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The Trinity Sessions 2017 – Spirit Animal Magic

Trinity Sessions Spirit Animal REadings

Very excited about this new offering. It’s so important for these times, and in my view the most sacred of all trinities…

In the Trinity Sessions I channel three of your primary totem animals to help manifest your intentions for 2017: One for each aspect of the sacred trine of MASCULINE (strategic thinking + forward-moving action), FEMININE (compassionate wisdom + inner-self nurturing), and the INFINITE (higher intelligence + Spirit magic).

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Breathwork Healing Group at YOGA SOUP Santa Barbara

elemental breathwork healing

This year has been a wild ride. Where are you still playing safe and holding back your true power? It’s time to step it up and shine brighter. Get clear, melt away stress and awaken your spirit in this sacred Breathwork circle. Now is the time…

Date: Sunday December 4th

Time: 3-5 pm 

Cost: $25 Advance / $30 Day-of

Location: YOGA SOUP
28 Parker Way
Santa Barbara CA 93101

Email: satya (at) | Phone: 323-540-4456

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Breathwork Healing at the DEN Meditation

breathwork at the den meditation hollywood

TOPIC: Getting into Right Relationship with ourselves and the world around us through the Universal Life Force.

How are you getting along with yourself and the world these days? With all the friction and anxiety in the air lately it’s been a challenge to just stay positive and keep moving forward, let alone THRIVE. In this group we’re going to be loving ourselves up, healing and connecting in with that vital life force that courses through our being. It’s the same Universal Energy at the source of all life — and when you start to learn how to safely open up to giving and receiving more love not only with yourself but all existence, your life becomes infinitely more peaceful, fulfilling and fun!

Date: Saturday November 12th

Time: 3-5 pm 

Cost: $30 Advance / $35 Day-of

Location: The DEN Meditation
360 S. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90036
(323) 424-3444

Email: satya (at) | Phone: 323-540-4456

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Portland Healing Group ~ Breath of Joy

Sunday, November 8th — Breathwork Healing [email protected] Arts Medicine Alliance (RAMA), Portland, OR.

Focus: Energy Shielding and Walking In Beauty—through the matrix—into the manifestation of your highest self. Nourishing the Soul, illuminating the energy field, releasing the old and calling in the new!

When we’re operating from our small self (aka shadow/pain body) life is a lot more challenging and we’re bound to attract negative energy and drama. From the activated high-self embodiment our lives are free to unfold with joyful ease and magic. Tap into the Universal Energy Flow and ground yourself in a simple yet life-changingly magical Prana Yama breathing practice you can use any time for navigating the world from your highest power. The Light is always there for us! We just need to find those switches and turn it on.
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Vancouver Healing Group ~ Reconnecting Through the Breath

On Sunday, November 1st, I’ll be holding a breathwork healing circle in New Westminster, Vancouver, BC. I’m honored to have this circle hosted by long time friend, Master Coach and Desire Map Facilitator, Sandi Amorim.

Focus: A simpler approach to spiritual practice and sacred ritual. Releasing old energy around the experience of separation. Opening the space for new growth and rekindled excitement and joy.

We all long for a sense of deeper connection and often look to receive this from others, but the fundamental separation of our lives is a disconnect from our true Self. It’s so essential to nurture that relationship with ourselves in these times of transition, and when we can do that in a shared sacred space it’s especially magical.

Time/Date: 4-6pm Sunday, November 1st.
(Please plan on arriving a few minutes early to get settled in).

Location: Event room @ 1 Renaissance Square, New Westminister, BC.

Bring: A blanket to lay on or cover yourself with, and a photo or object to honor a loved one who has passed to add to our altar (for the duration of the event).

More Info/Registration Here >



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Susannah Conway’s April Love 2015 Challenge


Starting Wednesday, April 1st! I’m thrilled to see what happens with dear Susannah’s April Love Photo Challenge + honored to be a part of it. Would you look at all these gorgeous and passion-filled women! (and then there’s little ol’ me…! ;)).

