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FLOW: The 5 Elements Way of Fierce Wisdom, Strength & Beauty (The Book!)


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The Flow Manifesto is about coming to terms with the truth of our existence:

We are simultaneously luminous divine beings of incomparable beauty, and gritty human beings with primal needs, wants and earth-based roots.

We’re divine and we’re human — we have wants and needs, among them purpose, empowerment and… cash! (the dirty word we so often dance around). But cash flow stems from harnessing our creative brilliance, and creative brilliance stems from the source of life flowing within us. It’s a beautiful circle.

The stronger and more directly we connect with this flow, the more able we’re able to come up with the genius ideas and structures we need to sustain ourselves.

Why does this matter?

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The Fierce Wisdom Holiday Manifesto: Share it With Those You Love…

fierce wisdom holiday

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Inspired by my friend Cate Stillman, who asked me to contribute a manifesto to her fantastic Evolve Your Winter Traditions project for

This is a bonus download for Cate’s program members, but you can get the free version here — hope it works for ya — (p.s. she has a great ‘Best Thanksgiving Ever Guide’ you can grab there).

My vision here is you download the manifesto and email it to some close friends and family — maybe print up 5-10 15-20 copies and distribute them at a couple gatherings this holiday — just use recycled paper por favor! Could be something to talk about.

(Hey maybe even keep one for yourself — I’ll probably keep it folded on me — and add your own to the list in the blank spaces. I’ve  got a few more I’d like to add myself already… :))

Share this with your gang, and while you’re here would you mind Tweeting this now?

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Amor Vincit Omnia: LOVE Conquers All (The Fierce Wisdom Manifesto)


Benjamin West (1738-1820) – Omnia Vincit Amor, or The Triumph of Love in the Three Elements, 1809 – Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Image credit. Description. Hi-res Download.


In honor of the Flow Book launch (yay!) and at the risk of overdoing the whole “manifesto” thang…I’m publishing a little mini Fierce Wisdom manifesto – right here on this ‘ere page.

This is a fun little piece I initially drafted a couple months ago, and it popped out at me, like — hey, post this, suckah! — when I’s combing through for a different piece. I thought it was kinda awesome, even thought it’s flawed as hell, so I dusted it off and cleaned it up a bit. You’re going to either LOVE IT or totally HATE IT (though I’m honestly somewhere in between the two myself…)

It’s missing a few key pieces, so I’m thinking you might add some in. But I really don’t mind either way. This is fun… :)


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The Edge Flow Project: Dancing at the Edge of Evolution

edge flow

Dancing at the Edge of Human Evolution

Edge Flow is coming together. Contributors like Douglas Rushkoff, Don Miguel Ruiz, Leo Babauta and others have joined a group of luminaries contributing their work to the manifesto. And the project keeps growing…so I figured to get out of the way and open the flow to everyone.

Writers, photographers, world-changers, artists of all kinds are officially invited to submit your work for the project.

Note: Call for Submissions now closed.

The theme is “Dancing at the edge of human evolution” — we’re seeking edge-pushing art, writing, creative work that captures the spirit of this theme, however you see it.

These will be judged by me and a few current Edge Flow contributors. The top 10 chosen will be published in the ebook online (digital format), along with a group of 30+ pre-selected contributors. If there are too many submissions, we may post them here to be voted publicly.

How to participate: Read the guidelines below, and email me up to five pieces for consideration — satya [at] satyacolombo [dot] com

Email your friends, and while you’re at it Tweet this now:

Thanks. :)

I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can’t see from the center.
~ Kurt Vonnegut

When you think of pushing the edges and riding the flow in your own work and life — I hope you think of this site, and this post.

Link here from your work and writing online — — the manifesto will also be launched from this URL.

The bottom line is:

The better we can learn to understand and ride out that creative edge flow, the stronger our work becomes, the greater impact we have in elevating the world.

When you raise yourself up, you raise the world with you. We rise to meet you.

Sign up to the epic flow list to be notified, and get an advance copy. You’ll also get access to my private Letterly, and get access to an advance review copy of The Art of Epic Flow: Catch the flow…

Writing Prompts (for submissions)

For poetry, photography, art submissions, you’re free to flow and interpret the meaning as you see it. For images, please include high-quality jpegs capable of printing at up to 11 inches width. The writing prompts below might help you narrow the focus and intention.

For articles, please respond to any two of the following questions. Please limit your response to 500 words total. (You’re free to answer one question in 150 words, and the other in 350, for instance. Any word processing program will give you a word count.)

1. – What makes you come alive like nothing else?

2. – Can you describe a transformative experience in your life that opened up a fountain of creative flow?

3. – How did that experience change your approach to life?

4. – What is the fuel that drives you to keep pushing the boundaries in your work?

5. – Can you recall a time in your life when you were pushed to the outer limits of your personal comfort or capabilities?

6. – What was the net outcome of that experience?

7. – What do you think about the future of our human civilization? How long will we survive?

8. – What do you believe is the key to the survival of our civilization?

Please include a short bio (160 characters or less), and include a link to your website if available.


The manifesto will be distributed free, with no email opt-in requirements, and creative-commons licensed. The opinions of all contributors, myself included, are our own. 500 word-limit on all written submissions. All submissions, images and artwork must be original work, ready to be published, and released under the terms of the creative commons license above. Your work will be credited and your website linked from the manifesto, and possibly this and other websites. By submitting your work you agree to be held to these terms.

Edge Flow image by John Curley