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I help change-makers and emerging luminaries awaken to their highest truth and do their greatest work through self-healing, creative expression and spirit-driven entrepreneurship. I love playing the ukulele, meditating, writing, diving in the ocean, exploring new worlds, and helping shape the transformation of society.

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The Sacred Breath — A Virtual Healing Journey

In this 4-part virtual workshop series we are venturing into a full energy healing, soul cleanse and personal transformation journey to align with our true strength. We work with the Breath because it is the most effective medium to deliver us into a direct embodiment of who we really are. When that relationship is in balance we can experience a steady flow of the Universal Life Force sustaining and nourishing us. And with that opening, the infinite wonder and magic of Spirit flows through in exponential layers.

Each workshop incorporates breathwork meditation, energy healing and intuitive discourse. We’ll be working with the different elements and corresponding Elementals, along with specific Spirit Animals and Archangels. My hope is that you will open to a deeper relationship with your own Spirit Guides and Animals also, as I have found these to be the greatest comfort and support through my years on the path.

Our meeting space is hosted online with the best technology available so you can easily connect in from anywhere in the world through your computer, tablet, or phone. Sign up for the full 4-part series at a discounted rate, or attend each session individually as you wish.

Session 1: Sunday, March 26th at 1pm Pacific — Sacred Heart :: Sacred Flow  

SOUL CLEANSE. Right now is a very important time on so many levels. What are you ready to let go of? When you cleanse your heart and soul, you make space to embody your true essence and soul power — this is the real foundation for everything good to build on! We’ll be working with the energies of New Moon and Spring, and calling in the Universal Life Force to help keep us moving forward with clarity, strength and magic. We will look at how to work with these energies in such a way that your huge heart and empathic tendencies can start working more for you instead of against you. Release the old and call in the true you.

Helpers: Sacred Heart/Water/Spirit, Archangel Gabriel, the Water Elementals and Whale Spirit Medicine. 

Session 2: Sunday, April 16th at 1pm Pacific — Sacred Body :: Sacred Earth

What if we could love each other the way the earth loves us? Giving endlessly, turning manure into gold, transmuting all energy into new life with unconditional love. We are each a tiny microcosm of mother earth, with our fiery core and all the elements working together in unison, and yet we have so much to learn from her about truly living in alignment. In so many ways she is the perfect model for the fully integrated human. When we can really tend to our bodies and our selves as the sacred vessel we also begin to learn how to really love — the true generosity in allowing ourselves to be held, to give and to receive fully of the richness that we are. We’ll be working with the energies of Mother Earth and Easter to help us find our ground in service to self and others.

Helpers: Sacred Body/Earth/Spirit, Archangel Uriel, the Earth Elementals and Buffalo Spirit Medicine.  

Session 3: Sunday, May 7th at 1pm Pacific — Sacred Spirit :: Sacred Fire 

Harnessing the passion, purpose and sacred power of who you really are. This is one of my favorites as many of you know I’ve been working with SOUL FIRE and the “Fire of Love” for many years. It’s some hot and spicy energy! One of the challenges most artists, healers and creators have is learning to manage our energy to be more consistently productive in our lives and work. We all have built-up anger and aggression, and cultivating the flow of Love and Spirit within us helps convert those fiery energies into a more productive steady flow of passion and creativity. Lots of good energy and creative life force to work with here as we approach the full Mother’s Moon of May with gratitude. It takes a conscious and active commitment to keep moving through and transmuting the shadow energies into light. We’ll be illuminating everything to shine bright and shine on!!

Helpers: Sacred Soul/Fire/Spirit, Archangel Michael, the Fire Elementals, and Lion Spirit Medicine. 

Session 4: Sunday, May 28th at 1pm Pacific — Sacred Mind :: Sacred Breath 

Small mind thinking vs High Self being. How to stay rooted in your Soul Power so you can walk in beauty and spread love and light every day? Hint: it’s in the breath! Everything is connected—from what you think of in the morning as you greet each day to how you react when someone honks or cuts you off on your way home at night. As we learn to work with our Spirit and call in deeper levels of being to play, the mind can also soften its hold on our lives. This is one of the greatest keys to happiness and ease — to be able choose our thoughts and realities instead of being victim to our circumstances and the energies around us. Through the practices of Sacred Breath your mind and body are soothed as oxygen and Spirit work together to cleanse and recharge your blood, your being, and all the internal organs.

