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I help change-makers and emerging luminaries awaken to their highest truth and do their greatest work through self-healing, creative expression and spirit-driven entrepreneurship. I love playing the ukulele, meditating, writing, diving in the ocean, exploring new worlds, and helping shape the transformation of society.

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The Endless Wisdom of the Emerald Heart (For Life’s Big Questions)


There’s a tendency to look outside ourselves for guidance on the biggest questions of our lives. The absolute “fierce wisdom” truth, of course, is whatever you’re looking for can be drawn from the vast well of your own Self. Since the entire universe is inside you already, why not just stretch into that infinite expanse and call forth the love and guidance you seek? What will you find in that limitless expanse?

Perhaps this question is what keeps us from diving deeper to access this infinite power within us. The fear of unleashing our true power. What might happen then…?? Continue Reading →

Finding Your Own Rhythm at the Center of the Cosmic Dance (5 Lessons x 5 Years :: 2)

The Dance

As I sit here writing in a lovely cave-like office in the sky I remember with fondness a time in my life when I was still so far away from living my dream. A time when the creative stretch was all there was to keep me from more-or-less eating myself alive. It’s a kind of wondrous curiosity with which I reflect upon who I was at that time, where I found myself in the coming years, and what I am still to become…

So many wild experiences I found myself involved with it’s near impossible to choose what direction to go in here, let alone one main lesson to draw out onto the page, but I’ll do my best. If you haven’t gotten the drift yet, it’s about finding that rhythm and flow at the center of the storm that is life. Particularly in the midst of that sometimes painful creative stretch of self-expression we find ourselves in when pursuing of our highest calling. (It’s the second part of a series I started on the occasion of my fifth anniversary of blogging here at Fierce Wisdom. I hope that it stands on its own.)
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5 Lessons Learned Through Five Years Blogging at Fierce Wisdom (Part 1)

zalie metro

{Via – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0}

On May 28th, 2010,  I shared my very first post here. Five years, 144 posts, 25 countries, countless failed projects, some really incredible victories and many thousands of visitors later, I feel like… I don’t know. Different. Changed…growned up some.

I’ve learned and grown so much through this process of creative self-expression and lifting myself to reach my highest calling, I thought it would be nice to share some of those lessons in celebration of our five-year anniversary here. So, each week for the next 30 days, COUPLE WEEKS UNTIL I’M DONE! ;) I’ll post a blog containing some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through five years of stepping up to my highest calling, and building a life and business that’s enabled me to make my own schedule, travel the world, and do what matters to me. (And I’ll be including some of my favorite pieces and greatest hits in each post).

However long you’ve been reading personally, I want to thank you so much for being a part of this life experiment of mine, and I hope you enjoy…. Here goes!
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100 Days of Selfies – for #the100dayproject

lion selfie

1/100 – Landed here with my favorite spirit animal as he coaxed out one of my secret alter egos without me even knowing. (If it scares you a little that’s Ok it scares me too sometimes!). And that’s the fun of life at the edge… #causeyougottalive baby ;)


So I read this piece the other day and it got me thinking… hmm maybe I should be taking more selfies after all.

Been shooting them with my sisters since I was a kid on those funky ol’ compact film cameras. That was before we called them selfies, and it was a lot of fun—capturing the moment in a way that a regular shot never could. So the other day on a whim I decided to join the 100 day project and, yes, share 100 self-portraits this year. (Guessing it might have had something to do with the lion sitting next to me, one of my closest Spirit Animal allies for years).

I’m seeing this as a creative exploration of who I am and how I walk in the world. An entertaining way to reveal more of that publicly as well. People seem to want more of this from me, and I love to try something new. And besides I always enjoy pushing the edges and ruffling a few feathers along the way. You gotta feel something to feel alive.

Inspiration — A couple friends who are incredibly creative, inspiring and revealing through their selfies: Amy Palko and Andréa Balt. Another lady you should really follow: Kym Pham. (Her work is amazing + she clued me in to the 100 day project in the first place).

I’ll have to get pretty creative with this project to get through 100 days, so I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me… My plan is to be finished by my birthday this year (November 15th), so I’ll have to do around four a week (!).

Join me? I dare you. Just tag your Instagram images #the100dayproject and tag me in one of them if you wanna let me know you’ve accepted the challenge too: #satyacolombo


Find me here: @satyacolombo

Instructions for joining the 100 day project: The Great Discontent

And so begins #100daysofselfies for #the100dayproject!

