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Hello Ma’ Baby! I may be crazy, but at least I’m having fun… is this not the best song ever? :)

So, this totally impromptu inspiration came to me today on the way to my lovely little office in Edinburgh — decided to record “Hello Ma’ Baby” on my uke and jam on some Soul Fire Love, and then went and published it! A little crazy, maybe, but I’m going with INSPIRED and let the Flow do it’s thing. It was fun actually! Hope you enjoy… ;)

This kind of thing would normally give me massive palpitations to share, but it was easy… why? Fierce Presence and the Fire of Love.

When I’m inspired and alive with some good ol’ Soul Fire Flow, sharing the stuff that really matters just gets that much easier… ;)

Love and happiness,

The Fire of Love Experience

Fire of Love circleA Journey of Spirit, Flow & Practical Magic (For Rebel Souls…) 

One challenge of being a mindful, creative and caring human with a Rebel Soul is that your heart is so big — and your vision so vast — you can easily be thrown off course at any given time. It takes a lot of inner strength to keep showing up in your highest power. And it takes an even firmer commitment to keep moving in the direction of your Soul Calling every day.

That’s where the Fire of Love Experience comes to play: A sacred space online, built around the core pillars of Soul Flow, Creative Fire and Practical Magic + FIERCE PRESENCE & FUN to help you step into your highest vision. Learn more and apply to join us here…

Never Underestimate the Power of Real Love in Action: No Greater Force In the World

Real Love In Action

Real love is not some fluffy ideal. It’s the only power that can truly change the world.

I write these words from a place of both love and outrage. Outraged that the violence of war continues to destroy the precious lives of so many people from Gaza to the Ukraine to cities throughout the world. That innocent children, parents and families are forced to suffer such indignity, such pain and hardship. And that our governments continue to fuel this darkness with the support of our tax money, and in many cases our civilians.

But anger and outrage mixed with sadness is a force does little to alleviate the problem. Mixing Real love and compassion into the fire is our only hope. And I’m not talking about the fluffy ideal that we must all get along and love one another, however noble that may be. I’m talking about living real Love with a capital L.

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Announcing the New Fire of Love Experience! {For Rebel Souls… :|: Edge Notes}

Castles in the Air

Inspired by finishing Henry Thoreau’s “Walden” I created this in homage (with an image from last summer with my beloved Ginger in Buenos Aires)

You see, love is not just an idea or a feeling to me. It’s the root of all existence. It’s what drives everything I do…

The Fire of Love is not all hearts and emoticons and love affairs. Those are all fine…but what really gets me? The Source. Soul Power. The Soul of the Universe. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s what moves me. That’s what makes amazing sh*t happen… when you get the foundations underneath.

And that’s what the Fire of Love Experience is about:

Awakening the Fire of your Soul, and adopting a sustainable practice of centering into your core strength, so you can make real progress in living the life of your highest calling.

Setting the foundations and reinforcing them mindfully with your daily practice. Every day.

On Friday I launched and opened applications, and as of this coming Saturday, July 19th — the doors will be open!

What’s it all about?

See Here > The Fire of Love Experience: A Journey of Spirit, Flow & Practical Magic (For Rebel Souls)

I’ve been working with the Fire of Love energy for the past couple years, and it’s an energy that’s both fierce and grace filled — like a Buddha with a flaming sword.

Bringing that energy into play through the Fire of Love Experience has been an incredible experience — both in witnessing a dream come to life, and in watching it weave its magic through the lives of the Rebel Souls brave enough to dive in with me these past couple years since first launching from Costa Rica in 2012.

The program is different in many ways than ever before, reflecting my personal shift in approach. It’s lighter, cleaner, and better designed to suit the strengths of our members.

AND the entry fee is also the lowest it’s been since the inaugural launch — reflecting my own lighter approach and the fact that it’s an entirely new format, one that I’m really seeing as a Beta relaunch. (Meaning, there will be kinks to work out, and I’m hoping to continually improve the experience with the feedback of all participants!)

So, bottom line, it’s going to be something special — and this is your invitation to apply and join us today.

The time is now! I would love to have you with us if you feel the call. If you have any questions, you can ask them right there in the application. And please share this directly with any friends who are also on the level. Thank you!



Off to Mexico, and Into the Great Unknown

It’s early morning here in Los Angeles, and I’ve just finished packing for Mexico. I’ve been reflecting on events of the past few weeks in my life, and what I would like to share with you now on the eve of another journey into the great unknown. It’s the start of a new chapter, in a new year, and like many of us, I’ve just barely recovered from the holiday rush…

The last two months in the US have been a blur of life and love and work… earnestly striving, not always hitting the mark, but yeah — shooting a heck of a lot.

Not until this past hour or so have I begun to feel ready for the jump. Ready to commit to this next phase. (Now I’m chomping at the bit like a horse, or one of them old windup monsters spitting sparks from his nose…finally feeling the drive to push out into the world and into another mythic journey.) Continue Reading →

What’s It Gonna Take to Walk Your Talk and Live the Dream? (Walkin’ On Fire…)

She's got the Fire of Love

In my experience, pretty much nothin’ less than Everything….

