sheet printed with the words, Stop procrastinating. I’ll do it another day. -JB

“Yeah, that’s a good one!” I agreed.

Mission accomplished, we all shook hands with a smile and wished each other a happy new year….

// Continue Reading →

A Birthday Love + Holiday Flow Package for You

It’s my birthday! I like to give gifts on my birthday, so I put together this special little 3-piece care package for you today… pay what you can, pay what you feel — whatever you want, it’s for real!

Knowing that you’ve received the love of my heart through my work is your gift to me. I love the feeling of an inbox full of those little notifications from e-junkie. They make me happy! And I have a couple more surprises below too…

A Fierce Wisdom Birthday – Holiday Flow Package!

Birthday FLOW Package 2012

1. Flow: The Five Elements Way of Fierce Wisdom, Strength & Beauty Continue Reading →

Managing Gmail Overwhelm : A Mini Guide for the Creative and Intuitive Ones

This may be the world’s simplest way to manage your email, but it took me six years of using Gmail to figure out!

It’s so easy to follow I’ve dubbed it the ‘World’s Simplest Gmail Management System.’ It’s especially designed for creative and intuitive people who get a lot of emails, get overwhelmed, and occasionally miss responding to the most important ones…


The basic system is outlined below, and I’ve also created a 10-page downloadable mini-guide with several pages of tips for further improving and optimizing your email experience through simple processes and Gmail extensions. Continue Reading →

For the Change Makers: An Enlightened Guide to WordPress Websites

Enlightened WordPress GuideIn the life and world I’m designing there is no more need to separate who I am from the work I create. I can easily roam from esoteric Zen Buddhist allegories to diatribes on the emptiness of modern culture in North America, and not worry about how it might affect my business.

The unifying thread through it all is self-realization, and the more I give of who I truly am, the greater my opportunities to make a difference and exchange this wonderful energy with the universe. 

This is what I live for….  

The Guidebook

Here it is — available publicly for download for the first time:

WordPress Basics: An Enlightened Manual for Updating and Maintaining Your Website. Continue Reading →

Finally Living the Dream (The One Little Question That Changes Everything)

El Tunco Beach El Salvador

View from the deck at 'La Guitarra Hotel' - El Tunco Beach, El Salvador - Click image to enlarge

Today I woke up to the sounds of soft Latin music playing over the crashing waves just a few meters from my room. After a fresh pressed vegetable juice and breakfast I came to the cafe for an Americano and some work. Right now sitting on the cafe balcony overlooking the ocean, rumbling thunder and storm clouds gather for a good afternoon rain (it’s a good thing since everything’s pretty dusty around here — the streets could use a good bath).

For a good 3-4 years I’ve been waiting for this time — working hard to get to the point where I could finally live this dream. And, well, here it is now… with just a few caveats. I’ll try to give you a better picture of what I’m up to here, living and working from wherever I happen to be in Central America — currently El Tunco beach, El Salvador.

I run my business from out here (developing interactive media projects and websites for conscious companies) with the help of a good support team back home. I’m also a transformative business consultant, and apparently a writer too — along with playing my beloved ukulele, this writing and sharing is my great creative joy.

It is, in truth, a very good lifestyle, with more continuous enjoyment overall than I’ve experienced in years. But I’m not about gloating or painting a glossy picture here — to be fair, there are definitely downsides to this life. For instance, the constant issue of security… Continue Reading →

Turning Great Ideas Into Good Income Online (For Conscious Folks Only)

Ohhh gorgeous thing…
When you gonna get up there and sing?
When you gonna get up there and take your place on stage?
‘Cause a talent is a terrible thing to waste…
~ The Audreys

On Stage

Here’s a fact you don’t hear spoken too often: Hardly anyone attempting to make a living online with conscious integrity actually accomplishes this. Yes, you might be able to squeeze a few hundred bucks out here or there easy enough, but I’m talking serious online income from your heart’s calling — enough to quit your “real” job and travel comfortably around the world if you wanted to…without selling your soul.

That’s not to say you can’t do it. Many people have — like many of these folks — just that it takes a lot of ingenuity, hustle and talent, and a good dash of luck. (It helps if you have a fat wad of cash or credit to throw in too, but that’s not a necessity — I started at less than zero myself.)

You see a lot of these people sharing their secrets and teaching how they’ve done it, and so often their stuff doesn’t really resonate because few of them actually think and see the world the way we do (“we” being conscious, intuitive, creative people who resonate with Fierce Wisdom).

So — what is it we want really? The world, basically:

The money and autonomy to do pretty much whatever we want, whenever we want to…

I’ve had this dream for a long time — as long as I can remember — and maybe you have too.

I’ll share a little about my own story and struggles with living the dream too, but let’s first go over some meat and potatoes:

A. 3 Key Ingredients;

B. The One Big Thing you can’t do without;

C. The Secret Sauce part (hint: it’s yours and yours alone).

Note: This article is fairly long at about 3,000 words, but pay close attention to the ‘Rules of Thumb’ at the end of each section, and share/link to it so you remember to come back and re-read it — you’ll want to do this if you’re at all serious and it resonates with you… :)

The 3 Keys: Ingenuity, Hustle & Talent

Continue Reading →

Pay What You Can Day on FLOW and the Freedom Business Roadmap: It’s my 35th Bday!

35 baby! Well, not sure how I made it this far, but it’s my 35th birthday. I was born November 15th, 1976 in Miami, FLA…

I figured to give you something special in appreciation of all you’ve brought to the world, and my life, by being a part of what I do here… :)

Until midnight Nov 15th, Pacific Standard time — it’s pay what you can day for:

The Flow Book and the Freedom Business Summit Roadmap!  Continue Reading →

Being the Best at Who You Are: Gloriously, Decisively, Victoriously Without Apology

‘Know Thyself’ was written over the portal of the antique world. Over the portal of the new world, ‘Be Thyself’ shall be written. ~ Oscar Wilde

go as you are

One thing I’m pretty sure about you, aside from your likely above-average intelligence, is that you’re human. And being human bears certain great privileges and disadvantages — namely the tendency towards self doubt and seeking outsidevalidation, especially regarding creative and professional work.

The thing is: If you want to be of real service to the world you’d need develop your own titanium inner compass of self knowledge, drive and validation. The more you base your self-worth on the standards of a society that’s essentially broken, the farther away from your truth you risk straying and the less strength your work carries. You build your strength and power by knowing the truth of who you are, embodying that truth and pursuing it’s expression ruthless lion heart.

This tension between being who you are, knowing the truth of who you are, and sharing that with the world is at the heart of all the greatest creative work. And if you can ride this flow full on, I believe you can accomplish most anything.

Luckily, I was able to conjure up a couple root principles to riding this flow full on without one f*cking apology — and hopefully give you some background to what may lie ahead for us:  Continue Reading →