Helpers: Sacred Air/Wind/Mind/Spirit, Archangel Metatron, the Air and Sky Elementals and Eagle Spirit Medicine.  


My approach:

The healing energy that moves through me is the power of Spirit that moves through us all. I’m not here to “fix” you or create a dependency on myself as a healer or teacher. I am here to teach you to heal yourself and stand in your own highest power. Every day. This is the only power I know that can truly change the world for the better.

The space I hold for your healing process is strong, safe and magical – unlike anything you may have experienced before. When we circle up together we amplify the power of our healing energy and intentions. Sacred space is invoked as white sage and other offerings are made in prayer. United in a circle of light while each in our own space, we are swept into the music and magic through the flow of Breath and Spirit. Be ready to give up your false stories and beliefs, and experience big shifts and synchronicities lining up in your life when you simply show up as you are. Each person will receive the opportunity to be heard and receive personal guidance and support in group.

About Breathwork:

The pranayama breathing practice I teach is incredibly effective in releasing deep-rooted blocks and supporting the healing of your energetic, emotional and physical body. This gentle two-stage breathing meditation with ancient yoga roots can be used any time to ground and clear your energy, raise your vibration and restore symbiosis to your body and soul. Traditionally done while laying down, it’s very simple to integrate into your daily practice. I have witnessed deeper healing and self-empowerment in myself and my clients through Breathwork than 20 years of prior spiritual practice and training with masters around the world.


  • Release stuck energy and old beliefs that hold you back from living in your highest power and manifesting what you truly desire.
  • Learn how to harness the Universal Life Force for greater strength, vibrance and clarity in all your life and work.
  • Improve your overall health and energy levels — breathwork has been proven to help release toxins, lower blood pressure, reduce general aches and pains, strengthen the immune system, improve stamina and promote deeper sleep.
  • Release stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and self-doubt to make room for love, strength and confidence, and most importantly—your Spirit.
  • Receive direct guidance on overcoming your own personal challenges around healing, energy blocks, personal empowerment and spiritual practice—whatever that might look like for you.

All registered guests will receive an audio recording of the session and playlist. You will also receive a downloadable guide for each workshop with optional assignments to continue deepening your own practice.

Space is limited, so please purchase your tickets in advance. Times listed are Pacific (Los Angeles time) – see this site to convert to your timezone. All workshops run for two hours or less, beginning on time at 1pm PST and ending at 3pm PST. For those who wish to receive extra support through the program: choose the premium package from the dropdown menu to receive two private sessions at a special rate.

Register for the series for the full experience – handouts and recordings will be provided if you are unable to attend all sessions – or sign up for individual circles as you wish! 

Contact: satya (at) satyacolombo.com | 323-540-4456




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Healing Aggression With Love and Flow

I was waiting to make a left turn into the local coffee shop parking lot and blocking the way, so someone behind me started honking aggressively. I could have probably gone faster and cut off oncoming traffic, but I value life too much for that. I’m also a fiery fighter at heart—I don’t take s**t from anyone—so my natural response for years would have been to just shout and curse them back. Fight fire with fire baby….

That kind of energy from behind feels like a violation, but people don’t realize their own power—they really don’t realize what they’re doing! After many years of self-training I’ve learned to manage the energy so that when people send it over I can just feel it and let it move through me. I won’t push back unless I’m having a particularly bad day or just feeling very pissed off myself. I might still judge their actions with a twinge of emotion or disgust though.

When this happened today I muttered under my breath, “a–holes.” It didn’t have a lot of energy behind it, more of just an observation, ‘those people are being a–holes’. But this time it just didn’t sit with me. ‘Why am I judging them?’ I thought. Probably because I’m still mad for being pushed against with that aggressive energy. Because like all of us to different degrees I’ve experienced that all my life and it does not feel good.

But here’s the thing: maybe they weren’t being inappropriate at all — maybe they were just being themselves. Using their own conditioned response. Maybe they were stressed because they needed to get somewhere and it was an emergency. Maybe because all of life feels like an emergency to a lot of people right now, so our emotions are heightened. It’s not even conscious — we need some way to let off steam, so that’s how we do it.