Walking the edge, walking on fire…walkin’ with the Fire. 

In a few hours I’m gonna be walking on fire for real. (With David Elliott and a group of magical people, we’re going to walk on fire together.) David talks about his approach to this sacred rite of passage here.

Why am I doing this?

Well, I always loved the idea of a fire walker, and I’ve been on my own mythic Firewalk path for years since I took the path of a man who would not give up his dignity and self-respect for a life and a job that didn’t synch with his highest vision.

But now, it’s time to be a fire walker for real, to walk the talk, and see if I can burn off any leftover residual bullsh*t from a life that wasn’t my own. Continue Reading →

Why Do Anything? (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Freedom every moment

When I was a kid I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books. Remember those? I’d often read through them in one sitting, going back to the previous section if I chose a path I didn’t like, and jumping to the next adventure when I chose a path I loved….

These days, every day feels like a “choose your own adventure” story (except for I can’t go back when the story goes south!) But I don’t need to go back, because every moment I have the power of choice. As long I can jar my mind enough to shift my outlook into the present moment, I can pretty much change the entire reality of my experience in a flash.

I’m talking fundamental meteoric shifts in the reality of my circumstances with something akin to flipping a switch.

That’s what I’ve found, and it’s powerful medicine when you can master this deceptively simple practice. Continue Reading →

The Soul-Fire Code: How I Unlocked the Great Mystery, Unleashed My Spirit’s Calling and Learned to Bring the Rain

the soul fire code

Three mystical keys to unlocking the Soul-Fire Code.

Note: The SOUL-FIRE CODE Self-guided version is now available! A Course for the Magical Misfits, Rebels, Rainmakers, Dreamers, Movers and Shakers… 

I didn’t know how I would unlock the Mystery, but I knew the time had come.

It was December of 2011, and the time had come to do something big in my life and take a giant leap. My soul was burning for something way bigger, and my cozy mountain hideaway in Ashland, Oregon, was holding me back. With just one week until I had to head down to LA for the holidays, it was either leave everything behind now and jump, or postpone my Spirit’s calling and do the reasonable thing — wait until after the holidays when I could drive back north, give my landlords a month’s notice, pack my things and prepare for the journey that awaited me.

It took me just one night to decide — I was to find a sub-letter for my apartment to cover the one-month notice in my rental agreement, get rid of everything I owned but what really mattered, pack my car and leave my old life behind. I had been working on the big visions of other people for too long, and it was time for me to pursue my own dream.

I did it all in the matter of a week, and with the help of a few good friends I hit the road in search of a life of adventure and true fulfillment, and never looked back. Two months later I was neck deep in my own mad, beautiful Hero’s Journey in Guatemala, with nothing but my own Truth to account for….

I had a big vision for a project that would change the lives of a lot of people, create a lasting legacy, and finance the life of my dreams, but I knew there was one big mystery I had to unlock first — a code that would enable my work to really succeed and burn a bright streak across the lives of the people who were touched by it. Continue Reading →

Who Are You? A Primer On Defining What You Stand For

The Soul-Fire Series documents my experience in South America testing out the Fire of Love process in my own life and work. Tomorrow, I head to Galapagos to hunker down and prepare for the next Fire of Love program!

keys to the kingdom

Keys to the Castle

There’s a fire in your soul, and a heart that’s bursting with creative potential. One of the best ways to unleash this flow in the world is to get clear on who you are, what you stand for, and what your super powers are. Once you’ve got those in place it’s so much easier to choose your priorities and make it rain!

Before you can get those clear, though, it really helps to work on your spiritual practice, clear and heal your energy, and awaken your essence.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing lately — working on energy healing and connecting with the five elements, the Earth Mother, my Spirit Animals and High-Self Guides, the Universal Energy Flow and the Great Mystery that encompasses all of existence.

I’ve also been relentlessly focused on getting clear on who I am, what I stand for, and how I share that with the world.

In this post I talk specifically about my ongoing process of sharpening who I am, and the steps I’ve taken over the last month to clarify this, update my site, and prepare myself for launching the next Fire of Love Experience.
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Original Mind: A Zen practice for greater beauty and flow every day

“In beginner’s mind we have many possibilities, but in expert mind there is not much possibility. So in our practice it is important to resume to our original mind, or inmost mind, which we, ourselves — even we, ourselves do not know what it is. – Zen master Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, Beginner’s Mind lecture, 1965

Beginner's Mind

Beginners mind — original mind — is a daily practice, a way of approaching life. Since adopting this practice I’ve found it helps me experience a more joyful, fulfilling and fluid experience of life…more ease and flow in each moment of the day. The concept is known in Zen Buddhism as shoshin.

Shoshin enables a tangible sense of wonder and a deeper connection to my spirit as I go about daily work and life. This state of mind offers a rich foundation for living in alignment with my spirit, and being more effective in helping others have more fulfillment and ease in their own lives and goals.

Original mind is a practice along these lines: Continue Reading →