Ha—I was feeling a bit intimidated with the heat on to perform, but I finally overcame my stage fright… join the challenge and see me bare my soul on what self love and self-care mean to me personally, along with 28 luminous women (no charge and nothing sneaky—just a lovely community service project).

In Susannah’s words:

“The theme of the challenge, as you’ve probably guessed, is LOVE — love for ourselves, our lives, the world around us. LOVE expressed in gratitude and kindness. February might have Valentine but we’ve got April LOVE :)

If you’re ready to infuse a little more love into your life there are two ways you can play:

PART ONE: the Photo Challenge / PART TWO: the Daily Emails…
You’ll get a daily email containing personal stories (and confessions!), videos, tips and easy suggestions you can try yourself — the first email goes out Wednesday April 1st.”

Sign up here for April Love 2015!

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For the Love of Mercury (and making your art!)

Sunset with Joy and the little sea bird — Ventura Beach, California

Sunset with Joy and the little sea bird — Ventura Beach, California


At the time of writing we’re about midway through the current Mercury Retrograde period, but I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while! I decided to push it out today in celebration of my “Mercury Love-In” Sale (30% off private sessions and the Soul-Fire Code). Hope it helps! Enjoy. :)

The Mercury Retrograde period is generally misunderstood as a period where the challenges of communications and operating on the earth plane are intensified. In truth, this is the very best period for intuitive creative souls to thrive in, because it offers us an opportunity to do our deepest work. It can also help with providing a wonderful sort of energetic force shield from the energies of the world.

While so many others are busy running around like chickens, struggling with getting things done the way they usually do, you have this extra keen ability to operate from an even deeper place than usual. Your true Soul Power is magnified and welcomed into play. Continue Reading →

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The Edge Flow Project Is Live! (Changing the World From Inside Out)

edge flow cover wide

After nearly four years from the time this project began, EDGE FLOW is finally here. (It’s been quite a haul!)

“The Edge Flow project brings together dozens of leading thinkers, artists, social scientists, healers, entrepreneurs and change makers to reflect on how personal transformation and creative innovation can help solve the single greatest crisis we now face as a global society. Taken as a whole they give testament to a strong new narrative of positive change emerging around the world:

In pushing the edges of creative exploration, self-knowledge and personal empowerment, we become a stronger force for good—driving innovation and social change in the world. And this simple truth may well be our greatest hope in saving our civilization from extinction.”

I’m overjoyed to see this work released into the world, at a time when we need this uplifting message more than ever to counter the dark and destructive forces at play in the world.

The artist’s hand holds a spiritual tool of evolutionary vision, and every creative act empowers every other creative act. We can look at the magic, mythic, rational, integral and transcendental thrust of art history and see the entire arc of the evolutionary consciousness going on when we look back through our history. The painter channels the creative force into the artifact, and this artifact then becomes a battery…ready to zap the viewer into a new way of seeing the world.” —Alex Grey, Cosmic creativity (TEDxMaui)

The EDGE FLOW ebook can be downloaded here. The iBooks version is underway. Here’s to creative joy, flow and the positive transformation of society.


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SOUL FIRE & FLOW—Big News, Co-Creating Your Reality and Celebrating…My Birthday!

Sunrise at the top of Tres Piedras, New Mexico

Sunrise at the top of Tres Piedras Crags, New Mexico – future home of the Creative Healing Arts Center

The way the universe works, it’s just kinda crazy and so very beautiful…right?

Since arriving in North America a few weeks back I’ve been spending a lot of time finding my roots and opening my heart to dissolve the virtual reinforced steel walls that inevitably want to lock down around me when I return! So many beautiful moments have unfolded in the past month — from Albania to Athens to Stockholm and especially landing on that sacred land in New Mexico just last week — but with those thick hard walls I just wasn’t making a ton of progress in many areas at all…

Then suddenly a couple days back, one day to the next, something shifted. In a seismically big kind of way. Time and everything else was still moving fast as ever, but it was like I suddenly shifted back into the cockpit and traveling along with it. And not getting swept away in overwhelm. What had changed…?

A sprinkle of magic, a splash of intention, and suddenly everything was different…
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