There’s this truth about relationships that when any strong energies or emotions are not addressed or released in one partner, it comes through like a steam valve in the other. So, basically, we are all steam valves for each other in society.

The empaths and artists are the biggest release valves — more like industrial steam pipes — providing a really necessary and valuable service that is not really seen or recognized. But that’s another topic for another day.

Today I remembered a really great practice that helped to diffuse and heal the aggressive energy for me. (When I say remember, it’s just that it feels like something I’ve learned a thousand times before, and today it just made sense and seemed valuable.) After I made the turn and was pulling into a parking space, I was musing about my judgment there… ‘Are they really a–holes? Maybe they’re just being aggressive and honking.’ And the words came to mind with a little compassion, ‘oh, so aggressive!’ Just a touch of humor and perspective, and that felt so much better.

Then I thought, ‘that feels like a really great teaching I could write about!’

Suddenly the energy had been activated inside of me to do something positive. So you see, there is real healing in that. For myself in this case mostly— witnessing and transmuting the energy with compassion—but also potentially for those who receive it. Maybe you will remember the next time you get flipped off on the road. You will have some compassion and not take it personally. You will just witness with wisdom and name the energy, and then put that energy towards something good! Then I will have done a little something worthwhile with what I have.

People throw energy around in the form of anger and violence every day with little awareness of what they’re doing, or what effects it has. Then we wonder why so many people die from unnecessary accidents (more than 30,000 transport-related deaths every year in the US — see the odds of dying).

We lost my beloved sister ten years ago in a car accident with someone who was likely not driving mindfully. There’s not a day goes by I don’t feel that sting. Do you really want to be one of those people? Do you want to put your energy towards more aggression and violence in the world? Or would you maybe want to heal the aggression inside yourself with compassion, so you can be a more productive and kind human?

Fire can be good! When you use it as a creative force instead of a destructive one, you’re sort of softening the fire with love. It can never really be tamed, but you can learn to work respectfully with fire and contain it with your boundaries. You can learn to keep a good bucket of water nearby. So instead of letting it run completely wild and burn everything down, you can be an instrument of positive change.

There are so many more metaphors I can think of here, from the need for controlled forest fires to the way we obtain our fuel for the fire. A little fire is good — necessary even — but I’ll leave it at that for now. You can be healing society and the communities you are a part of, every time you drive around town. Kinda cool hey? :)

Feel the energy, witness and name it compassionately, then use it towards some good in the world.


p.s. there are times when fighting fire with fire is appropriate and necessary—pick your battles and please always use your energy and judgment wisely!


** Lord, make me an instrument of thy burning heart o’Love! **


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Truth, Love & Beauty – Virtual Breathwork Circle

  • Note: This event is priced at a sliding scale to make the breathwork more accessible. $25 is the suggested rate. Please use the button below to choose your payment amount. :)

Sunday, February 19th 11AM-1PM Pacific: In this very special global healing and meditation circle we will align with the powers of Love, Truth and Beauty to stand in our highest power. When we gather to embody our true strength, we heal and empower not only ourselves, but our loved ones and the greater communities we are a part of as well.

Our Sunday circle will open with a meditation to bring us together in Spirit and activate the magic of our intentions. Holy wood and sage are burned as our prayers and invocations are sent up. We will engage around opening our hearts and minds to truly embody Love and Truth, breathing together to an inspiring and magical playlist. Aligning with our high selves, and committing to stand for what really matters, we are empowered to Walk In Beauty in the world.


  • How to incorporate the Breathwork into your daily practice for lasting change.
  • How to release belief systems and energy blocks that hold you back from living in your highest power and doing the work you are called here for.
  • Let go of stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and self-doubt to make room for love and confidence and most importantly—your Spirit!
  • Learn how to breathe properly every day for a huge uptake in overall health and happiness.
  • How your practice can clear the path to manifesting what you truly desire
  • Harnessing the Universal Life Force for greater strength, clarity and effectiveness in all your life and work.
  • Ask me how to overcome your own personal challenges around cultivating strength, healing, personal empowerment and soul awakening — whatever they may be.

