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Finding Your Own Rhythm at the Center of the Cosmic Dance (5 Lessons x 5 Years :: 2)

The Dance

As I sit here writing in a lovely cave-like office in the sky I remember with fondness a time in my life when I was still so far away from living my dream. A time when the creative stretch was all there was to keep me from more-or-less eating myself alive. It’s a kind of wondrous curiosity with which I reflect upon who I was at that time, where I found myself in the coming years, and what I am still to become…

So many wild experiences I found myself involved with it’s near impossible to choose what direction to go in here, let alone one main lesson to draw out onto the page, but I’ll do my best. If you haven’t gotten the drift yet, it’s about finding that rhythm and flow at the center of the storm that is life. Particularly in the midst of that sometimes painful creative stretch of self-expression we find ourselves in when pursuing of our highest calling. (It’s the second part of a series I started on the occasion of my fifth anniversary of blogging here at Fierce Wisdom. I hope that it stands on its own.)
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5 Lessons Learned Through Five Years Blogging at Fierce Wisdom (Part 1)

zalie metro

{Via – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0}

On May 28th, 2010,  I shared my very first post here. Five years, 144 posts, 25 countries, countless failed projects, some really incredible victories and many thousands of visitors later, I feel like… I don’t know. Different. Changed…growned up some.

I’ve learned and grown so much through this process of creative self-expression and lifting myself to reach my highest calling, I thought it would be nice to share some of those lessons in celebration of our five-year anniversary here. So, each week for the next 30 days, COUPLE WEEKS UNTIL I’M DONE! ;) I’ll post a blog containing some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through five years of stepping up to my highest calling, and building a life and business that’s enabled me to make my own schedule, travel the world, and do what matters to me. (And I’ll be including some of my favorite pieces and greatest hits in each post).

However long you’ve been reading personally, I want to thank you so much for being a part of this life experiment of mine, and I hope you enjoy…. Here goes!
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For the Love of Mercury (and making your art!)

Sunset with Joy and the little sea bird — Ventura Beach, California

Sunset with Joy and the little sea bird — Ventura Beach, California


At the time of writing we’re about midway through the current Mercury Retrograde period, but I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while! I decided to push it out today in celebration of my “Mercury Love-In” Sale (30% off private sessions and the Soul-Fire Code). Hope it helps! Enjoy. :)

The Mercury Retrograde period is generally misunderstood as a period where the challenges of communications and operating on the earth plane are intensified. In truth, this is the very best period for intuitive creative souls to thrive in, because it offers us an opportunity to do our deepest work. It can also help with providing a wonderful sort of energetic force shield from the energies of the world.

While so many others are busy running around like chickens, struggling with getting things done the way they usually do, you have this extra keen ability to operate from an even deeper place than usual. Your true Soul Power is magnified and welcomed into play. Continue Reading →

Do the Work That Matters.

That woman in the red dress — at the Acropolis in Athens


I was burning so hot on all ends I couldn’t see straight. It was this great sadness in my heart that needed to be shared. So I made more art…I was driven, it was good. But the pain was still there and in some ways the pressure was growing even stronger…

I think I speak for at least a few thousand million of us here on earth when I say:

*We’d like to see and know more of who you really are.*

What is the song your spirit cries to be sung? What holds you back from your song? What holds you back from exploring and expressing this Creative Self?

Your heart and soul burn hot. Follow that trail inside to the creative expression your Spirit longs for and you might find something good. Vital. Basic. Necessary… –let these exchanges of personal and creative exploration open the relief valve to your creative furnace. Open the floodgates. Break the flow. Open the words that long to sing in conversation…

with yourself,

with the one you love,

with all of us.


just keep on waiting for the right time.

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It’s Never Too Late.

At play in the fields... Kotor, Montenegro

At play in the fields of Love… Kotor, Montenegro —@satyacolombo


It’s never too late to live the life you have imagined. The greatest work has always been created at the edge of impossible. The greatest artists have all found their voice “well past their prime.” The great spiraling galaxies of existence are your playground. Have some fun with it! Start where you are and begin modeling the future you’re stepping into now. Like an architect or painter, your life experience is your palette, your imagination the brush and the world your canvas. Make it count!