Susannah Conway’s April Love 2015 Challenge


Starting Wednesday, April 1st! I’m thrilled to see what happens with dear Susannah’s April Love Photo Challenge + honored to be a part of it. Would you look at all these gorgeous and passion-filled women! (and then there’s little ol’ me…! ;)).

Ha—I was feeling a bit intimidated with the heat on to perform, but I finally overcame my stage fright… join the challenge and see me bare my soul on what self love and self-care mean to me personally, along with 28 luminous women (no charge and nothing sneaky—just a lovely community service project).

In Susannah’s words:

“The theme of the challenge, as you’ve probably guessed, is LOVE — love for ourselves, our lives, the world around us. LOVE expressed in gratitude and kindness. February might have Valentine but we’ve got April LOVE :)

If you’re ready to infuse a little more love into your life there are two ways you can play:

PART ONE: the Photo Challenge / PART TWO: the Daily Emails…
You’ll get a daily email containing personal stories (and confessions!), videos, tips and easy suggestions you can try yourself — the first email goes out Wednesday April 1st.”

Sign up here for April Love 2015!

For the Love of Mercury (and making your art!)

Sunset with Joy and the little sea bird — Ventura Beach, California

Sunset with Joy and the little sea bird — Ventura Beach, California


At the time of writing we’re about midway through the current Mercury Retrograde period, but I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while! I decided to push it out today in celebration of my “Mercury Love-In” Sale (30% off private sessions and the Soul-Fire Code). Hope it helps! Enjoy. :)

The Mercury Retrograde period is generally misunderstood as a period where the challenges of communications and operating on the earth plane are intensified. In truth, this is the very best period for intuitive creative souls to thrive in, because it offers us an opportunity to do our deepest work. It can also help with providing a wonderful sort of energetic force shield from the energies of the world.

While so many others are busy running around like chickens, struggling with getting things done the way they usually do, you have this extra keen ability to operate from an even deeper place than usual. Your true Soul Power is magnified and welcomed into play. Continue Reading →

The Freefall…



I’m grateful to have loved another so deeply
that I never hit ground in the freefall.
Maybe a few wanton branches along the way,
but nothing I couldn’t handle.
That kind of love is rare…

And even though I’m back on earth now,
I can still feel the love cushioning my feet.
Like some kind of magic cloud slippers
that keep me from falling
all the way down.

If you ever love someone like that,
it’s easy to set them free.
Just be willing to trust you are safe.
To know that no matter what,
you will be caught and held
in the arms of Love,
if not in your beloved’s.
So that you really can freefall…

without fear,




Do the Work That Matters.

That woman in the red dress — at the Acropolis in Athens


I was burning so hot on all ends I couldn’t see straight. It was this great sadness in my heart that needed to be shared. So I made more art…I was driven, it was good. But the pain was still there and in some ways the pressure was growing even stronger…

I think I speak for at least a few thousand million of us here on earth when I say:

*We’d like to see and know more of who you really are.*

What is the song your spirit cries to be sung? What holds you back from your song? What holds you back from exploring and expressing this Creative Self?

Your heart and soul burn hot. Follow that trail inside to the creative expression your Spirit longs for and you might find something good. Vital. Basic. Necessary… –let these exchanges of personal and creative exploration open the relief valve to your creative furnace. Open the floodgates. Break the flow. Open the words that long to sing in conversation…

with yourself,

with the one you love,

with all of us.


just keep on waiting for the right time.

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Amy Palko: Practical Magic and Connecting with the Goddess {Soul Rebel Series}

This is the third in a series of interviews with Creative Soul Rebels—in particular those who are transforming society through the calling of their Spirit. I’m doing this primarily to get a better sense of how these remarkable friends and colleagues bring their magic to the world, but also as a form of “continuing education” for my own healing and brand consulting + development work.) 

Amy Palko’s Practical Goddess-Infused Magic:

In this 15-minute interview you’ll learn…

  • Practical and straightforward guidance on connecting with the Goddess(es) in your daily life to support your life goals and work — nuts and bolts of Amy’s approach, and how to cultivate a closer relationship with the goddesses and spirit guides that would like to work with you.
  • The delightful story of Amy’s journey in learning to work with her own goddess guides.
  • Amy’s approach to Practical Magic, based on her own experience of fusing masculine structure and form with feminine flow to express what she’s here to deliver through her business. Finding the balance between these two different aspects.
  • How she went from wanting to be a published author to creating her own publishing house, Red Thread Voices — “where the wild woman’s howl is given free rein to be articulated in the world.”
  • And the first release from Red Thread Voices—FROM REVOLUTIONARY LIPS—why she did it, and why it matters!

Enjoy! :) Continue Reading →