About the practice:

Since becoming a certified Breathwork Healer in 2011 I’ve experienced deeper healing and awakening in both myself and my clients then through 20 years of prior practice with masters around the world.

Done while laying down, this gentle two-stage breathing practice with ancient yogic roots can be used any time to heal, ground and clear your energy, raise your vibration, and restore symbiosis to your body and soul. Because it’s so easy to integrate into your daily life with incredible results, Breathwork is now a large and growing movement. I have been studying with renowned healer David Elliott for many years, and I’m honored to be a part of sharing this magic.

Space is limited so please purchase your tickets in advance to ensure you get in and receive instructions for participating. We will do our best to provide a recording for all who have registered, but it is not guaranteed.

Date: Sunday February 19th, 2017

Time: 11AM-1PM PST Los Angeles time

(2-3PM in New York/7-9PM in London)

Cost: $15-40 Sliding Scale

Location: Online via Zoom – in the comfort of your home.

The Zoom meeting program is very simple to use – you will need a computer with internet and camera to join. Connect in from your bedroom or living room, or wherever you have privacy. No prior experience with breathwork or meditation necessary. 

Contact: satya (at) satyacolombo.com | 323-540-4456



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Wild Soul Wisdom – Panther & Hummingbird Spirit Animal Blessings


With all the intensity in the air right now between the cosmic weather and post-election energy, I was thrilled to pull Panther and Hummingbird as our current Wild Soul Wisdom guides. As this is the last week I’m offering Spirit Animal Guardian readings for 2017, they are stepping forward to help guide those as well! So that feels auspicious. :)

One of the ways I work is through applying the Animal Spirit wisdom I channel to the trinity of Masculine, Feminine and the Infinite (aka Spirit). But I don’t believe in a separation between these. When in balance this perfect dance unfolds in which we can truly embody our highest potential, by the Grace. (Perfect balance?? Possible yes! :))

In this short channeling session, Panther Medicine is helping with the inward feminine aspect—how we navigate our inner world—while Hummingbird is supporting us with the outward masculine aspect—how we take action in the world. But I’m not so foolish to imply that women are all about emotions and men about action. I’m talking about the core energies of the feminine and masculine. The yin-yang, circular vs linear, (and dare I say it) pussy power vs penis power. As you well know there’s this wonderful union possible in there, and when it’s united with the sacred Infinite and FULLY EMBODIED as ONE we get, well…balance and ecstasy. When in conflict and separation we get…well you’ve seen it, violence, oppression, and other not nice phenomena.

As you’ll see, both these Spirit Animal Guides talk about how to navigate from a place of power through our lives in the world. That’s very much because they are representing the highest potential expression of the archetypal energies they represent. In unified balance.

Panther Spirit’s message:

Everything you seek starts from right inside of you.
Come along now, you are safe, I will take you there.
Do not fear the darkness.
What do you have to fear?
You have nothing to fear!
Your Word is your Truth is your Light.
Bring on the Good.
Or stay hiding in your shadows.
You are the one you’ve been waiting for!
We are waiting too.
I love you.

Hummingbird Spirit’s message:

There are so many paths to that which you seek, and a rainbow of facets in every delight. Relish them now and tomorrow, forever…just know that your real needs are found somewhere deeper.

At the wellspring of joy you will find your way home, but only my dear if your heart is employed! If you’re dizzy, depleted, you need to take care — just call on my name and I’ll be right there.

Listen now…listen dear…quiet…just listen…. I’m right here around you, with a whoosh and a whisper, may the Blessings Astound you!

In light of what’s going on astrologically + energetically and what I’m seeing in people around me—in particular the self-identified mystics, healers, empaths and creatives, but just as true for nearly everyone… 

I’m struck with Panther’s message around BEING FIERCE in minding your needs and self care. To not be afraid of our own shadows. To bring the light inside, shine brighter and trust that we can handle it! Panther is just straight up: Be. There. For. YOU. It’s time. Then get out and kick some behind.

This card is clearly a black panther, which is actually the same species as BLACK JAGUAR under a different name. Among the Toltecs and many other indigenous wisdom traditions of the Americas and beyond, this Animal Spirit is revered for its protection, magic and power in navigating the unseen. Call on Black Panther when you want some extra strength embracing the unknown and finding your own light in the dark. Strength, protection + illumination.