Start with what you have. Make some good. Build your dream house and start living in it. Let your life become that marvelous work of art we’ve all been waiting for.

We’re worth it.


No More Eyes Wide Shut — We Must Out-Create the Horror With Creative Strength

eyes wide open

Street art in Athens — October 2014 — #eyeswideopen


The truth of injustice in this world is almost too horrific to look at. Like the Tom Hanks character in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”, the absolutely confounding madness of what we see in our world causes us to wander through our lives in a state of denial or confusion about what’s really happening around us.

In my preface to the forthcoming EDGE FLOW collaborative book project, I wrote:

The thing is— the truth is frightening, ugly…and just plain horrible to face. If you read the world news on any given day, it’s clear that humans are pretty wretched beings. Selfish, self-absorbed, despotic, fundamentalist, racist, sexist, murderers, baby killers and psychopaths. And those among us who are most needed to show up, to step up our game and do what we can to make a difference—the highly creative, empathic, change-oriented, good-hearted, mindful people—we’re often the ones who suffer most deeply from seeing all this. And so we turn away.

How often have you heard these words, or told yourself even: “It’s just too much, I can’t handle it!” Or, “I haven’t watched the news in years, it’s too depressing.” But it’s only because we’re not strong enough in ourselves that we can’t handle this stuff. Because when you have a stronger handle on the truth of who you are, and can stay grounded in that longer, you can really see all this stuff and not let it be a complete headf*ck. We need that, so we can roll up our sleeves and say,

“OK, I see what’s going on — I know I can’t fix it all myself, but my heart is pulling me to do _this_, and I feel pretty strongly that it might make a difference. And I can handle this, I got this….”   

And then you do it. And it does make a difference. And it’s good.

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Two Books and a Box of Precious Soul-Fire Gifts From Me and My Friends to You


Last weekend I announced two new books I’m so excited to release to the world, and a special set of pre-order packages for my birthday. Today I’m releasing the SOUL FLOW virtual gift boxes I promised, and I’m super excited — they are epic! Handpicked gems from my friends and luminaries — each resource is like a mini-love bomb and takes about 20 minutes or less to process. And that’s what I wanted — not to overwhelm you with STUFF, but to give you powerful little treasures to jumpstart your FLOW.

Order any of the pre-order book packages by tomorrow, and you’ll get the gift box delivered instantly via email.

The SOUL FLOW Virtual Gift Box Contains…

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SOUL FIRE & FLOW—Big News, Co-Creating Your Reality and Celebrating…My Birthday!

Sunrise at the top of Tres Piedras, New Mexico

Sunrise at the top of Tres Piedras Crags, New Mexico – future home of the Creative Healing Arts Center

The way the universe works, it’s just kinda crazy and so very beautiful…right?

Since arriving in North America a few weeks back I’ve been spending a lot of time finding my roots and opening my heart to dissolve the virtual reinforced steel walls that inevitably want to lock down around me when I return! So many beautiful moments have unfolded in the past month — from Albania to Athens to Stockholm and especially landing on that sacred land in New Mexico just last week — but with those thick hard walls I just wasn’t making a ton of progress in many areas at all…

Then suddenly a couple days back, one day to the next, something shifted. In a seismically big kind of way. Time and everything else was still moving fast as ever, but it was like I suddenly shifted back into the cockpit and traveling along with it. And not getting swept away in overwhelm. What had changed…?

A sprinkle of magic, a splash of intention, and suddenly everything was different…
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World Dream Day: Ignite the Dream Within


Starts today!

I’m a part of the World Dream Day Conference hosted by Ozioma of BurnBright and en*theos.

This inspiring virtual conference features 20 of the world’s leading dreamers, visionaries and innovators sharing personal stories and insights on igniting your Spirit and bringing your dreams and goals to life!

Ignite the Dream Within — Virtual Conference
September 26-30, 2014
Free :: Global :: Online


Of course we’re speaking about one of my most loved topics…

Soul Fire and Flow for Creative Rebel Dreamers
Sunday, September 28, 2014
at 3:00 PM PT / 6:00 PM ET. Continue Reading →