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How the Art of Doing Nothing made me 99.5 percent happier and more productive

For three weeks in January I departed from any usual work routines and practiced the art of doing nothing. I love pushing my edges, but things had gone a little too far lately. I’d pushed myself so hard to produce and show up and do my work, to try and keep the fires out, balance everything and still be grateful and happy and fulfilled…at some point I realized I was going nowhere fast.  

I’m no stranger to the Great Art, and taking space for life. Along with that piece I wrote after an extended break in 2012 was this one after my next online breather (big revelation: double ice cream cones). This time was a little different, though. I decided to run it more like an experiment…

“What if I let go of everything I believe matters, and focus entirely on what’s really calling me at this moment?” That’s what I asked myself, and what I attempted to do. Every day. Continue Reading →

The Happy Ukulele Songbook: Songs for Celebrating Life, Love & Togetherness…

Download: The Happy Ukulele Songbook (right-click to save)

This songbook contains 52 of my favorite songs on the uke, from beginner to intermediate level, gathered over the past couple years since learning to play this magical instrument. I also created a special introductory how-to section, with tips and tricks based on the popular ukulele workshops I occasionally lead around the world.

The very first version of this collection was created for my first workshop in January 2013 with just about 15 songs, and since then it’s taken a beating on my travels, and a life of its own.

My favorite part of putting this book together has been gathering so many of my favorite songs…brilliant classics that have stood the test of time. Songs with a distinctly human blend of sweetness, love and Soul, brimming over with style and character. These are songs of life and love you can play for years with your friends and loved ones, and timeless classics that will continue being played long after we’re gone.

But it all starts with you now, taking a little time out from your busy life to enjoy a moment of surrendering to the music and letting go of everything else, if even just for a few brief moments…. Continue Reading →

No more changing the world, I’m bringin’ Happy Back (and pink elephants)

For the past three weeks I spent a lot of time doing as little of the “usual business” as humanly possible. I did my damndest to minimize the online engagement and computer time. Not one lovely instagram in three whole weeks. 

I have to admit, it wasn’t as hard as I expected. The ocean view from my balcony, the tropical climate, and the laid back Mexican lifestyle probably helped a bit. 

The word on the street is… yes, you can probably do this too (and holy hot damn is it worthwhile). The results of my little experiment were actually a little surprising.

People started messaging me recently a little worried, “Are you OK?”  So, here goes my slightly absurd attempt to make sense of the findings, and assure you that, yes, I am still alive and kicking. Maybe this report back helps spark a little something for  you too.

And yes, we’re bringin’ Happy Back…   Continue Reading →

Why Do Anything? (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Freedom every moment

When I was a kid I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books. Remember those? I’d often read through them in one sitting, going back to the previous section if I chose a path I didn’t like, and jumping to the next adventure when I chose a path I loved….

These days, every day feels like a “choose your own adventure” story (except for I can’t go back when the story goes south!) But I don’t need to go back, because every moment I have the power of choice. As long I can jar my mind enough to shift my outlook into the present moment, I can pretty much change the entire reality of my experience in a flash.

I’m talking fundamental meteoric shifts in the reality of my circumstances with something akin to flipping a switch.

That’s what I’ve found, and it’s powerful medicine when you can master this deceptively simple practice. Continue Reading →

The Lost Art of Encouragement


There is a great art — a secret art — that almost no one actually understands, but most of us benefit from. It’s something that’s fueled my work and made me come alive many times in my life. A quality in great artists that’s inspired me to keep going and pushing further and higher when the chips were down.

And something I’ve noticed recently about this lost art is it has the power to awaken hearts and souls, and burn through even the greatest obstacles and resistance.

Even though so many of us have lost sight of this art’s great power, I was fortunate to receive five simple questions that awakened the Soulfire in me, and I’d like to reveal those to you today. (I also have a dare for you.) But first, a little background… Continue Reading →

You Are a Soul-Fire Supernova ~ Live Like You Mean It.

So grateful to Les Rebelles for featuring this handful of stardust from my soul on the Rebelle Society today…

The Day I broke up with normal - by DoItGirl

I once knew a magic love bomb in New York City.

He was a striking Cherokee Indian-Mexican-American performing artist with angel wings that shot up to the sky (I saw his wings one night and mentioned as much — “oh, you noticed,” he said with a glimmer of a smile and a half shrug). We lived in a big old factory building in Tribeca together with two dozen other magic soul-fire madmen and supernovas in the months after 9/11.

One night at the dinner table I was slogging through yet another existential early-mid twenties crisis, as he shared his latest coupe with me. He’d landed a $20,000 New Years Eve gig for his new performance troupe at one of the hottest night clubs in the city.

Over the past few months I’d followed his magic journey as he pulled the group together, and spent weeks rehearsing with them (oh, and months seducing pretty much every other gorgeous supernova who came in his orbit…).

I had to know his secret, though… “How did you do it?!”

He had a burning passion for love and art, music, sex and success on his own terms — he knew what he wanted, and he could turn that soul-fire up and set the coldest cat on fire in a heartbeat, but he didn’t mention any of that. He just put it to me straight up and simple. He said:

“Look, we’re all magic — we make magic every day! You take an idea, you capture a glimmer of inspiration from your Soul and bring it to life — that’s magic. Every short film you make, every project you pull together from the inspiration of your spirit, you’re making magic happen.

You think you don’t have the power to create anything you want in the world? You’ve got your arms spread wide open, waiting for the universe to come and sweep you up, but you’re the only one who can choose your destiny and run with it! You’ve got to remember the law of Free Will — you’re in a partnership with the universe, the winds of Spirit may give you momentum but you’ve gotta steer your own ship…”

Read more at Rebelle Society…

Satya Colombo