Interestingly, Panther’s message also calls to mind this essential interview on B*tch Media I spotted recently that along with Angela Davis cites the self-described ‘black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet’ Audre Lord with the world’s best quote on Self Care:

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” –Audre Lord

Self care is not self-indulgent, it is a political act. It is absolutely 100% THE essential foundation of any revolution. You’ve gotta be in it for the haul! This is also how I work my own service into the movement.

Hummingbird is speaking to me a lot about the INSANE RABBIT HOLES of social media right now. Try not to get sucked into all the dizzying temptations and distractions around you as you move through your days. There’s so many shiny and pretty toys and balms that the marketers and other predatory capitalists will try and sucker you for. Especially in a place of vulnerability with unhealed or un-held emotional energy. There are so many diversions you can get sucked into, but when it happens, just come back to Source. Watch out for those addictions right now! No substitute for being with your self. Recenter and find that fountain of LOVE + TRUTH and JOY inside you. Then move from there.

And one more thing: Please take extra care to check inside and dip into the Fountain, before you go being impulsive and responding to people from a place of reactionary anger, etc. That is the path. The only way forward if you want to be truly effective in fulfilling your needs and desires!

Balance…wouldn’t that be nice? Definitely Possible! See if you can call in the wisdom and energy of hummingbird and panther to help you navigate through the coming days in your highest power. Self care, preservation,  Clarity, strength, wisdom, love. You got this!

Love and blessings,

Would you like to connect with your own Animal Spirit Guides for 2o17? In private readings we go deep into the wisdom of your Soul and Spirit Guides, remove energetic blocks and strengthen your intentions with love and power. Two options available: a full session by Skype/phone—The Trinity Sessions—or a recorded Mini-Reading for your Mythic Guardian of the year. Book now as these readings are popular and I have limited space available! Last day of ordering: January 31st.

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Magic Everywhere (coming back to take us home)

saguaro cactus by satya colombo

MAGIC is my word for 2017. There is a lot I could share about this and what it’s been unfolding for me so far. The only thing that really matters right now though: I am here to serve and advance and enjoy. And MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE. When I align with that reality it reveals so much and brings me to my knees and lifts me up again even higher around the f*cking universe to crash land and laugh and start all over again, forever… I don’t know where I’m going, but at least I’m having some more fun now, and I want to help you bring more magic in your life too. So I’m pushing myself to share more of all the good and the real and the beautiful, and enjoying it all a little more again.

This cactus is from an Instagram I published yesterday. I’m going to share the text below because it’s kind of awesome — there is so much to learn from the natural world. Actually, if you wonder why you can finally feel YOURSELF in the wild… Why the ocean makes you come alive….why the wind speaks to you in waves…there are so many reasons, as you know. But the main ones I’m seeing this moment are,

First: We are made of all these elements! The water, the fire, the air, the earth, the spirit — it’s all inside of us as much as we are inside of existence and living on the earth. TWO: we really do come from the earth! Everything we eat contains all the stuff of the earth and so many of the elements also inside of our bodies. So we are supported by the earth, but more than that we are children of the earth  — in the MOST LITERAL SENSE! There is more of course,  so much, but let’s leave some for the next time and look at this a minute deeper….

For many years I had the hardest time believing that I come from monkeys. AND whether or not you believe in evolution, aside from the very real albeit crazy possibility that we were seeded from star people, all available evidence points to the fact that our ancestors are protozoa. Blue-green algae…the first single-cell life forms that emerged in the ocean 100 thousand million years ago. I don’t even know how long ago. Look it up, I can’t be bothered right now lol. But I think you get the picture here? Your ancestors are f*cking algae…how beautiful and weird and totally amazing. OK without further ado, the famous cactus of Quartzsite post…

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.” This one from Carl Jung often echoes in my thoughts. As you will I’m sure recall, it continues… “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
I spotted this cactus on a car-charging break, road tripping from Sedona with @josh_reeve_randall. I loved its funny rabbit ears and how it stood so stark in contrast with its environment. It’s a great moment, but I resisted sharing because it felt so close to home. The thorny isolation, the fuck you world I’m doing it anyway. But really when you look deeper there’s so much more. So much to be learned from this humble giant. The way it stores water in its body, expanding like an accordion and enabling it to survive the longest summers. The slow and steady growth — just one inch per year — giving it a long and productive life. The thorns that protect the cactus from predators, while also processing photosynthesis in place of leaves which would consume too much water…. Because of its slow growth and great water capacity, the Saguaro cactus is able to flower every year no matter the weather, producing pollen for procreation and fruits for the desert animals.
Nature has no equal — look inside, or get outside and bring it home — so much magic everywhere, just a little peek beneath the veil is sometimes all it takes.

