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World Dream Day: Ignite the Dream Within


Starts today!

I’m a part of the World Dream Day Conference hosted by Ozioma of BurnBright and en*theos.

This inspiring virtual conference features 20 of the world’s leading dreamers, visionaries and innovators sharing personal stories and insights on igniting your Spirit and bringing your dreams and goals to life!

Ignite the Dream Within — Virtual Conference
September 26-30, 2014
Free :: Global :: Online


Of course we’re speaking about one of my most loved topics…

Soul Fire and Flow for Creative Rebel Dreamers
Sunday, September 28, 2014
at 3:00 PM PT / 6:00 PM ET. Continue Reading →

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Fire of Love Launch Event! Soul Power, Creative Magic & Stepping Into Your Highest Calling

This event has passed, but you can sign up to receive some Very Special Goodies and Launch Celebration Replay here!

To celebrate the launch of the new Fire of Love Experience & Community, I’m hosting a free Soul-Fire Masterclass this Sunday!

SOUL Power, Creative Magic and Stepping Into Your Highest Calling:
A Soul-Fire Masterclass with Satya Colombo and Special Guests TBA

This special one-time only event is free to the public, but you MUST register to attend and receive the login details.

When: Sunday, July 27th

Time: 12:30-2PM Pacific Time (Daylight – Los Angeles). 8:30-10PM British Summer Time.

Where: Online or by phone.

Cost: No charge for this special launch celebration!

Registration: (Limited to 1,000 participants) Register here…

Behind the Scenes:

This is the first time I’ve ever taught ANY of this material live without an entrance fee, and I’m excited to see what happens! I’ve been wanting to share this work with a larger group of people for a long time, and now that I’ve launched the new Fire of Love Experience the timing feels just right.

We’ll explore some of the magical practices I’ve been testing and refining with the Fire of Love Community over the last couple years, including:

  • Settling into your Core Strength
  • Cultivating your Soul Power.
  • Overcoming deep-seated resistance to sharing and expressing your Soul Calling.
  • Energy healing and setting energetic boundaries.
  • Developing a sustainable Sacred Practice to help you stay on track with high energy every day.

It’s also the first time I will be publicly teaching the Fierce Presence daily sacred practice! Continue Reading →

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Aligning with Fierce Presence: A SoulFire Circle

Since the start of 2014 I’ve been deliberately exploring the energy of Fierce Presence, cultivating a deeper relationship with what I perceived to be a direct manifestation of Universal Energy Flow.

through the tunnelIn the first ever SoulFire Circle, Aligning with Fierce Presence, I’m experimenting with a new model I’ve been guided to develop in my work moving forward. It combines personal guidance and attention with small group energetics and individual accountability; drawing on the Oxford Method of personal mentorship and individualized instruction I came to know and love as an undergrad at Sarah Lawrence College, New York, many years ago.

Fierce Presence is a way of being and walking in the world with real integrity and personal power. Through the practice of aligning daily with Fierce Presence, your life and work becomes magical – infused with Soul Fire, strength and infinite promise.

In this 30-day SoulFire Circle we’re exploring Fierce Presence as a daily practice, with the intention of awakening to the beauty, magic and power of our true nature. After learning this practice of alignment you will experience an immediate and noticeable improvement in your outlook and creative flow. After integrating this practice for several weeks, you’re likely to experience significant energetic openings that will enhance your experience of life and work for a long time to come.

Aligning with Fierce Presence – SoulFire Circle Details:

  • Runs for one month, starting Tuesday, May 13th, 2014.
  • Includes one group session online (Sunday, May 18th ~ 90 minutes).
  • Includes one private SoulFire Session with Satya (60 minutes ~ Skype or phone).
  • Optional accountability partner(s) to help you stay on track for the month.
  • Downloadable audio recordings of private and group sessions.

Click here to learn more and join us in the first ever SoulFire Circle…!

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Learn to Play the Ukulele and Let Music Heal Your Soul: (LA Workshop Dec. 15th!)

 Only 9 4  3 ukuleles still available  ~ get your registration in to hold your space, and come join us this Sunday! :) 

The Ukulele is the wonderful little Hawaiian instrument that melts hearts and brings joy to the world. In this FUN workshop you will learn how to play the uke, and then take it home with you to keep playing whenever you want!

Satya Ukulele

Playing my uke in the tropics of Central America, Lago Nicaragua, Volcano Concepción

The true sound of the tropics, the ukulule was created in Hawaii by Portuguese sugar cane workers in the late 19th century, and soon became the most loved national instrument. My theory is the laid back islanders loved the sound so much, they decided to make it easier to play by changing it to their own tuning style!

Because of the size and special “my-dog-has-fleas” tuning it’s easy to learn, and with a handful of chords and a simple strumming technique you can play dozens of great songs. Continue Reading →

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The Soul-Fire Code: How I Unlocked the Great Mystery, Unleashed My Spirit’s Calling and Learned to Bring the Rain

the soul fire code

Three mystical keys to unlocking the Soul-Fire Code.

Note: The SOUL-FIRE CODE Self-guided version is now available! A Course for the Magical Misfits, Rebels, Rainmakers, Dreamers, Movers and Shakers… 

I didn’t know how I would unlock the Mystery, but I knew the time had come.

It was December of 2011, and the time had come to do something big in my life and take a giant leap. My soul was burning for something way bigger, and my cozy mountain hideaway in Ashland, Oregon, was holding me back. With just one week until I had to head down to LA for the holidays, it was either leave everything behind now and jump, or postpone my Spirit’s calling and do the reasonable thing — wait until after the holidays when I could drive back north, give my landlords a month’s notice, pack my things and prepare for the journey that awaited me.

It took me just one night to decide — I was to find a sub-letter for my apartment to cover the one-month notice in my rental agreement, get rid of everything I owned but what really mattered, pack my car and leave my old life behind. I had been working on the big visions of other people for too long, and it was time for me to pursue my own dream.

I did it all in the matter of a week, and with the help of a few good friends I hit the road in search of a life of adventure and true fulfillment, and never looked back. Two months later I was neck deep in my own mad, beautiful Hero’s Journey in Guatemala, with nothing but my own Truth to account for….

I had a big vision for a project that would change the lives of a lot of people, create a lasting legacy, and finance the life of my dreams, but I knew there was one big mystery I had to unlock first — a code that would enable my work to really succeed and burn a bright streak across the lives of the people who were touched by it. Continue Reading →

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