(Originally posted on my Instagram – follow me there. )


I look around these days and I see people who are so lost, so drained, so empty and sad. We have more information and more power at our fingertips than ever before, but yet we know so little about the true nature of things.

I have been studying these esoteric, practical and magical things for so many years…when you go so far past the boundaries of ordinary experience, coming back to earth and catching a few others to bring along with you can feel like falling backwards. But this is the only way. This is how we grow. This is what we’re here for. At least, I can speak for myself. It’s what I’m here for. (Just figuring out how to build a container deep enough to hold it all is a lifelong project ! I’m not alone on this ride, though, thank you.)

I believed in the separation for so long. That conflict between the normal world and the mystic world. But you know…? That’s just another story too. We’re re-writing our story now. We’re re-envisioning, re-imagining, recreating our collective future together. When I open the news it feels shit sometimes, but then I peer beyond the illusion and into the magic infinite, and it feels so different. It feels bright. That’s where we’re going. That’s Home.

See you again soon. In my dreams. In my heart. On the web. In the world. And don’t forget about the famous cactus of Quartzsite!!! ;)

Under the blue-green veils,



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Breathwork + Sound Healing at THE COLLECTIVE Sedona

sedona breathwork healing

Tuesday, January 3rd: Sedona Vortex Center at THE COLLECTIVE – Heal your heart, recharge your Spirit, release energetic blocks and bring your 2017 intentions to life with love and power. A very special New Year Breathwork meditation and sound healing workshop with Satya Colombo and Lori Lané.

January 3rd will be an unforgettable evening of healing, awakening and emotional release. The sacred circle opens with a short discourse, intention-setting and explanation of the Breathwork meditation practice. Holy wood and sage are burned as our prayers and invocations are sent up, followed by the Breathwork meditation led by Satya Colombo. All set to a soundtrack of incredible music and Solfeggio Frequency sound healing facilitated by Lori Lané.

Breathwork is the most direct path of healing and personal transformation available to anyone at any time — a high spiritual technology that stills the mind and gently activates the body’s energy centers, bringing you into full alignment with your Spirit. Done while laying down, this gentle two-stage breathing meditation practice with ancient yogic roots can be used any time to ground and clear, raise your vibration, heal your energetic field and restore symbiosis to your body and soul.

When your energy is clear, your heart is bright and light beams from your eyes, we know we’ve done our job and you can step out good and ready to bring your highest vision to life in 2017!  

Space is limited so please purchase your tickets in advance. The Sedona Vortex temple is located on the top floor of THE COLLECTIVE SEDONA — the venue for amazing restaurants, shops and Sedona’s top wellness spa.

Date: Tuesday January 3rd, 2017 

Time: 7-9 PM 

Cost: $20 Advance / $25 Day-of

Location: Sedona Vortex Center
7000 Highway 179 – E200 Sedona, AZ
Phone: 443-204-2982

Please plan on arriving a few minutes early to settle in. Bring a yoga mat and/or blanket to lie on. No prior experience with breathwork or meditation necessary. :)

Contact: satya (at) satyacolombo.com | 323-540-4456




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How I learned to stop self-sabotaging, get grounded and wake the f*ck up

mama crystal

When you were growing up did you ever have an older brother or classroom bully do that thing where they took your hand and forced you to punch yourself repeatedly? “Why are you hitting yourself? Why do you keep punching yourself?!”…. Over and over again, and you were powerless to stop them because of your size. That was the worst. Especially when it was someone who supposedly cared about you. It reminds me of what we do to ourselves when we give our power away to fear and resistance. We allow these ungrounded emotions to manifest in ways that sabotage our capacity to show up and do the work we’re called to do. It’s like repeatedly punching yourself in the face or holding your own hands behind your back— only now your powerless against your own self-bullying.

This is a serious problem for many people and creates a bunch of unnecessary challenges. Instead of embodying the strength and Spirit of who we really are, we fluctuate somewhere between our mind, body and ego. Yes, there may be occasional moments of selfless joy and inner connectedness, but mostly we alternate between an over-active obsessive mind, and a reactive emotional state. It’s too painful to be present with what’s really going on inside, so we move outside ourselves and start operating at a surface level. The emotions bubbling up are not being dealt with so we start bumping into things, causing accidents and hurting ourselves and others. Then we become even more ungrounded and disembodied. We find more excuses why we can’t “do the thing” and proof we’re bound to fail….

All these elaborate coping mechanisms to avoid experiencing the trauma, pain and sadness hidden deeper inside the emotional body. Just so that we don’t have to actually FEEL what’s going on and deal with it!

Feeling all the feels…

I know, you feel a lot. I do too. It sucks sometimes. Solution: Reason your way through it! Hustle harder. Ignore the pain. When you’re in your mind and in the hustle, you can power your way through almost anything. And once the mind kicks in it has this amazing power to cut off the emotional body. Then eventually when your mind gets tired and those feelings start coming up again, shove them down with sugar, alcohol, Netflix, social media and whatever other addictions you can wrap yourself up in. Am I right? Sorry, no. Bad solution. You lose.

What’s really going on? For any human today—and some of us much more than others—there’s an immense amount of unhealed trauma stored in our bodies from the time of birth. Some of this is from our lineage. Much of it we have blocked from memory. The rest just hurts too bad to even touch it, so we stay in our minds and glued to the bottle or the screen or whatever it is just pick your poison…. All this trauma, pain and sadness we are avoiding, this is the root of all resistance. Period.

There are worlds of pain inside us that just need to be witnessed and loved to be released. Some of it just needs to be blasted with light and moved on out. This is what it means to heal. It’s a lifetime undertaking, but each time we heal the wounds and lighten the load that we carry, we become a little more capable of carrying our own weight and walking in beauty. More integrated and effective as a human being. More grounded and embodied in our highest power.

Alternatively, we can just power through the resistance and keep the pain locked away forever. There it  will fester and possibly help manifest: Heart Disease (the #1 killer in the world), Cancer (#2 in America), Lung Disease (#3), or any number of chronic illnesses.

Worth the risk…? The main problem I see with leaving this darkness unattended in ourselves is not so much that it can accelerate our own sickness and death, but how it affects the human collective. How it manifests outwardly as violence and abuse, merging into widespread systemic bigotry, a Trump regime, a global war machine, and the horrors of terrorism we are now experiencing at unprecedented levels in human history.

Of course—ironically—the establishment is all for this. Unhealed and emotionally broken people are the prime targets for predatory advertising and social control. They will believe whatever propaganda they are fed. They will become prisoners of consumerism and debt. They will work in shitty mindless jobs their whole lives. They will make excellent cogs in the machine.

What are we going to do about this situation? Or to the point: What are you going to do about it?

At some point it became painfully clear how effectively I was sabotaging myself and getting in the way of my own success and happiness. How great I had become at leaving a path of destruction around me. How angry I was at the world, and how fundamentally ineffective that made me as a human being. Then I saw how different it felt when I worked through the darkness and shadows, when I healed the traumas that were holding me back, when I faced my biggest fears and jumped anyway. I was able to break through so many bonds to new levels of love and strength in my own self it was shocking.

Through all of this healing work and determination to follow my spirit, I was blessed to experience some things that most people dream their whole lives about and then lie in their death beds regretting not having done. I spent years traveling the world and living in countless cities from Latin America to Europe and the Balkans. I loved and lived better than I could ever imagine was possible. It was amazing beyond belief at times, but I’m not patting my own back or gloating over what I’ve accomplished. The truth is that up until recently I was working so hard that I almost killed myself.

I know, work harder so you can have more of what you want!

I won’t go too much into the details now, but the bottom line is I took all of the extra energy and strength from my practice and put it into my work so that I could stretch even farther. And it got to the point where I went way. too. far.

Perhaps by now you can guess what was the root cause of my self-destructive behavior in the name of freedom. I can say clearly that it was NOT the manifestation of a self-loving and fully healed person. I was a workaholic, and that is an addiction as harmful as any other. I saw this, and I knew that something was far off in me and my work, and so I doubled down on “the real work” and did even more healer training, attended more workshops, retreated farther from the limelight and dug deeper into my truth.

What I finally came to see this year was that after all “the work” and everything I had learned over five years of healer training and mentorship—not to mention following the call of my spirit—I was STILL resisting the true calling as it was manifesting now. And that was what was killing my joy and keeping me in the big fog.…

Now it’s been a LONG road to get here, but I can finally say without shame or doubt that I have claimed my true role as a healer, teacher and clairvoyant advisor. I work with animal spirits, angels and other spirit guides. I work with energy. I work with the elements. I’m obsessed with power crystals. I’m also a writer and an artist and whatever else I want to be. I love the dichotomy of being both human and divine. I believe the path to liberation is through the human experience. Not above it or beyond it, but right here. Every day. “How can I be a more effective and powerful incarnation of my highest potential?” That is my obsession.

It’s a long and twisty, inglorious road…

Yes, I have thousands of hours of spiritual practice and training under my belt, but all the training in the world doesn’t mean shit if you can’t put it to work in the world. I am proud to have learned how to maneuver through the darkest tunnels of despair and self doubt. I know how to manage the dramatic ups and downs of life as a true Empath and “Highly Sensitive Person.” I can find the root to most any problem that is presented to me and advise my clients how to work through it and heal themselves. I’m still far from perfect. I haven’t struck it rich. I don’t claim to have it all figured out. But I do know my strengths and weaknesses and I’m learning more each day.

This is why I’ve devoted my life to learning how to heal and teach others to heal themselves. Right now I feel a little like one of those men who struck gold after years of traversing the Yukon winters 150 years ago must have felt. Soul gold. Now I need to get better at sharing that divine gold to make the cycle complete. So I’m writing and creating again, teaching the workshops on healing, and doing my part to show up and serve as strong as I can. In real life. I live to serve and explore and that’s what drives me. I will not however sacrifice all my health and happiness and relationships with loved ones for “la causa” as they say in the old country.

We all have more of our genius to share. More strength and light to step into. More sadness and anger to release. The thing that holds you back—whatever it may be, whatever excuse you name or whoever you may blame—do you think you might be ready to stop fighting it and throw up your arms already? Because the more you resist, the harder it fights back. The longer you prolong the agony through numbing yourself with drugs and addictions and other distractions, the faster you bring yourself hurtling towards your inevitable death. You and all of us with you.

Are you gonna keep busting a Tyler Durden and hitting yourself over and over in the face? C’mon that’s so 1999…

It’s time to stop sabotaging yourself. You are not a victim. You are not a cog in the machine. Be a part of the solution we desperately need right now. You can do this. There’s a lot of good work to do and yes, we need you here—on earth—grounded, whole, and ready for the good fight!! Starting this moment. Every moment. Breathe deeper. Dive deeper. Be real. Do you. No one else can do it for you.




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The Trinity Sessions 2017 – Spirit Animal Magic

Trinity Sessions Spirit Animal REadings

Very excited about this new offering. It’s so important for these times, and in my view the most sacred of all trinities…

In the Trinity Sessions I channel three of your primary totem animals to help manifest your intentions for 2017: One for each aspect of the sacred trine of MASCULINE (strategic thinking + forward-moving action), FEMININE (compassionate wisdom + inner-self nurturing), and the INFINITE (higher intelligence + Spirit magic).

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Breathwork Healing Group at YOGA SOUP Santa Barbara

elemental breathwork healing

This year has been a wild ride. Where are you still playing safe and holding back your true power? It’s time to step it up and shine brighter. Get clear, melt away stress and awaken your spirit in this sacred Breathwork circle. Now is the time…

Date: Sunday December 4th

Time: 3-5 pm 

Cost: $25 Advance / $30 Day-of

Location: YOGA SOUP
28 Parker Way
Santa Barbara CA 93101

Email: satya (at) satyacolombo.com | Phone: 323-540-4456

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